Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army is here!

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Yay! Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army is here! If you were wondering what I’ve been working on during the past two years, this is it! Prepare yourself because you will discover one of the most compelling and mischievous fandoms existing at the moment. If you like geek anthropology, discovering all about Loki, why Tom Hiddleston has such a huge Army, and what Loki’s Army Members do: this is your book!

I confess, I’ve been mischievous.

I must admit that this tremendous announcement makes me nervous. In a sense, announcing Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army feels like coming out of the Loki closet. I’m serious: this is a serious way of geeking out. Only a handful of close friends knew that I am one of the Admins of Loki’s Army, and that I was writing this book. After two long years working on the project, I am finally geeking out. And confessing in public that, since the Facebook Page has been active, Admin Khaleesi has been wishing you a Loki Morning and Sweet Loki Dreams every single day. (Don’t worry: I am keeping on posting mischievously on FB though it will feel weird that you will know who Khaleesi is).

So, what is this book about? As the title says, it’s about Geek Anthropology. This is a serious attempt to present to the world who is Loki, show up why Tom Hiddleston is such a successful actor, and what Loki’s Army members do as a fandom. In short, this is not a fan fiction book to explore Thorki poses, but to discover what’s behind Loki, how fans see Tom Hiddleston, and what the fandom does for entertainment and to engage their favorite fannish objects.

So, here are the contents:

  1. Introduction: an explanation of how it all began, why and what the book is about.
  2. Who is Loki? This is a chapter that explores all about Loki: from Loki’s background to his psychology; from Loki in the comics to Loki in Norse mythology.
  3. A modern myth: the geek & the jock: here you’ll find all about geeks and jocks, and how they can be related to Loki and Thor.
  4. The worst environment of all: about the lack of communication within the family of Loki and how he is in the shadows with his mother Frigga.
  5. Knowledge is power: in this chapter you will find out how the movies are encapsulated, the subconscious and not-so-subconscious messages that they are conveying, Asgardian fashion and its meaning, the bogus relationship between magic and technology in the MCU, and the effects of ostracism.
  6. Shape-shifting in many hearts: here we’ll discover why so many fans identify with Loki, and why the villain has more fans than the hero.
  7. The dream Wizard: in this chapter we’ll find out about celebrities, memes, and celebrities as superheroes.
  8. Celebrity culture: here we’ll define what a fan and a celebrity are and how their relationship might be. And we’ll explore briefly if celebrities have the right to change, or if they need to update regularly themselves.
  9. In the world of Hiddles: and here starts the mischief! We’ll discover the Hiddlesdance: the Hiddlesleg spread and how it might be related with how Loki sits on the Throne of Asgard! We’ll also explore the eyebrow of doom the hiddlesjaw and the hiddlesvoice! We’ll take a look at Tomki, but we’ll also notice how Tom is subjected to a great deal of objectification through the Hiddlesporn (if you’re not a fan, wait till reading before making the wrong closure of this word).
  10. Keep calm and join Loki’s Army: so, how do fans become fans? How are Loki and Tom burdened with glorious fandom? Who are Lokinions? And Hiddlestoners? What is a geek fan? And an agnostic fan? What about a cyclic fan? And a hardcore fan? You’ll discover all this in this chapter.
  11. Focal vocabulary and identity: here we’ll learn about Hiddleswords and Lokiwords. How are Hiddleswords created? Are there any tricky ones? Find it out here!
  12. Stereotypes outside and within the Army: in this chapter we’ll explore what type of stereotypes are attached to Army Members, like the fake geek girl problem, or some stereotypes existing around Loki cosplayers. We’ll also discover a species called anti-fans.
  13. Participatory culture: in this chapter we’ll learn about what participatory culture is, and what Army Members do within the fandom. We’ll also take a look at the drama between copyright and the fannish gift economy, fanfiction (Thorki, FrostIron, FrostPudding, ship wars…), cosplaying Loki, impersonating Tom Hiddleston, fan videos, debating, how contagion works, etc.
  14. Lokisexual: in this chapter we’ll explore gender, sexuality and stereotypes attached to them. We’ll also take a look at Loki as a seducer. This is a hot chapter.
  15. Visiting Loki places: in this chapter we’ll discover about modern Loki Mythology and how the places of this mythology attract fans. We’ll take a look at magical spots where fans consume Tomki.
  16. Loki research: in this chapter I explain how I did my research, and give some advice if you want to do something alike. In here I highly recommend you to take a good look at the Bibliography (and here I am doing it again).
  17. ADENDA: you will find interviews with all the Admins of Loki’s Army, LOKI on Midgard aka FahrLight, ThorTV, and Loki Hates You. You will also find the questionnaire answers of some Loki’s Army Members.
  18. Fannish Glossary: here you will find focal vocabulary related to Loki’s Army. If you are not a fan, you will find lots of these words throughout the book. Check this glossary when in doubt.
  19. Glossary of Keywords: in this glossary, however, you will find academic words that appear throughout the book. Check this glossary when in doubt.
  20. Acknowledgements: in here I thank a long list of people. If you know me and I’ve been bugging you about Loki during the Last two years, your name is there for sure!
  21. Bibliography: that section that exists at the end of a book but few dare to check. Please check the books and the list of links. I know it might sound like a topic but: this section is relevant! You might find treasures!

The cover of the book was made by Katrina Hill. She is an incredible artist! I remember asking her about drawing a gorgeous cover with someone creating a Cosplay costume, and she made this staggering illustration!

So, this is it! I’ve confessed! I’m Loki’d, Hiddlestoned and mischievous! I hope that you’ll like the book and that you’ll either learn a lot about Loki’s Army or end up being a Lokinion or a Hiddlestoner after reading it 😉

Copyright: Images on this post (C) / Book Cover Image by Katrina Hill.

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