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Around two months ago I found, through Amazon, a cool book digital shop: Better World Books. They are bringing literacy around the world. The cool thing is, every time you buy a book, they donate a book to someone else. So far, I got 16 second-hand books. Some are pristine, others are almost new, and others have some wear on it. But they are so cheap (including international postage)! Academic books are cheap too. Till now, I had to buy very expensive books. I had no choice because I needed them for a book I am writing. However, they opened a great door for me. 🙂

I am a heavy reader. When I say heavy, means “heavy”. I read a lot! I like different topics, and I like to provide my writings with a minimum of bibliography (which means that I have read the book, and that I have it sitting on one of my shelves). In Japan books were quite cheap. In Spain they are terribly expensive. In UK they are expensive too, but since there are lots of second-hand books you can get real jewels around :p But Better World Books makes things even better: every time I get one book, another goes somewhere, and literacy is spread around the world. Which is awesome!

Book for Book™ by Better World Books from Better World Books on Vimeo.

Books take time to arrive, but it is worth it. There are all types of books, and the pool from which you can fish in changes every week. Plus, if you want to read academic books and have them without having a heart attack with the final bill, this is a great option. This comes in handy when needing info/bibliography for your creations, or just to keep at bay your curiosity.

Another cool thing about it is that you are “recycling books”. I love books. I buy digital and analogue books (new and second-hand ones). And if friends want to get rid of some books, they usually ask me first, because I will provably want to read some of those. Books are doors to new worlds and new pools of information. Call me “granny”, but having a book between my hands is a great experience. I have “memory in my hands”, meaning that I know where I was reading because my hands know how I was holding the book! (I am sure that you know this feeling). Touching the pages, or taking some notes are also great experiences when surrounded by the paper world.

If you are a heavy reader like I am, and if you want to recycle some books, consider this option. It is working really good for me 🙂

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