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Thor: Ragnarok new Trailer gets deep into the new 80s style!

This weekend we’ve seen the new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. It couldn’t be deeper into the new 80s style that getting more popular among media. If you loved Stranger Things and enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok promises a great ride. Not only the movie is matching styles with the Guardians, but it’s also getting in the revival of the 80s that we can see in many other shows and movies.

The color palette is great. So much so, that one of my plans is to get a pair of posters to make my wall perfect. Yes: Guardians and Thor are going to be rocking my wall. Why? Because the color palette is similar! (And also because I’m sure I’ll love the new movie as well.)

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Spider-Man Homecoming was a blast!

I finally saw Spider-Man Homecoming on Monday after a long day, and it was a blast! Despite some issues, this movie is brilliant. For starters, Peter Parker is a kid who is growing up. He doesn’t know much and grows as the film progresses. This is the Spidey I imagined from the comics. Sorry for the previous movies, but this one nailed it.

We begin with the original song of the first series on TV about Spider-Man. That show was crappy at best, but technology at that time didn’t allow for a better web slinger. And then, we met Peter, a kid who is super excited to meet his heroes.

[SPOILERS: this review contains lots of spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I recommend you to stop reading this post.]

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Wonder Woman saved DC!

Wonder Woman saved DC! I feared the worst while waiting for Wonder Woman. However, this time, DC made it right. Although the movie isn’t perfect, it sets a great origins story for Diana. I saw the movie last Friday, and I couldn’t be happier. And yes: I want to see it again! There were some cool surprises in the film that I cherished.

But before I review Wonder Woman, I want to warn you about the SPOILERS. There are many in my review. Plus, I also expose two things that I didn’t like so much about it (just two tiny things). Be warned: do not read beyond these lines if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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Spider-Verse: Warzones! A hell of a lot of Spiders!

This week we’re reading Spider-Verse: Warzones! [The Book Depository] I have to admit that it’s a little bit weird: you have lots of Spiders, and it’s quite messy. But, it’s also fun. We are in an alternate universe where Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Venom and other Spiders end up. Their memories are confusing. How can Spider-Gwen be in a place where she has died? And, how can there be a Spider-Ham that loves eating pork?

If your mind is exploding, Gwen’s doing that too. She is suspicious of her new Spider-friends, but all are nice so far. However, the villains seem to be a pain.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Yesterday I saw Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, and now I want to see it again! Yes, it is that good. Although it is difficult to make better movies after a huge hit, Marvel made it again. If you loved the retro feeling from the first film, you’re going to adore this second installment of our favorite Superheroes. I laughed, but I also cried. Yes, the only thing that I will spoil for you is this one: take a tissue just in case.

[SPOILER ALERT: this review contains massive spoilers. Refrain from reading beyond this point if you want to be surprised when you hit the cinema!]

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Free Comic Book Day Haul 2017

Yesterday was a perfect day. Not only I got an incredible comic book haul thanks to the Free Comic Book Day, but also because I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy! The day began with a visit to the local comic book store. However, those wouldn’t be the first comics of the day. On Friday I got a fantastic parcel from Greece! It came with lots of goodies from the Greek Comic Con, including a signed copy of Mockingbird. (Thank you Ioanna!)

After coffee, I went to Dave’s, Brighton’s comic book store, and I got a bunch of comics. In total, I got 13 issues of goodness, including Superheroes and adult comics. Dave’s is a cave of wonders. I don’t want to go too often because I end up buying comics and Pops. I made a mistake: I checked if they had new Funko Pops and I got Cassidy, the funky vampire from the Preacher.

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Runaways (Secret Wars x Battleworld)

Yay! It’s THORsday again! It’s time to take a look at Marvel’s Runaways (Secret Wars x Battleworld). In this alternate reality, Von Doom has created a world where only the best are in the elite. And so, he has created a school where students train. Every year, there is a final exam they all must take in groups. But there’s a group of students who are in detention and who are going to get in trouble if they don’t sign up for the final exam.

Jubilee, Sanna, Pixie, Amadeus Cho, Delphyne, Skaar, Molly, Tandy, and Dagger are in detention for creating trouble. Bucky sent them there. He’s in charge of security. The school’s headmaster is Valeria (Von Doom’s daughter). As you can imagine, they end up cheating and signing up. But Doom is smart and knows they have cheated!

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The Defenders: Netflix x Marvel’s New Hit Trailer is Here

Have you seen the Defenders trailer yet!? Netflix’ Marvel’s new hit trailer has just hit the web, and it’s amazing. As I suspected, Iron Fist will be the kid in the group. But, how these damaged Superheroes can save the day? Will they kill each other first? Who are the Defenders anyway?

Netflix gave us Daredevil first. It has two seasons and a third one on the way. Charlie Cox is Daredevil, a troubled lawyer that kicks ass at night. He is blind, and yet he sees more than others do. However, he’s not perfect, and so he creates a lot of mistakes.

Then we have Jessica Jones. Netflix has given us a season of greatness. She is damaged and drinks too much. But she’s brilliant and very dangerous. She kicks ass and has no problem with being ruthless.

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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power

This THORsday we’re going to take a look at The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power [The Book Depository]. She is one of the strongest characters within the Marvel Comic Book Universe. She’s smart, sassy, and very funny. One of the strong points isn’t her strength but her abilities. One of them is computer science. It’s great to find a Superhero that doesn’t conform to stereotypes. Not only her body shape is different to many female Superheroes, her attitude and brains too. So, it’s great to find a female Superhero that represents girls in an unbeatable way.

In this trade we’ll find the origin story of Squirrel Girl. We’ll also meet her friends and her mother. We also get to know her tastes and personality. Furthermore, we can also meet other Superheroes too, even if it’s just through cameos.

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Thor: Ragnarok. What’s up with Mjolnir!?

I cannot stop thinking about Thor: Ragnarok. To be more precise: I cannot stop thinking about Mjolnir. We’ve all seen how Hela has smashed Thor’s favorite toy. But, is it a toy? It might seem ridiculous to worry about the fate of a Hammer; however, there’s much more to Mjolnir that meets the eye.

For starters, Mjolnir is the Hammer of God. Well, the Hammer of Thor. As Odin stated in the first movie, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Thus, it very much looks like the Hammer is the source of Thor’s power. If so, what will happen to Thor during Ragnarok? Is he mortal again?

As you remember, Odin sent Thor to Earth without his powers so that he would learn a lesson. He was a bully and a spoiled individual. Very much like any child, he would ask for what he wanted without understanding or care for the consequences. Soon, Thor discovered that he wasn’t a kid anymore, and that he needed something more than a shiny face to have the things that he wanted.

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