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Logan, a masterpiece and a critic to nowadays USA

I saw Logan this weekend, and I was in tears. Not only because we say goodbye to Wolverine, but because it is both a masterpiece and a huge critic to nowadays USA. I went to the cinema knowing that this was the last time I’d see one of my favorite X-men on the big screen. But I also knew I’d welcome a new character: Laura.

If Superhero movies were serious, they would be like Logan. It has action, emotion, and a deep story within. Like an onion, Logan offers us layers of different meanings and great performances. Both Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart deliver the most credible Wolverine and Professor X ever. Plus, adding Laura to the plot has been brilliant!

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[Massive SPOILERS ahead. Proceed with caution.]

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Shelfie and Super Cute Funko Pops

It’s been a while since I last featured super cute Funko Pops. This time I decided to add to the pot a shelfie. The list contains ten gorgeous Pops and ten amazing books. (Well, more than ten if you take a closer look at the shelfie.) As a Marvelite, I have an enormous amount of super cute and badass Pops. However, I decided to add Harley Quinn to the pot. And when you see her with her matching book, you’re going to laugh a bit. Or at least, that’s what I hope.

Let’s start with the shelfie, shall we? I have recently changed the shelf and I also re-ordered it with new books!

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Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol. 1: Hooked on A Feline

This THORsday comes with Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat [The Book Depository]. If you haven’t read this trade already, do it, because it’s hilarious. The artwork is fresh, funny and inspiring. And the script is simply a masterpiece of laughs. Hellcat is jobless and fighting crime. In the first pages we discover that the She-Hulk has to fire her because of a lack of work. Despite this, she keeps on the positive side of the street and keeps fighting crime. Even if she has to work in retail!

One of the things that I like the most are the explanations with kitty-shaped panels. These are funny, fresh and make the resumes on what’s going on amazingly.

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More on Iron Fist: episode 8 & Jackie Chan’s the Drunken Master

I didn’t expect to talk about Iron Fist so soon again. Yesterday I saw episode eight, and I was in total awe. I was the only Jackie Chan fan in the room who caught what the scene was all about. [SPOILER ALERT! Heavey spoilers of a scene of this episode!] Danny, Colleen and Claire end up in China to find the head of the Hand. At a certain point, he has to go through a door, but it’s guarded by a drunken Chinese. When I saw the beginning of the scene, I knew where this was going to end: with a fight. Not an ordinary fight, but a fight where the Drunken Master gets more power the more he drinks.

Jackie Chan’s movie, the Drunken Master, is very funny and awesomely performed. I saw it first in Chinese with English subtitles years ago, and I was hooked in Hong Kong movies. Jackie is a drunk who fights kick ass when he has alcohol in his veins.

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The Sleeper and the Spindle, the review

I just read The Sleeper and the Spindle [The Book Depository] and it was glorious. I also purchased the audiobook on Audible and combining the two was the best thing ever!

This is a masterpiece by Neil Gaiman. This is a new fairy tale. I’m sure that just reading it is a pleasure. However, combining the book and the audiobook is completely perfect. The audio effects are amazing. I think that the book earns a new insight when combined with all the sounds.

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What I’m Watching: Iron Fist. And Why I Like It (despite the odds)

I’m watching Iron Fist, and despite all the odds, I like it. I’ve been reading all the drama around the series. However, I must say that I don’t fully agree with all what’s been mentioned. Before you decide to kill me, consider the following: representation goes beyond stereotypes. It means that we all have patterns in our head and expectations with each other. Also, take into account that I haven’t finished the entire series and I might change my mind. However, this is what I got for you for the time being. When reading this also remember my personal experience, since it will help you understand why I feel so close to Danny. I lived during eight years in Tokyo, I learned a lot there, came back in Europe, and people saw me as a lunatic. Fortunately I didn’t end into a psychiatric ward, nor had to punch anyone with my fist.

[MILD SPOILERS AHEAD. If you don’t mind the mild spoilers, please be my guest and keep reading this review.]

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Comics THORsday: Hawkeye, My Life as a Weapon (Marvel Now)

Welcome to another comics THORsday! Today we’re going to explore Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon (Marvel NOW!) [The Book Depository]. This is a great trade to discover Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, the coolest Hawkeye pair existing in the comics. I personally don’t like Clint, at least in the movies. However, I do enjoy this encarnation and Kate. Both are badass and are a great team who kickass at ease. In this first volume we discover how down-to-earth Clint is, and his relationship with his collegue Kate.

There are many strong points in this series: we get to enjoy two different Hawkeyes together; we get to enjoy amazing art in all the pages, and we get thrilled with the stories in the volume. And in all, this is a masterpiece.

[SPOILERS: there are mild spoilers ahead. If you haven’t read the comic book yet, refrain from reading beyond here. However, if you are okay with spoilers, please keep going!]

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Fandom Friday: 5 Geeky Expressions Only Your Friends Would Understand

Yay! Fandom Friday is back! This time we’re going to explore five geeky expressions, only my friends would understand. To be fair, choosing only five geeky expressions is pretty hard since I use more than just five. Sometimes I forget who I have in front of me, and I speak in Greek to my friends. Because it was so hard to choose, I decided to feature those geeky expressions I use the most.

1. He’s such a Life-ruiner!

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I know, I’m an evil creature: I write an expression and use a gif with another one. I won’t excuse my naughty behavior. When I say that some character is a life-ruiner is good, believe me. It’s true. It means that the character is so perfect that he ruins your life in the most amazing way. In fact, so much so, that you can end up with an ovaries explosion. It isn’t bad, but amazingly good. When someone is so perfect that ruins your life and makes your ovaries explode, it means that you fancy that person to the bone. [Whoever invented the explosion expression has my deepest respect. And nope, it has no puns.]

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Comics THORsday: New Romancer, not what you might expect

Welcome to an excellent comics THORsday! Today we’re going to explore New Romancer Vol. 1 [The Book Depository], a trade from Vertigo. And it’s not what you might expect. The main character of the story is a computer girl called Lexy who codes crazy stuff. She works on the Romance Algorithm for New Romancer, a code that matches and seduces likely lovers. However, to make it work, she uses the A.I. she stole from her previous job at the Incubator. The Incubator is a trying to put personalities into dead bodies. A thing our protagonist doesn’t know.

Solar flairs make an accident just when Lexy is working on the personality of Lord Byron and Casanova’s. As this happens, back in the lab of the Incubator, all the dead bodies awaken along with those Romancers personalities. And this is when the fun begins!

Just as she walks back to the Incubator to make sure she didn’t smash things up too much, she encounters a guy who speaks in poems. Since she loves poetry, she decides to help him. However, he is rather odd.

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Geek Anthropology: Geek Expressive Culture

In this chapter of Geek Anthropology, we’re going to explore Geek Expressive Culture. How we interpret the world around us and how we share those views creates expressive culture. Said in other words, a worldview has established symbolic frameworks that highlights some experiences while downplaying others. A group might also share several worldviews, where one might be (or not), the dominant one.

Usually, expressive culture includes religion and the arts. But what about Geek Cultures? What can we find in Geekdom that can be defined as Expressive Culture?

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