She Makes Comics, the Documentary

She Makes Comics is a great documentary about women in comics. She Makes Comics explains the history of women in comics highlighting the contributions they made to the medium. There are dozens of great interviews and insight that make you see the world of comics not just as a male centered medium. Interviews include renown women in comics like Ramona Fradon, Trina Robbins, Joyce Farmer, Karen Berger, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Becky Cloonan.

I discovered this great documentary thanks to Kickstarter. You can purchase the digital download here, as well as the DVD version of it.

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Why is this documentary important? For starters: it reveals a hidden truth about women in the medium, their contributions and their importance in making comics. Furthermore, it not only highlights a female presence in the medium, it explains the medium’s history as well as how people in comics have broaden their tastes and changed their relationship with the medium. Fans and creators are evolving in a certain way. To ignore the fact that women have been in comics since the beginning is a mistake. Hence, the importance of this documentary.

she makes comics, documentary, comics, women in comics,, geek anthropology

To understand the medium of comics, we must understand the people and the narratives that they provide, the fans and the creators, the story and the struggles, changes in society and social achievements. This documentary provides glimpses of that, and also the opportunity to understand the medium further from the experiences of pioneer creators who stood their ground or created comics just because they wanted to create them.

This documentary opens the door into understanding in a deeper light comics and their history in the US. If you are interested in comics, studying them and knowing more about them, this documentary is certainly a must watch.

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