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Movie plan for 2017: tons of movies!

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It seems that my movie plan for 2017 includes far more films than last year. For starters, we have more Superhero movies and other cult movies. January began with Assassin’s Creed, a disappointing film for me. However, I do hope the rest of movies on my list will do great. So, now that we know that I already saw Assassin’s Creed let’s move to other horizons!


It seems that this movie is based on the comics “Old man Logan.” If so, I need to prepare to say goodbye to one of my favorite characters: Wolverine. The tone of the movie is somber, and the trailer is weird for a Superhero film. I’ll prepare tissues and hope that the “new Wolverine” hinted in the trailer keeps up with Logan’s flag.

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Let’s do the planning for 2017, shall we?

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We’re at that dreadful moment of the year when we have to do the planning for 2017. Let’s face it, we all start the new year with good intentions but abandon them somewhere around February. Despite the odds, I intend to follow “the plan.” Plan is a much better word than resolution. Or so it seems according to all dictionaries that I’ve checked. Planning involves a stronger commitment than the poor resolution wishes that go out from our mouths at the beginning of the year. But fear not, 2017 intends to be different, and so we shall plan accordingly.

My evil plots for world domination shall come into fruition during 2017. Oh, wait! These are the plans for the blog, not my personal most darkest desires! Excuse me, hang on a second. Oh yes, here they are!

Reading is sin

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Brighton VegFest: Green Smoothies and Chakras

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Yesterday I went to Brighton VegFest with a friend, and I enjoyed the green smoothies and chakras in there. As you might suppose, I am still an omnivore. I stopped eating sugar, but I did not stop eating meat. So, I felt a little bit like Loki undercover creating some mischief around. The venue was nice, and there were tons of cool shops. However, most of the stands offered “healthy food” with tons of sugar in it! A smoothy post saved me because they offered smoothies made of fruits and veggies (and they were super yummy!) I also loved some places with great spiritual merchandise. Even if most of the stands were dedicated to veganism, there were some that had interesting designs and offered free massages. Overall, it was nice. But, as I discovered, it’s still challenging for you to find something to eat that has no processed sugar in it. And this was shocking to me since I expected to find other alternatives to sugar in the menu.

The venue had two floors plenty of stands of all kinds of food and vegan and spiritual merchandise. You could also find natural products like organic soaps and even ethical deodorant! Some of the stands had really nice staff that were eager to talk and engage in conversation (I love those better, obviously!)

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Geek Girls x Bloggers Valentine 2016 Cards Swap & Surprise Valentine Present (vol.2)

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So, here we are again talking about the Geek Girls x Bloggers Valentine 2016 Cards Swap & Surprise Valentine Present! You can find what I already disclosed some days ago here. I got one more card, but I think there’s one missing. Anyway, there are all the cards that I got so far from wonderful ladies. As you know, From Girlie to Nerdy and Dina Farmer are the organizers of this blogging event.

I really hope we end up doing something of the sort again. It was fun to start getting mail from the US and Canada, day after day. And it was also fun to go to the post office and send lots of postcards abroad. The funny thing is that the guy in the post office thinks I’m a lost American in the UK. Not only he greets me in a different way ever since I sent the vast amount of cards, he’s also keen to know what I’m going to send next. [Guess where the prizes of my giveaway are going now: the US!!!]

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Happy Geek Anthropology Day!

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Happy Geek Anthropology Day! Well, it’s actually the World Geek Anthropology Day in the US according to the American Anthropological Association (AAA). Since what I am interested in is Geek Anthropology, I will just tune the wording and make of the World Anthropology Day a geek one. Since I’m interested in taking a look at fandoms, comics and movies (specially Superhero movies) through anthropological lenses, it’s obvious to me that Geek is the adjective that tunes the most with this blog and the branch of Anthropology that is more suited to it.

