Character Crush Weekend, Day 1: Male Characters

Yay! Character crush weekend is here! This awesome idea came from Fangirls on the road. So, I decided to join in and create my list. If you’ve been reading me, you kno w how is on top 😉

1. Loki of Asgard (God of Mischief)

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Who else would be on top of this list but him!? I know, he is mischievous. I know, he can be tricky. I know, he can turn blue. I know, he can transform in anyone (cool)! But that’s his beauty! I wonder what’s in store for him in the new film Ragnarok. I think he’s going to be more mischievous than ever. (Just my feeling).

2. Tony Stark (Iron Man)

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The second in line is Tony Stark (Iron Man), and he had to be here. I know he is egocentric and quite weird, but this is his appeal. Isn’t it? Plus, he is a great intelligent man. And, he is an awesome geek. HE had to be in this list too.

3. Peter Quill (Guardians of the Galaxy)

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Next in line: a funny guy who dances in front of villains to make them fail in their evil plans. He is tricky as well, but has a great sense of loyalty towards his friends. All in all, he’s so cool!

4. Matt Murdock (Daredevil, Netflix series)

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He is impressive, not only he is tempered, but also amazing. Taking into account that he is blind, he is capable of amazing things! (He wouldn’t be a hero, if not!) He is a lawyer by day and a vigilante by night. Resourceful but quite impulsive. Nice guy.

5. Legolas Greenleaf (LOTR, the Hobbit)

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And lastly, Legolas. I had a huge crush on this one when LOTR first came out. He is cold, a mystical creature if you will: and has pointed ears. I might have something for pointed ears because among my favorite characters you can find pointed eared ones (a lot of them).

And here was my list? What about you? Which are your 5 top male character crushes? Let me know 😉

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