Fandom Friday: 5 Fictional Pets I’d Like To Adopt

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This fandom Friday is all about pets 🙂 There are some fictional pets that I’d really love to adopt. Too bad they’re fictional and not real. Though I admit that some of them in real life would be a little bit spooky. Also, some of the pets can be argued not to be “pets.” I know, it is a little bit loose again, and perhaps somewhat mischievous. Let’s begin!

1. The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

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Yes! I’d love to have a Cheshire cat grinning all over the house. Only problem: when he decides to disappear. How to find him? Impossible! The only way is to wait for him to decide to be found. Lovely kitty!

2. Diaval (Maleficent)

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Diaval is actually a crow, so he can apply as a pet. I mean, how awesome is that? To have a pet who can also be a man and a dragon? (I know I am being mischievous here, but I couldn’t resist myself.)

3. Toothless (How to Train your Dragon)

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Toothless! He is so cute! I’d love to have a dragon like this one! He is cute, a badass dragon, and you can travel on him! Totally awesome!

4. Puss in Boots (Shrek)

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By now you’ve already noticed that I love cats. Puss in Boots would be a challenging, and yet, an awesome pet. Who can resist those eyes? (My cats do that, they look at you with sweet big eyes, which means that they’ve enchanted you with their charm and you have no other choice that become their slave!)

5. Stitch

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And finally: cuteness overload with Stitch. I’d love to have a friend-alien-pet like Stitch. He is so sweet and adorable! I think we all need a Stitch in our lives!

The idea of 5 Fandom Friday was started up by Super Space Chick, and I found it out at the Nerdy Girlie.

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