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Wonder Woman’s new trailer points at a great movie coming up!

Have you seen the new Wonder Woman’s new trailer? It points at a great movie coming up! That’s why I’m so happy with it. However, I keep being cautious. Why? Because I didn’t like what DC has done with their movies lately. I haven’t liked any single one of them, to be honest. So, Wonder Woman seems to come as a great relief for me.

It appears that Wonder Woman is a kick-ass Amazon who will help humanity during WWII. My only hope is that DC won’t mess her up since she is one of their pillars. Although I’m a Marvelite, I do like some DC Superheroes. And one of them happens to be Wonder Woman. So, if they mess her up, I won’t be hitting the cinemas for a DC movie ever again! (Yup, I’m that harsh)

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OUAT: Once Upon A Time… Captain Hook (aka, ovaries explode)

The best thing of Once Upon a Time in its second season is Captain Hook! I’m not going to lie to you: Killian Jones is the sexiest pirate in history, or so tell my exploding ovaries. Snow and Emma end up in the Enchanted Forest just after the curse is broken. In this season we’re having lots of cool flashbacks with all the characters, and the appearance of some new ones. For starters: Killian Jones. But also a new villain to take care about: Cora, Regina’s mother.

This season is cool because you can choose from an excellent array of villains. You’ve got Mr. Gold, Captain Hook, the Evil Queen, Cora, and even Charming’s “Dad.” But there’s something else: we get to know what happens when you obsess over things and when you decide for others. I’m talking about Belle’s Dad and his attempt to make her forget Rumple. Both Rumple and he decide for her. But, what about her opinion? Isn’t she old enough as to choose what she likes?

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OUAT: Once Upon A Time… Family Love

It’s been a long time since I talked about OUAT, aka Once Upon a Time. We left the conversation talking about lies and how affect us. Today, however, I want to focus on family love. If you have seen the show, you’ll now that the first season is one of discovery and family. The Savior, Emma, has to break a curse that has condemned everyone to oblivion. She has to struggle to believe in fairies, and her son, Henry, is but asking to her to make a great leap.[]

Regina is the legal mother of Henry. Emma gave him in adoption. If you haven’t seen your kid, and one day he knocks on your door, it’s going to be a shock. But, what if you meet his legal mother and find out that she’s evil? What would you do? You would stick around to make sure your kid is okay.

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Sherlock Holmes: a fandom and criminologist pioneer

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Sherlock Holmes is not only a badass fictional character, but he’s also a fandom and criminologist pioneer. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created a fictional character that would use forensic and criminal investigation techniques with years in advance. He predicts the use of some techniques 100 years in advance in some cases!

Sherlock Holmes has been in print ever since it was first published. We’re also used to see him on screen incarnation after incarnation. But he is much more than a pedantic detective: he is one of the first characters to spark fandom across the globe.

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OUAT: Once Upon A Time…Lies

Welcome to another installment of OUAT, or Once Upon a Time. This time, we’re exploring lies. From episode 6 (the Shepherd) to episode 17 (hat trick) of season 1 we’re discovering more characters in Storybrooke. But we’re also discovering that lies have devastating effects. [MILD SPOILERS AHEAD for those who haven’t seen Season 1 yet] Snow White and Prince Charming are having an affair without knowing who they are. Charming is David in Storybrooke, and he comes back from a sleeping curse. He turns out to be married. However, he falls in love with Mary Margaret, Snow White. They decide to meet despite David being married. However, things go astray because David can’t tell the truth.

David starts meeting Mary Margaret while still living with his wife. Although he promises Mary Margaret that he will tell his wife the truth and leave her, he doesn’t. If you think things can’t go worse, you’re mistaken. The wife of David goes missing, and Snow White faces a trial for her murder!

