Wonder Women: the untold story of American Superheroines

Wonder Women: the untold story of American Superheroines is a documentary about comics, Wonder Woman, feminism and real and paper Superheroines. But beyond that is about female visual representation and how pop culture can influence or mirror the present.

Media representation of female and male characters deeply talks about human nature: how we see ourselves, what we wish to be, how we even give our opinions about how things are at present. One of the comic Superheroes that has exemplified how things were and are for women has been Wonder Woman: kickass during WWII, romantic foe without powers afterwards, to see her strength come again at a later age, but not quite in the same way as her origins.

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Wonder Woman’s history, as well as the history of comics, reflects changes in society and ways of thinking and portraying male and female characters. Their roles become those that are most desirable within society in a concrete moment in time.

However one must take a look on who portrays those characters. Who is the dominant power behind the media at a given time? Who is depicting the stories? How they are doing that? This is really important to understand the changes of Wonder Woman, and how women have struggled to get their voices heart in a male-dominant society.

Despite de setbacks, characters like Wonder Woman have given girls and adult women the means to see themselves powerfully, to think out of the box and to wish for becoming a better version of themselves.

More strong and diverse female characters in media are needed. Even though nowadays we can see many good visual representations with great narratives, there is still a need for more strong and diverse female characters who make female and male audiences empathize and identify with them.

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