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Labels can be useful, but also a curse. When talking on Twitter about writing a post about sexuality, I realized that as a fangirl I had a heroic life in high-school. The problem is that I lived mostly among books, comics, shows, and movies. My preferences for the real life where non-existent, or annoying. To compare humans to any fictional badass character in the books can be a blessing, but also a curse!

Very much like labels, using a word like “nerdysexual” to try to explain something can be both good and bad. Labels can be a pain, especially if misunderstood. As a fangirl, a geek, and someone who loves reading books and comics, losing myself in worlds of fantasy is as natural as breathing. My crushes lived in paper worlds that someone else imagined. They also lived in shows and movies! All in all, I would end up writing fan fiction at some point.

And, yes. It was naughty.

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My Five Favorite Droids

Although this is a topic from last week, to list my five favorite droids is a delight. So, this Fandom Friday I’m going to show you the cutest droids ever that have stolen my heart. I will start with K-2SO, one of the cutest droids ever!

1. K-2SO

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K-2SO is super cute and elegant. I think this is the best droid that lives in the Star Wars Universe! I know, perhaps I’m stretching that too much, but that’s how I feel about him. He’s funny, sassy, and is cool. I love him!

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Five Geeky Expressions Only Your Friends Would Understand

Yay! Fandom Friday is back! This time we’re going to explore five geeky expressions, only my friends would understand. To be fair, choosing only five geeky expressions is pretty hard since I use more than just five. Sometimes I forget who I have in front of me, and I speak in Greek to my friends. Because it was so hard to choose, I decided to feature those geeky expressions I use the most.

1. He’s such a Life-ruiner!

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I know, I’m an evil creature: I write an expression and use a gif with another one. I won’t excuse my naughty behavior. When I say that some character is a life-ruiner is good, believe me. It’s true. It means that the character is so perfect that he ruins your life in the most amazing way. In fact, so much so, that you can end up with an ovaries explosion. It isn’t bad, but amazingly good. When someone is so perfect that ruins your life and makes your ovaries explode, it means that you fancy that person to the bone. [Whoever invented the explosion expression has my deepest respect. And nope, it has no puns.]

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OUAT: Once Upon A Time… Captain Hook (aka, ovaries explode)

The best thing of Once Upon a Time in its second season is Captain Hook! I’m not going to lie to you: Killian Jones is the sexiest pirate in history, or so tell my exploding ovaries. Snow and Emma end up in the Enchanted Forest just after the curse is broken. In this season we’re having lots of cool flashbacks with all the characters, and the appearance of some new ones. For starters: Killian Jones. But also a new villain to take care about: Cora, Regina’s mother.

This season is cool because you can choose from an excellent array of villains. You’ve got Mr. Gold, Captain Hook, the Evil Queen, Cora, and even Charming’s “Dad.” But there’s something else: we get to know what happens when you obsess over things and when you decide for others. I’m talking about Belle’s Dad and his attempt to make her forget Rumple. Both Rumple and he decide for her. But, what about her opinion? Isn’t she old enough as to choose what she likes?

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Harry Potter Book Night: The Professors of Hogwarts

Welcome to Harry Potter Book Night: the Professors of Hogwarts! Last year we played games related to Harry Potter, and so we’ll do the same this year! But the games are different, of course. You’ll find part of the fun on this post, and the rest of my Social Media. All Professors have something cool surrounding them. However, my favorite is Severus Snape. Who is your favorite Professor?

Prepare yourself for a night of magic! This post is going to be long and mysterious. I’m not going to write the answers to all the questions today. You’ll need to wait for a day so that people can have fun first! Besides, if you had all the answers at the end of the post, it wouldn’t be that fun, would it?

[Note: this post contains some affiliate links. It has no extra cost to you. Using my affiliate links, you give a book or comic book a new home. And then, you’ll find a review about them here. Also, material presented in this post is copyright of Bloomsbury.]

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OUAT: Once Upon A Time… Family Love

It’s been a long time since I talked about OUAT, aka Once Upon a Time. We left the conversation talking about lies and how affect us. Today, however, I want to focus on family love. If you have seen the show, you’ll now that the first season is one of discovery and family. The Savior, Emma, has to break a curse that has condemned everyone to oblivion. She has to struggle to believe in fairies, and her son, Henry, is but asking to her to make a great leap.[]

Regina is the legal mother of Henry. Emma gave him in adoption. If you haven’t seen your kid, and one day he knocks on your door, it’s going to be a shock. But, what if you meet his legal mother and find out that she’s evil? What would you do? You would stick around to make sure your kid is okay.

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Sherlock Holmes: a fandom and criminologist pioneer

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Sherlock Holmes is not only a badass fictional character, but he’s also a fandom and criminologist pioneer. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created a fictional character that would use forensic and criminal investigation techniques with years in advance. He predicts the use of some techniques 100 years in advance in some cases!

Sherlock Holmes has been in print ever since it was first published. We’re also used to see him on screen incarnation after incarnation. But he is much more than a pedantic detective: he is one of the first characters to spark fandom across the globe.

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OUAT: Once Upon A Time…Lies

Welcome to another installment of OUAT, or Once Upon a Time. This time, we’re exploring lies. From episode 6 (the Shepherd) to episode 17 (hat trick) of season 1 we’re discovering more characters in Storybrooke. But we’re also discovering that lies have devastating effects. [MILD SPOILERS AHEAD for those who haven’t seen Season 1 yet] Snow White and Prince Charming are having an affair without knowing who they are. Charming is David in Storybrooke, and he comes back from a sleeping curse. He turns out to be married. However, he falls in love with Mary Margaret, Snow White. They decide to meet despite David being married. However, things go astray because David can’t tell the truth.

David starts meeting Mary Margaret while still living with his wife. Although he promises Mary Margaret that he will tell his wife the truth and leave her, he doesn’t. If you think things can’t go worse, you’re mistaken. The wife of David goes missing, and Snow White faces a trial for her murder!

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OUAT: Once Upon A Time… StoryBrooke

Welcome to OUAT, or Once Upon a Time. We’re going to start our journey in StoryBrooke, a little town where magic happens. There are monsters, evil characters, and heroes! You’ve got love, hate, redemption and all you need to spend a wonderful time binge watching on Netflix. Season 6 is around the corner. However, we’re going to start with Henry and his book. Yes! We’re going to start from the Pilot, back at season 1!

We’re going to explore a little bit season one as a whole, and then focus on episodes 1 to 5 (pilot, the thing you love the most, snow falls, the price of gold, and that still small voice).

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My Open Sketchbook Unboxing: OUAT’s Captain Hook!

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Today is a special day! It’s My Open Sketchbook Unboxing day! Time ago I asked a Captain Hook from OUAT to Kay Nyman, the wonderful artist behind the blog My Open Sketchbook. I met her online, and I started following her blog and her art. I love what she does, and I love her art journey. Because I was going to move home, I decided to ask for something to decorate my new working space.

I love many different characters: Loki, Hook, Lagertha, Ragnar… However, I wanted to hook people when they visit my tiny working realm. And so, I chose Hook (and when I can, I might add Swan to the pot). The commission was for a Killian Jones in his naughty glory. Kay asked some pics I love as a reference, and so I sent her some.

Before you keep reading, I must tell you something. She included an extra! What I asked was a colored smoldering pirate to swoon all over. What I got was that and more! I’m so thrilled because the extra surprise is no other than my favorite Hookadorkable pic!!!

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