Project 562 and the Tribes in the US

Matika Wilbur launched her Project 562 to photograph every federally recognized Tribe in the US (566). I found this project in Kickstarter by chance and I decided to back it up because iti s a great way to record a reality of every Tribal Nation in the US through photography. A really nice project that can be a window for anthropologist studies as well.

This is an ongoing project that, I personally find, amazing. You can get news about its project here. If you happen to be in the US you can have the opportunity to attend one of the exhibitions, or be able to, perhaps, meet with the phographer.

Matika sold everything she had and hit the road, and she’s been on the road taking pictures ever since. Her efforts might open the heart toward recognizing US indigenous communities, and open their customs to the rest of the world as well.

The book Matika is making does not only contain photographs but also untold histories from Apaches, Swhinomish, Northern Cheyenne, Lumbee, and other Tribes.

If you want to know more about this project, please visit Matika’s blog.

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