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OUAT: Once Upon A Time… StoryBrooke

Welcome to OUAT, or Once Upon a Time. We’re going to start our journey in StoryBrooke, a little town where magic happens. There are monsters, evil characters, and heroes! You’ve got love, hate, redemption and all you need to spend a wonderful time binge watching on Netflix. Season 6 is around the corner. However, we’re going to start with Henry and his book. Yes! We’re going to start from the Pilot, back at season 1!

We’re going to explore a little bit season one as a whole, and then focus on episodes 1 to 5 (pilot, the thing you love the most, snow falls, the price of gold, and that still small voice).

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Fandom Characters: Sherlock, the brains

Fandom characters indeed explain volumes about us, like Sherlock! Well, he might explain more about our brains, or so it seems. Sherlock is one of those characters that jump from the books and go to the big and small screens and never gets old. Although when you now think about Sherlock as the Cumberlock, reality is that when I think about Sherlock, I think about 1984’s one. Hang on? That old!? Yes! I was a kid, and I was hooked on Jeremy Brett and David Burke as Sherlock and Watson. The adaptation was produced by a British television company called Granada Television, and ran from 1984 to 1994!! I had already read about Sherlock Holmes, and I loved all about it when I finally met his screen incarnation. Not only that, Mr. Data and Captain Picard also played games with Moriarty in the holodeck at some point as well, so, picture me having a lovely Victorian idea about Sherlock Holmes. It has been his Cumberlock adaptation that made him a modern character, but in my mind, Sherlock Holmes is Jeremy Brett!

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Lessons on Geek Anthropology: The Hulk & Hulking out! You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Lessons on Geek Anthropology is Hulk out with the Hulk. When was the last time when you said: “you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”? Today? Last week? If you were Bruce Banner, you would probably say it quite often. However, do we have a Hulk inside ourselves? Do we share irrational anger with him? Don’t we all want to break something from time to time just because we’re feeling anxious or plain desperate for whatever reason? Even if we think of the Hulk as a hero today, reality is that he was a little bit of a villain. He was conceived to be a likable monster-hero, and yet, the audience needed time, in a span of years, to come to grips with the Hulk. But what is that scares us and lures us in same amounts of this forever angry monster-hero? Based on the tales of Mr.Jekill and Hyde, and Frankenstein, the Hulk appeared to help us unleash our rage. The intelligent Bruce Banner would become a raging green monster who would smash whatever he found in front of him, without creating human loses (miracle!) The Hulk appeals to us because he destroys whatever he wants, he hulks out, throws a tantrum of sheer proportions! And it happens every time Bruce Banner gets angry. The Hulk is just pure anger!

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Fandom Characters: Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden

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Fandom characters indeed explain volumes about us. Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden, is more than just a hot Viking on a show or a historical figure from the past. For me, she represents the stand you have to make when things go astray. She has a fierce character, and although she might show patience at rough times, there are limits that she won’t tolerate. In she same fashion she might be yielding a sword, I do that too, figuratively. I might not chop off your head, but be assured that I won’t let you take advantage of me. But, is that the only reason that I might like Lagertha Lothbrok?

She is an active woman who love independence above all. Not only she knows her limits, she also stands her ground when needed, protect those who she loves, and sails out for adventure. While she might be open minded at times, she won’t tollerate to mistake that tolenrance with being a libertine. She is capable, intelligent and ruthless when circumstances ask that from her. All in all, she is a warrior when she needs to be, an adventurer, a nurturer and a great strategist.

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Deadpool: let’s eat some Chimichangas

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I saw Deadpool yesterday and I must say that it was a masterpiece! Let’s eat some Chimichangas because this is one of the best Superhero movies out there! It’s violent, and some of the scenes are gratuitous, but, it’s good nonetheless. If you’re a Deadpool fan, this is your movie. If you follow Marvel movies all over, this is one not to be missed! Embrace wicked humor and dark times explained with chili flavor. Deadpool is irreverent, bloody, a social rule breaker, and loads of fun! This is not a movie for the weak, this is a movie to enjoy and a relief for those who love swearing a lot!

[SPOILER ALER: do not read this review if you haven’t seen the movie yet.]

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