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Girl Meets Cinema is hosting a dream vacation blogathon! I thought it’s an awesome idea, so I decided to join it! If you could travel to any place in the film universe with any of your favorite characters or love-to-hate villains, what kind of a vacation would you take? Which characters would be your travel buddies? By the banner above, you already have a clue about my answer, don’t you?

If I could travel to anywhere in the film Universe, I would go to MCU Asgard ruled by Loki. I know: crazy, right? Not if you plan to have mischievous fun. Let me explain.

dream vacation blogathon, blogathon, depepi, depepi.com

Asgard ruled by Odin would be too plain and, let’s face it: plenty of rules. However, ruled by Loki (okay, disguised as Odin) looks like the perfect place to spend summer time. I envision parties and all sorts of tricks, so, yes: no time to get bored! However, even if I now think my body is ready, I might well end up saying that it wasn’t.

Asgard seems to have a constant climate, with mild temperatures: not too hot, not too cold. Plus, the sky views are impressive. I think it would be a great place to take tons of photographs and enjoy night views. Exploring Asgard, all of it, would be a dream come true! Seriously.

I would provably travel there with alone. Reason? Loki can be anyone (and anything) he wants. He would probably end up choosing a spooky character to frighten me at some point, but I am sure that we could have fun. I know: it’s crazy.

If I couldn’t go alone, I would travel with Tony Stark (he loves parties), Ragnar and Lagertha, two vikings. I know I am mixing film and shows, but all of them have some sort of ‘viking’ in there. Jokes aside, this bizarre combination would be strange and a bit deadly: two geeks and two vikings from the past. The genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist might provably end up fighting Ragnar or Lagertha, or both.

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Whatever the case, Asgard is a mischievous dream vacation spot to go, specially if ruled by Loki. I would end up trying to meet the ruling king and visiting all the spots in Asgard: every single one of them. To miss the landscape would be a crime. I also think Asgardian museums would be plenty of incredible artifacts, so to miss them would also be outrageous. Not to mention the Library (surely they would have an impressive one), and every single spot in the palace.

Also think about the food, the dresses and the Asgardians. This would be a great opportunity to make some field studies. I would equip myself with a wonderful diary in which I can take tons of notes, a camera, and my iPad mini. I would spend many time also observing what people do, and I would even end up interviewing people! Ah! It would be really a dream vacation!

While the Valhalla might be an interesting place to visit, dreaming about going to Asgard with such companies really feels like ‘fan fiction.’ After all, a dream vacation like this, can only be real in our imaginations.

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Now, your turn. Where would you go as a dream vacation? Which characters would be your travel buddies?

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