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Spider-Man Homecoming was a blast!

I finally saw Spider-Man Homecoming on Monday after a long day, and it was a blast! Despite some issues, this movie is brilliant. For starters, Peter Parker is a kid who is growing up. He doesn’t know much and grows as the film progresses. This is the Spidey I imagined from the comics. Sorry for the previous movies, but this one nailed it.

We begin with the original song of the first series on TV about Spider-Man. That show was crappy at best, but technology at that time didn’t allow for a better web slinger. And then, we met Peter, a kid who is super excited to meet his heroes.

[SPOILERS: this review contains lots of spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I recommend you to stop reading this post.]

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Spider-Man: Homecoming & Marvel’s Unexpected Giant Dis to Bloggers

The worst things can happen when you open Twitter early in the morning. Finding Marvel’s unexpected giant dis to bloggers in Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t exactly good marketing, is it? I haven’t seen the movie yet, but according to A Magical Mess, by the end of the movie, Tony says:

“Behind this door is a room full of reporters. Real ones–not bloggers”.

So, according to Faige, bloggers do nothing good for Marvel. Seriously? Most bloggers are fans who enjoy the movies and the comics and who will review them thoroughly. Bloggers share their thoughts, positive and negative, and also promote brands. Their followers will end up hitting the cinema, reading comics, and buying figurines if the reviews are excellent. So, why put down bloggers?

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All-New Wolverine: The Four Sisters

This week we’re reading All-New Wolverine Vol. 1: The Four Sisters [The Book Depository]. X-23, Laura, the cloned daughter of Wolverine is on a mission in Paris along with Angel. There she discovers that the villain is one of her clones! How traumatic can it be to find out that the one making all the fuss is someone just like you?

Wolverine mentored Laura, so she stopped being a weapon and an assassin. Now, she’s the new Wolverine. She took her father’s job, and she’s trying hard to be a Superhero. However, things are getting strange. She discovers that there are some clones of her who want revenge. A secret part of the Government created them, and they took away all their feelings. They don’t care if they’re shot, or if they die.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Yesterday I saw Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, and now I want to see it again! Yes, it is that good. Although it is difficult to make better movies after a huge hit, Marvel made it again. If you loved the retro feeling from the first film, you’re going to adore this second installment of our favorite Superheroes. I laughed, but I also cried. Yes, the only thing that I will spoil for you is this one: take a tissue just in case.

[SPOILER ALERT: this review contains massive spoilers. Refrain from reading beyond this point if you want to be surprised when you hit the cinema!]

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Thor: Ragnarok is so metal it got me rolling!

Thor: Ragnarok is so metal that it got me on a creative spree today. I couldn’t stop thinking about Loki’s horns and Thor’s Hammer. Poor Mjolnir is the first victim of Hela. But, is she as bad as she seems? Where does she get the makeup? It’s most likely that she gets it from the same shop the Winter Soldier does.

Despite the full trailer being an ode to Thor, Loki has created enough havoc online as to provoke a hurricane. Seconds, he appears only seconds, and he’s making all ovaries explode! Tumblr is on fire! Why? Because the Trickster is horny, and because we’re left to explore an almost hammer-less Thor. (Spoiler alert: he has two Hammers and not only Mjolnir!)

Now, if you want to share a laugh, and explore what the trailer has to offer, I invite you to download this ode to horny helmets, naughty guyliners, and hammers.

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Why I consider Comics to be Books + Gwenpool Giveaway

This THORsday I want to talk about why I consider comics to be books. After that, you can take part in my birthday celebration Gwenpool giveaway. But, let’s start with literature. When people think about literature, we tend to picture books in our mind. Books that have tons of words, and possibly, a lot of pages. However, I argue that comics are also books. They have visual art in their pages, and the stories can be as complicated as any Tolstoy out there. So, why diminish comic books to childish endeavors?

Depending on the genre, books are also doomed. Fantasy has a lower status than drama. Why are we so keen on disapproving of a book just because it belongs to a certain genre? The issue goes farther away when we compare books and comics. There are literary and visual masterpieces out there, but because they’re comics, some people regard them as childish readings. Why do we have the need to be so elitist?

So, for me, there’s no distinction between books and comics. I read them because I like them. I prefer I genre more than others (fantasy, superheroes), but that doesn’t mean that I will consider the rest of books and comics to be less important.

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Logan, a masterpiece and a critic to nowadays USA

I saw Logan this weekend, and I was in tears. Not only because we say goodbye to Wolverine, but because it is both a masterpiece and a huge critic to nowadays USA. I went to the cinema knowing that this was the last time I’d see one of my favorite X-men on the big screen. But I also knew I’d welcome a new character: Laura.

If Superhero movies were serious, they would be like Logan. It has action, emotion, and a deep story within. Like an onion, Logan offers us layers of different meanings and great performances. Both Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart deliver the most credible Wolverine and Professor X ever. Plus, adding Laura to the plot has been brilliant!

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[Massive SPOILERS ahead. Proceed with caution.]

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What I’m Watching: Iron Fist. And Why I Like It (despite the odds)

I’m watching Iron Fist, and despite all the odds, I like it. I’ve been reading all the drama around the series. However, I must say that I don’t fully agree with all what’s been mentioned. Before you decide to kill me, consider the following: representation goes beyond stereotypes. It means that we all have patterns in our head and expectations with each other. Also, take into account that I haven’t finished the entire series and I might change my mind. However, this is what I got for you for the time being. When reading this also remember my personal experience, since it will help you understand why I feel so close to Danny. I lived during eight years in Tokyo, I learned a lot there, came back in Europe, and people saw me as a lunatic. Fortunately I didn’t end into a psychiatric ward, nor had to punch anyone with my fist.

[MILD SPOILERS AHEAD. If you don’t mind the mild spoilers, please be my guest and keep reading this review.]

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Comics THORsday: Hawkeye, My Life as a Weapon (Marvel Now)

Welcome to another comics THORsday! Today we’re going to explore Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon (Marvel NOW!) [The Book Depository]. This is a great trade to discover Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, the coolest Hawkeye pair existing in the comics. I personally don’t like Clint, at least in the movies. However, I do enjoy this encarnation and Kate. Both are badass and are a great team who kickass at ease. In this first volume we discover how down-to-earth Clint is, and his relationship with his collegue Kate.

There are many strong points in this series: we get to enjoy two different Hawkeyes together; we get to enjoy amazing art in all the pages, and we get thrilled with the stories in the volume. And in all, this is a masterpiece.

[SPOILERS: there are mild spoilers ahead. If you haven’t read the comic book yet, refrain from reading beyond here. However, if you are okay with spoilers, please keep going!]

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1 Month Free Marvel Unlimited Subscription!

I have a 1 Month Free Marvel Unlimited Subscription for a lucky person! If you love Marvel Comics, you might love this subscription. I’m a subscriber of Marvel Unlimited. You can read as many comics as you want. However, the subscription doesn’t include the latest titles. These come up after six months hitting the stands. But, I assure you that you have enough comics to read for a lifetime! You have access to all the classics, to all X-men, to everything Marvel! The subscription only costs 9.99USD a month, so I think that the deal is pretty good.

So, what to do to get this free month? Easy! Follow me on my social media, share all about this post and do it right now! I’ll announce the winner this Sunday!

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