Character Crush Weekend, Day 2: Female Characters

Yay! Character crush weekend is here! This awesome idea came from Fangirls on the road. So, I decided to join in and create my list. Today we have the female list! Yay! Let’s begin!

1. Lagertha (Vikings)

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On my top there is Lagertha! She is the most badass female character that I know! She is incredible, and she is so spooky in battle! Everyone one needs a Lagertha in their lives! Seriously! Besides, her hair-style is awesome as well!

2. Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy)

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And yes! She had to be on my list: incredibly sexy green alien and badass woman Gamora! She is strong and yet sweet, sexy but lethal. I love her highlights. And let’s face it, I might have something for the green color :p

3. Galadriel (LOTR, the Hobbit)

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Galadriel seems so magical and ethereal that she is almost like a dream. And yet, you better do not mess with her because she is totally badass. Not only I love her looks, I also love her magical being. She is, literally, like a dream.

4. Shale (L Word)

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She is the ultimate womanizer. She is super cool, a little bit of a disaster, and a great womanizer. And let’s face it: she had the guts to be with Jenny! (FYI, Jenny was the most hated character ever, with a hideous personality and… weird.) If you watch the show, you’ll like Shane. Everybody likes Shane.

5. Alice (Resident Evil)

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Alice from Resident Evil, one of the most badass female characters out there. I know the movies haven’t a great script, but you got to agree that this character totally rocks. You also need one Alice of these in your life!

What about you? Which are your 5 female character crushes?

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