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I’ll help you transform your skills and hobbies into side-hustles so that you can start earning extra and potentially turn those into a main business. Creating financial freedom starts with the bold decision of sharing with the world your gifts. 

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On Top

Love Deception: The Geek’s Guide to Freedom

I’m very happy to announce that I wrote a new book! It’s called Love Deception:The Geek’s Guide to Freedom (ways to not giving a damn about your ex & re-starting your life with style). It’s taken me a long time

The Geek’s Guide to Writing BL Novels in English

After so many years enjoying BL, I finally decided to share everything I know in The Geek’s Guide to Writing BL Novels in English (Yaoi). This is book is for you if you enjoy reading and/or writing BL/Yaoi or are

Happy BL Valentine! Enjoy the writing fun!

Will you be my BL Valentine? Now you can enjoy BL, aka yaoi, all year long by joining the forums in dePepi and learning how to write BL stories! Writing Yaoi, writing BL launches on Monday February 14th along with BL forums