A fictional character that changed my life: Loki of Asgard

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I got a nomination for the Free Spirit Award by Geek Girl Senshi, and the prompt is to talk about a fictional character that changed my life. If you follow this blog, you’ll find out no surprise when I mention Loki of Asgard. Back in 2011 I was in Tokyo. That was a great time of turmoil, especially because we had the megathrust that would change our lives. It was an experience I will never forget. And even though we decided to follow the plan of coming back to Europe on 2012, reality is that Japan and the megathrust has changed us forever. But, what has Loki to do with all this?

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I met Loki in Thor, the movie. Even though I didn’t bring myself to search who played the main roles at the time, Loki left a huge impression on me. Strong enough as to make me want to write a book! From 2011 till the end of 2013 my life has been plenty of all types of changes: moved country and continent, tried to get used to Europe again (I am still working on this without much success by the way), got surprised with the diagnosis of my sweetheart as a HFA, and dealt with some other stuff that made my world crumble. However, in the middle of it all, a fictional character posed to me not only questions to answer, but also opened a door to meet new people and start and activity that I love deeply: writing.

The question that triggered a huge change in me was: why do I feel so close to Loki? During the first movie, I felt so close to the villain that I was kind of shocked. I spent the whole movie nodding with my head every time Loki made a decision. Till it stroke me! The connection was made because some of the things he was feeling I also had felt time ago, back when I was in school. And that opened the pandora’s box! I needed to research the guy!

After moving to EU and watching the second movie, my interest in Loki had grown to gigantic proportions. I felt compelled to discover who was playing Loki in the Avengers (oh yes, it took me that long to google that). And it was around them that the interest in researching grew up to become also an interest in writing about him.

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Loki is the fictional character that helped me be myself. He does what he wants, doesn’t really care about what other people really think about him, and is free from society standards. As you can see, I take only the positive traits of Loki: stereotype breaking machine, status quo smashing God, in between of everything character. He is so multilayered and blurry that is perfect to interpret him as you wish. However, it is his status as someone who knows how to survive and keep on doing what he wants what thrills me.

Think about it: if you do what you want, you need to stop caring about what people might think about you. You might even smash a stereotype or image that some friends might have about you. And you might do it with something extremely simple: wearing men’s fashion, writing a book, or just speaking your mind out loud. Caring about what others might or might think about you, whoever they are, creates limits around your creativity. Creativity expresses itself no only in art or writing, but also in fashion and opinions. So, every time you go shopping for geeky undies, you’re using your creativity in choosing and combining those. Every time you speak your mind, you are also being creative. Those jokes you tell, no one can tell them like you do! When we care about what people might say or not about us, then we’re cutting off our creativity!

Loki had to stand a lot of bullying back in Asgard. According to what canon lets us see, Loki was ill considered by all his peers (except Thor and his mother). Heimdall used to tease him a lot, or at least, that’s what we can understand from the movies. Bullies and teasers will come your way. Words will only harm you if you let them harm you. Thus, do what you dream, do what you want, and do it happily without harming anyone. (No Chitauri Armies to eradicate trolls, nope.)

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So if trolls tell you that your writing is opinionated, or if they criticize that you wear men’s jewelry, or if you might be a fake geek girl: just ignore them and do what you want. Just concentrate in doing the things that you love, like taking the throne of Asgard disguising yourself as Odin, or playing magical tricks on your brother! Jokes aside, Loki has been a great positive influence on me. Hey! And I got to write a book about him and his glorious fandom. How cool is that!?

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So, take a pen and write down the awesome wisdom and teachings from Loki:

  • I do what I want. Hence, do what you want.
  • An ant has no quarrel with a boot. Hence, trolls have no quarrel with you! And if they do bug you, just tell them that you were made to be ruled. I know, mischievous, isn’t it?
  • I am burdened with glorious purpose. Hence, do what you love because that’s your glorious purpose. And have loads of fun with it!
  • I have an army. Meaning, I have friends. Wherever they are, online, far away from you, near you or whatever. Find your tribe and get loads of fun with them!
  • I am a King. Hence, behave like one! This Queen loves ruling her blog kingdom 😀
  • I’m not overly fond of what follows. Hence, stop thinking about Monday on Sundays.

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This post was written because I was nominated for the Free Spirit Award by Geek Girl Senshi. Thank you for nominating me and also for the topic!! (I love all chances I get to talk about Loki!!)

The Free Spirit Award was created by UNOTAKU and Marvelously Mismatched.


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