Confidence: the Diary of an Invisible Girl

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Confidence: the Diary of an Invisible Girl is a must read for those who want to enjoy their geeky souls while remembering their teenage years, but also for those who are taking a more serious approach towards the geeky world. Written by Paige Lavoie with a funny and fresh style, this book opens the door for much more than just having a good time. Explorers of geekdom might find in it a fresh, compelling and thrilling example of what geek teenage girls are doing nowadays.

(Don’t worry, no spoilers here).

There are few examples within literature with which we can explore teenage geek girls and their activities portrayed in a down-to-earth way. Without lingering on stereotypes, it is a great example on how a girl explores her status as a geek, her own identity and her surroundings. Readers get to discover Barbara’s world through her eyes while having loads of fun. We can discover love, family issues, friendships and the identity of a fictional teenage geek girl who is very much like many flesh and blood ones.

This is a book to enjoy for entertainment, for teenagers and also for adults who wish to explore what it means to be a teenager and a geek now. It is a great example for exploring, through literature, teenage girls and their identities as geeks.

This is a great independent book which can make you have a great time, while allowing you to remember your teenage years, or discover what geek adventures might be out there. As an example for sociological/anthropological studies, this book provides a great example to explore the realm of geek teenage girls by the hands of an independent geek author. As a device for entertainment, you seriously need to consider reading this book. Advise people around about it, though, because you might end up laughing out loud hard.

YConfidence: the Diary of an Invisible Girl [The Book Depository] is addictive. You’ll have the feeling that it’s too short, and that the fun must go on. I just hope that the author decides to keep up writing!

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