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Bad Times at the El Royale

I saw Bad Times at the El Royale, and it was a masterpiece of suspense and filmography. Twists and turns will make you awe while you’ll keep engaged during the whole …

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The Mighty Thor: Loki, NO!

The Mighty Thor [The Book Depository] [Waterstones] just got more interesting thanks to Loki. While the Jane Foster is fighting Odin as Thor, Loki is with mother back in Asgard. They’re …

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Onedari Hitsuji to Koisuru Ookami (Yaoi Manga)

This time I’m reviewing “Onedari Hitsuji to Koisuru Ookami” (おねだりヒツジと恋するオオカミ), a sweet yaoi manga by Kurumi Ohtsuki. I got it from CDJapan, and I decided to take pictures of some pages …

Crimson Spell Vol 4 (Yaoi Manga)

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Amazon / Kindle Unlimited Stuffers & Scammers

If you’re a writer, odds are that you’re angry with some Amazon and Kindle Unlimited stuffers and scammers. The problem is vast, and it affects many authors. This is not only …

Writing Fantasy using D&D

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London The Making of Harry Potter

Veronika and I went to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London to enjoy the Making of Harry Potter. Since our tickets were in the late afternoon, we could enjoy a …

We Met Thanks To Loki

Greetings from HELsinki

The Art of Silence