Fandom Friday: My 5 Favorite Aliens

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This fandom Friday is challenging mainly because my list of Aliens might be a little bit loose. If you’ve been reading me, you know already which character is going to be on the list regardless of the topic! I will always find a mischievous way to have that one on top. (And that really sounds mischievous.) Let’s begin!

1. Loki of Asgard.(Yes, he is from Asgard, and therefore, an alien).

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And yes, this is the one and the only character that I’ll try to have on any list in which I have to choose characters I love. And yes: he is an alien. According to the MCU, his real father is a Jotun (a blue giant with a very bad character), and his adoptive parents are Asgardians. He is mischievous, a shape-shifter and I envision him as a lot of fun to be with. Of course, you cannot trust him very much.

2. Mr.Spock!

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Of course, Mr. Spock! He is the most logical character to be on this list. I loved him as a child, being one of my favorite characters of all times. He is, and always will be, one of my favorite aliens.

3. Gamora.

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Next: one of the most badass aliens out in the Galaxy! Gamora! You wouldn’t like to mess up with her. Nope. She is strong, fierce, and yet very feminine. Love her! She needed to be on my list. She is plainly awesome.

4. B’Elanna Torres (Klingons!)

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B’Elanna Torres! Half Klingon half human badass Star Trek Voyager officer (former Maquis). Her struggle to get her identity right, and she being really stubborn, as so many Klingons are, is why she is so appealing. Besides, her romance with Paris was fun! Though I prefer it at the beginning, just before Seven of Nine appeared in the show. Because of… reasons…

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5. Quark and Odo (Ferengi and Changeling, a Founder).

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I cannot put this “couple” apart. These two frenemies were one of the funnies things about Deep Space 9. Quark, a Ferengi who had a bar and tried to do whatever he could to earn as much money as he could, and Odo, the security officer who tried to catch him all the time. Mind you, both had big hearts, but their frenemies relationship was funny, witty and one of the things that kept me watching the show. You got to love these two!!

fandom friday, 5FF, depepi,, star trek original series, spock

By the way, I think this is the weirdest list I’ve written so far.

The idea of 5 Fandom Friday was started up by Super Space Chick, and I found it out at the Nerdy Girlie.

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