Focal vocabulary related to hipsters in Barcelona

Focal vocabulary related to hipsters in Barcelona, and hipster-wannabe.

Chonindie: (compound noun, mix of Spanish and English) choni (Spanish) + indie (English). “Chonis” are girls with very low cultural level, very poor manners, and who use heavy make up. Usually dress with few clothing and very tight. Adding indie means that there’s a hipster type of “choni” who mixes brands, and might use “cool” words, but in a bad way and with very bad manners.

Cooltureta: (noun, Spanish & Catalan) hipster, pronounced like “cultureta” in Spanish.

“Cooltureta,” by Moderna de Pueblo.

Cultureta: (noun, Spanish & Catalan) 1. Hipster. 2. Cultural activity that does not have an acceptable level.

Follamigos: (compound noun, Spanish) sex friends.

Friendzone: (compound noun, from English) meaning “just friends.”

depepi,, focal vocabulary

Friki: (noun, from English “freak”) geek.

gafapastas, focal vocabulary, depepi,

Gafapastas: (compound noun, Spanish & Catalan) a type of hipster who uses huge plastic glasses (similar to the nerd).

Listillo moderno/a: (expression, Spanish) someone who uses the wikipedia to look “intelligent.” The person is usually annoying.

Low cost: (expression, from English) anything which is low cost and might be of hipster interest, like low cost cupcakes.

Mainstream: (noun, from English) used for anything which is too common, uncool or has become “something of the masses.”

depepi,, focal vocabulary, hipsters, barcelona
“Cooltureta”, by Moderna de Pueblo.

Modernet/a: (noun & adj. Catalan) hipster. Sometimes they use “modernet de merda”, but it not desirable, since it literally means “shit hipster.”

Modernillo/a: (noun & adj. Spanish) hipster.

Pijipster: (compound noun, mix of Spanish and English) Pijo (Spanish) + hipster (English), a type of hipster who only uses known brands. Not only clothing, but also gadgets, etc.

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