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Mr. Wonderful new Schedule Book. I’m in love!

So, I got another Mr. Wonderful schedule book this year. And yes, I got it in Italian yet again. I love Mr. Wonderful’s schedule books because they are perfect for work. In fact, I have different planners for different tasks. This one is just perfect for organizing what I need to do next, or who I am meeting now. You’ll see that the planners and designs are too cute to resist. It’s normal: this brand is all about cuteness overload.

mr. wonderful, agendas mr. wonderful, mr. wonderful schedule book, schedule book, depepi, depepi.com

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Mr. Wonderful, the perfect schedule book for bloggers

mr. wonderful, agenda mr.wonderful, schedule, schedule book, depepi, depepi.com

As promised, here you have all about Mr. Wonderful schedule books! For me, Mr. Wonderful creates the perfect schedule books for bloggers: lots of cute pages, tons of stickers, and practical stuff that you’ll find in them. Mr. Wonderful is a brand from Barcelona, Spain. After eight years in Japan, I thought I wouldn’t find cute schedule books anywhere else. I was wrong: I found them when I came back home! These schedule books are inspired by Japanese ones. Of that, I’m certain. However, when I started purchasing them three years ago, they were only available in one language: Spanish. This year, however, they added other languages to the lot. And so, I bought it in Italian.

I buy them online. Why? I had the opportunity to go to any shop and buy one, however, when you order them online you get extras: a cute bag where you can place it, or where you can put your favorite goodies. And a small thank you gift: a lollypop. So, if you buy one of these: do it online! The extra perks are worth it!

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Organize your Blogging Schedule with dePepi’s cute Blog Post Calendars

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Blogging can be difficult, especially if you are busy with other things like your job and family. To organize your blogging schedule is a solution, but sometimes that can be messy too. Today I want to share with you how I organize my blogging schedule with these cute blog post calendars that I created for myself. I print them out and use them to track what I’m going to talk about every day. Sometimes I have no time and I have to skip posting, however having a schedule programmed helps me a lot. To be organized is paramount to be able to be a happy writer.

Let’s take a look at my blog post calendars and then I’ll tell you how I organize myself. Perhaps this will come in handy for you as well.

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Better World Books

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Around two months ago I found, through Amazon, a cool book digital shop: Better World Books. They are bringing literacy around the world. The cool thing is, every time you buy a book, they donate a book to someone else. So far, I got 16 second-hand books. Some are pristine, others are almost new, and others have some wear on it. But they are so cheap (including international postage)! Academic books are cheap too. Till now, I had to buy very expensive books. I had no choice because I needed them for a book I am writing. However, they opened a great door for me. 🙂

I am a heavy reader. When I say heavy, means “heavy”. I read a lot! I like different topics, and I like to provide my writings with a minimum of bibliography (which means that I have read the book, and that I have it sitting on one of my shelves). In Japan books were quite cheap. In Spain they are terribly expensive. In UK they are expensive too, but since there are lots of second-hand books you can get real jewels around :p But Better World Books makes things even better: every time I get one book, another goes somewhere, and literacy is spread around the world. Which is awesome!

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