But, is there such a thing as Geek Anthropology? I believe there is! We could define Geek Anthropology as an anthropological approach to tall things geek including geek comunities, their fannish activities, the study of culture through comics and games, etc. It’s not only the study of geek culture, but also the study of gender, politics and more through geek popular culture.

In short, I wish you a Happy Geek Anthropology Day!

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Geek Girls x Bloggers Valentine 2016 Cards Swap & Surprise Valentine Present (vol.1)

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I couldn’t wait any longer! Here is a sneak peek of Geek Girls x Bloggers Valentine 2016 Cards Swap & Surprise Valentine Present!! I’m waiting for some cards, but I think I got almost all of them! The official blog posts will be announced from the 20th on From Girlie to Nerdy and Dina Farmer. [Don’t worry, I have permission to create this SPOILER post!] These are two separate swaps that got mingled together. We would be swapping Valentine Geeky cards with one another, and then we would be the secret Valentine of someone. I found both proposals irresistible, so I had to join. And, as you can see from the picture above, it’s been amazing!

The happiest thing has been to get mail from the ladies who run my favorite blogs! Also, I got new stamps. Yes! I do collect stamps from around the world (I’ve been doing that since I was a little kid.) So, getting stamps with Batman jumping, hearts and US flags is very special for me. It sounds silly but those count as presents! Not only I got a handmade Loki postcard, but I also got super geeky other ones and even a small gift: a tiny rubber that I plan not to use because it’s too cute!!!

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Celebrating and Releasing 2015! Let’s Welcome 2016, The Year of the Monkey!

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Celebrating and releasing 2015 is a must if I want to welcome 2016, the year of the Monkey with energy and positive vibes. I proceed to embrace myself for a year of work, enjoyment, dearing and risking topics and myself! The Monkey arrives to rock you if you let him! The trickster of the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey, will bring you energy if you dare to take it! But before I write all about my intentions for 2016, I’d like to cleanse 2015! It has been a year of happiness, sadness and difficult times for me. While writing has kept me on track, some personal issues have challenged not only me but my entire family.

Celebrating and Releasing 2015
What I learnt during 2015.

Hope and positive vibes can make you go through difficult times. Never lose the sense of humor, because a laugh can save your life during tough times. This is what 2015 taught me. I know, it sounds harsh, but it’s true. While everything was cool and gorgeous on my professional and blogging life, my private life has seen some harsh lows during 2015.

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Jetpack 2015 Review! Happy results!

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More Happy New Year data! I got the Jetpack 2015 review yesterday night, and I was delighted with the happy results! Since I started using it, I’ve got 16K visits on the blog. For some of you, this might be a small number, but for me, it’s the total proof that not only my family and friends are reading what I write. [Unless they’re constantly refreshing the same post all over again eternally.] I am also super happy to know that the busiest day was all about the book I wrote about Loki: Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army! I cannot be happier! Thank you!

But, what else was in Jetpack’s 2015 Review?

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My Winter Holiday for You: dePepi Calendar 2016

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And here is my winter holiday for you: a dePepi calendar 2016!! I hope that you like it. This year I wanted to create something green in honor of Loki of Asgard. So, I went for this simple calendar. If you click on it you can download it in pdf format and print as many as you want. You can also download it here. Happy Holidays for everyone!

And this is how not to send fanmail EVER!

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I’ve been struggling with the idea of writing this post about how not to send fanmail EVER for more than a week now. Just because I did send the fanmail and… I had no shame while the crime was on the works. Or at least I wasn’t in my best mindset. Never binge watch a show while taking a beer and then go near a keyboard. Seriously: you can end up finding a mail you sent to your mailbox in Facebook (oh crap!) days later and surprise yourself. What was I thinking!? Not all the facepalms in the world can capture the feeling I felt when I found out what I had done… Seriously? [I obviously cannot be left alone at home… someone create a dagger, put my name on it and control me, please!]

So, this is how not to send fanmail EVER! [Read carefully, and whatever happens, do not follow my steps into the darkness. It’s dangerous!]

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