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Ghost in the Shell: Scarlett Johansson and whitewashing

Ghost in the Shell’s new trailer is out there. However, there is lots of controversy surrounding Scarlett Johansson and the whitewashing of the movie. Naturally, Johansson just took the role because it’s awesome. Who wouldn’t like to be part of the film? However, Ghost in the Shell is famous Japanese anime. When Hollywood adapts Japanese anime, it does it in a very Western way. However, it might not be the correct one.

Whitewashing happens when white actors are cast in historically non-white character roles. It happens pretty often in Hollywood. Less often, we find color-blind casting. It occurs when non-white actors fill roles of characters that historically have been portrayed a white. (Remember Heimdal in Thor, played by Idris Elba; or Shield’s Nick Fury portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson). In all cases, people complain quite loudly.

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A treasure: a feminist lesbian viking comic. Say hello to Heathen!

I found a treasure on Comixology: a feminist lesbian Viking comic called Heathen, and it blew my mind. I usually read traditional comics, not digital ones. However, some treasures can only be accessed digitally. Surfing Comixology I found a cover that caught my eye, the first issue of Heathen. I love all things Norse, so, it was easy to start reading this comic. The art of Natasha Alterici, the author, is fresh and fabulous. The colors are also thrilling, plus the characters are both delicate and vigorous.

Aydis is a Viking girl that has been cast out from her community because she likes girls. According to tradition, her father should be the one to kill her. However, she sets her free.

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Lessons on Geek Anthropology: shipper fans, passion and love

Welcome to another installment of lessons on Geek Anthropology. We’re going to talk about shippers this time. As you recall, the Shipper is a fan who is more interested in relationships of the characters she/he loves than the canon stories within the fandom. These fans can ship any combination. Characters might be from different fandoms, the same fandom, or they can ship themselves with the chosen favorite character. Some people might argue that shippers are less of a fan just because they might be focussing all their passion in the ships they like the most. However, shippers are as valid fans as any other fans. So, why do shippers tend to be seen as less than others? Why might a particular fandom roll the eyes when shippers start to swoon?

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Jessica Jones: Booze and Chills

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Jessica Jones is a masterpiece! I loved Daredevil, but Jessica Jones is a must watch. Be warned though: booze and chills will plague your dreams. I usually don’t get the chills watching shows, but I must tell you that Killgrave is so spooky that I had nightmares! He’s all too real. This supervillain uses his powers in a way that many abused women know. And that’s what makes him so spooky. This story got under my skin. And yes, I will never be able to see Dr. Who again in the same light. The Purple Man just made it happen. [Amazing interpretation, but also a scary one!]

[MILD SPOILERS: if you haven’t seen the show yet, please consider to do it before reading this post. I know that there are lots of spoilers around already, but just in case be advised to skip if you haven’t seen it yet. If you haven’t seen it but are thinking about to what length the villain is spooky: he left me shitless. So far, this is the villain of your worst dreams! So, be advised about it too when you start watching the show!]

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Supernatural: a problem fridging women & non-white characters

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Even if I love Supernatural to the bone, I must admit that the show has a serious problem fridging women and non-white characters, apart from still portraying outdated stereotypes. Charlie, Kevin, and Uriel are only examples of a centered all-white-male narrative. Even if the show has included more women lately, like Rowena or the Darkness, they are pretty tricky and dark. Not only women have an issue with stereotypes, other characters that had the purpose of making the show more inclussive, fall short due to them getting into the fridge. Women are either killed off in favor of the main narrative of the show, are tricky or plain evil. Black characters have been killed off or shown as weak (a hunter couple), been portrayed as the funny and weird friend (Rufus), or portrayed as evil dicks (angels), whether they were male or female. And Asians have shown the typical stereotypes of very strong women obsessed with the studies of their children (Kevin’s mother), while men are portrayed weak compared with women (remember Kevin getting anti-possession tattoo with his mom); or killed off to explain the hero’s narrative again (Kevin). So, what’s up with Supernatural?

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Viking Women: Lessons to learn from Lagertha

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Viking women were fierce warriors that stood their ground, recent discoveries affirm. However, there are some lessons to learn from Lagertha, the fictional character from Vikings. Despite the show being based on Viking sagas, there is much fiction in it. This is not however a negative point when thinking about what we can learn from Lagertha.

1. She is strong-willed.

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Despite the ups and downs, there is something that characterizes Lagertha: her strong will. In ancient times, only the strongest and fittest would survive the times. Lagertha is a very strong-willed woman who knows where her limits are and what she wants. To have a strong will ensures you to be successful in whatever you decide to do.

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Social criticism through comics: Spanish local stereotypes

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Social criticism through comics can be funny, specially if packed with humor. Comics are great vessels to convey serious information disguised in a funny way. While having a great time, readers can thing further about certain topics. This is the case of this bizarre Spanish comic book created by Deamo Bros. Under the design of old B-movie posters, this short comic book is a great example of social criticism; in this case, problems around the Spanish society. Though an outsider the comic might seem a funny collection of science fiction stories, these are criticizing some of the problems that Spain is facing, either on a daily basis, or each summer. Using local stereotypes, the authors have been able to send out their criticism while entertaining and making the reader laugh.

It is a comic book with 87 colored pages, with an “alien” style. This is a somewhat “weird” and misleading comic book. Its design does not seem local at all, and some people have already mistaken it for a foreign comic book! In fact, some Spanish friends have bought the comic thinking that it was american, made in the US, and ended up shocked to find out it was made in Spain. Though the style might seem that from foreign comics, its contents are completely local.

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Disney’s Maleficent, beyond the surface

(C) Disney. Maleficent.

Disney’s Maleficent is a movie with many meanings. It can be taken as a “modern” fairy tale, or you can scratch and find our more about it. Maleficent, beyond the surface, is much more, and explains far more, than meets the eye.

We must agree that Maleficent explains a story about rape, but also a story where the stereotypes of the hero and the villain are shattered as well. Moreover, it’s also a metaphor for our current state of economy and governance, and a warning for environmental issues, industry versus natural resources.

Let’s take a brief look to all of these aspects.

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Fantomex Diabolik: cultural background

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I went to the comic book store the other day and I found a Fantomex solo comic. In fact, I mistook him with Diabolik. I was puzzled with the cover of the comic, thinking it was a funny one for Diabolik. But then I noticed the huge title: Fantomex, Max. Which meant he was Marvel’s Fantomex, and not the Italian thief. Despite the confusion, I decided to take Fantomex home and compare his solo adventure with Diabolik.

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Economic independence of women to change Hollywood gender stereotypes

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The structure of the family is changing across the US, according to The New York Times. Women’s economic independence is not only changing the shape of the american families across the country, it is also changing Hollywood. How? Female audiences are buying more tickets, and using their freedom of choice they are also deciding which movies are making more cash than others.

Even though women will also decide to watch male-oriented movies, their power to choose and demand is growing as family trends change. The more economic independence women have, the better their status within society. Thus, the potential of women to change Hollywood grows.

Even stars like Downey, Jr. are demanding more female leading roles in superhero movies. He has recently stated that:

“I think that the interesting thing particularly after Guardians with Zoe (Saldana), (or) even from the first Iron Man where Pepper was kind of this really – to me the Iron Man franchise would never have taken off without (Gwyneth) Paltrow. There’s something about her that grounded the story. She’s not your typical lady in a superhero movie, and then by Iron Man 3 she’s swallowing serums and putting on suits and kicking (butt) and all that stuff.”

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