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Ukon Juhla, the Finnish Midsummer Festival!

This weekend I went to a Finnish Midsummer Party! It was the Ukon Juhla (Midsummer Festival). Originally celebrated in honor of the God of the Sky and Thunder, Ukko, the name was later Christianized. So, because we couldn’t go into a pub and start a bonfire, we just gathered in one with the purpose of drinking and celebrating the light. The Midsummer Festival is a huge thing in Finland. Think about it: half of the year you live in darkness, so you’re going to party a lot once the sun knocks on your door!

The first thing that we encountered was Long Drinks! I had no idea whatsoever this existed. So, I decided to give it a go. Lonkero is delicious and dangerous. The taste is sweet (cranberry, the one I went for), or bitter (the original). It doesn’t look like so, but it goes up like hell! According to the Finns in the party, teens drink Lonkero, and many have their first hangover thank to it.

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New comics to add to your comic book pull list this week

This week we have hot releases of new comics to add to your comic book pull list. Some have known faces, like Darth Vader, but there are also pleasant surprises. I’ll start with Amazing Age. This is a mini-series of five issues. Three teens spend their days creating comic books, and then their dreams come true: their stories come to life! Now the issue is if they’ll survive in a world plenty of Superheroes and Super-villains.

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Comic Books of the Week: Bitch Planet, Gwenpool, Wonder Woman!

We’re back with some comic books this week yet again! This time I want to talk about madness: Bitch Planet and Gwenpool. But before I go there, I’d like to start talking about Wonder Woman. The movie is here! Although I have to wait until tomorrow to enjoy it, I decided to start reading her comics.

So, this week’s central star is Wonder Woman. You can fetch Wonder Woman Rebirth (Annual 1) in your comic book store. Here you have short stories about our favorite Amazon. After this, let’s all have a beer and head to the cinema!

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Happy Geek Pride Day 2017!

Happy Geek Pride Day 2017! I almost missed the day because of work. But, worry not, I remembered just in time. So, what are we celebrating today? All Geekdom! That’s what we’re celebrating. So, how can you celebrate the day?

I plan to watch a geek movie tonight. But, if you have no time for that, you can always take some little time to pet your Funko Pops, or take a geeky selfie. Or, you can phone a friend of yours and plot your next visit to the cinema!

Or, if you prefer, use geeky fashion today. Whatever you feel good doing. Heck, even screaming out loud that you’re a geek will work! Because today is our day!

Now, before the day arrives at its end: do something geek, even if it’s small. You’ll feel proud.

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Note: I chose a Mr.Wonderful pic this year. That heart is too cute, don’t you think? Mr.Wonderful’s style is very sweet.

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Free Comic Book Day Haul 2017

Yesterday was a perfect day. Not only I got an incredible comic book haul thanks to the Free Comic Book Day, but also because I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy! The day began with a visit to the local comic book store. However, those wouldn’t be the first comics of the day. On Friday I got a fantastic parcel from Greece! It came with lots of goodies from the Greek Comic Con, including a signed copy of Mockingbird. (Thank you Ioanna!)

After coffee, I went to Dave’s, Brighton’s comic book store, and I got a bunch of comics. In total, I got 13 issues of goodness, including Superheroes and adult comics. Dave’s is a cave of wonders. I don’t want to go too often because I end up buying comics and Pops. I made a mistake: I checked if they had new Funko Pops and I got Cassidy, the funky vampire from the Preacher.

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May the 4th Be With You! Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you! I know, it’s a strange thing to wish this when you’re a Sith, but I couldn’t stop myself. This is a day to rejoice and take my coffee in one of my favorite Star Wars mugs.

To celebrate it I decided to take some pictures, and I ended up matching Pops with books. I know, my choice of a Padawan English-Japanese dictionary is a little bit odd. But, I love that dictionary. (It has two volumes!)

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Happy Saint George’s Day Book Swap!

Happy Saint George’s Day! And happy book swap! We held a books swap on Geek Girls x Bloggers. We had to send the books to our swap partners before April 23rd. I got mine last Thursday from The Comic Life. I just hope she got my book on time too.

We had to tell each other what types of genres we like, and also authors. Because we love so many things and it is hard to choose a book, we decided to write down a book wish list, so we could easily find a book that we would be sure to enjoy reading. So, after some email exchanges, we found out what we love!

You can imagine my happy face when I saw the book that I got!

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Movie plan for 2017: tons of movies!

It seems that my movie plan for 2017 includes far more films than last year. For starters, we have more Superhero movies and other cult movies. January began with Assassin’s Creed, a disappointing film for me. However, I do hope the rest of movies on my list will do great. So, now that we know that I already saw Assassin’s Creed let’s move to other horizons!


It seems that this movie is based on the comics “Old man Logan.” If so, I need to prepare to say goodbye to one of my favorite characters: Wolverine. The tone of the movie is somber, and the trailer is weird for a Superhero film. I’ll prepare tissues and hope that the “new Wolverine” hinted in the trailer keeps up with Logan’s flag.

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Let’s do the planning for 2017, shall we?

We’re at that dreadful moment of the year when we have to do the planning for 2017. Let’s face it, we all start the new year with good intentions but abandon them somewhere around February. Despite the odds, I intend to follow “the plan.” Plan is a much better word than resolution. Or so it seems according to all dictionaries that I’ve checked. Planning involves a stronger commitment than the poor resolution wishes that go out from our mouths at the beginning of the year. But fear not, 2017 intends to be different, and so we shall plan accordingly.

My evil plots for world domination shall come into fruition during 2017. Oh, wait! These are the plans for the blog, not my personal most darkest desires! Excuse me, hang on a second. Oh yes, here they are!

Reading is sin

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Brighton VegFest: Green Smoothies and Chakras

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Yesterday I went to Brighton VegFest with a friend, and I enjoyed the green smoothies and chakras in there. As you might suppose, I am still an omnivore. I stopped eating sugar, but I did not stop eating meat. So, I felt a little bit like Loki undercover creating some mischief around. The venue was nice, and there were tons of cool shops. However, most of the stands offered “healthy food” with tons of sugar in it! A smoothy post saved me because they offered smoothies made of fruits and veggies (and they were super yummy!) I also loved some places with great spiritual merchandise. Even if most of the stands were dedicated to veganism, there were some that had interesting designs and offered free massages. Overall, it was nice. But, as I discovered, it’s still challenging for you to find something to eat that has no processed sugar in it. And this was shocking to me since I expected to find other alternatives to sugar in the menu.

The venue had two floors plenty of stands of all kinds of food and vegan and spiritual merchandise. You could also find natural products like organic soaps and even ethical deodorant! Some of the stands had really nice staff that were eager to talk and engage in conversation (I love those better, obviously!)

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