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A Geeky Weekend: Japanese food & Wonder Woman by Leigh Bardugo

I had a wonderful geeky weekend, and I wanted to share all about it with you. I had a cupcake, Japanese food, and I enjoyed reading Wonder Woman: Warbringer [The Book Depository] by Leigh Bardugo. But, it didn’t stop there, since I also joined a meetup centered in discovering comics.

Before going to the comic book meetup, we decided to enjoy an excellent morning coffee with a great cupcake. In Brighton, you can find several coffee shops with amazing sweets. But, Cloud 9 remains my favorite. I asked an Oreo cupcake. It makes me remember the Cookie Monster. I always end up destroying the cupcakes, and eating parts of it, and doing piggy stuff with the cream. So, I’ll just share the cupcake when it was whole and beautiful.

leigh bardugo, wonder woman, warbringer, wonder woman warbringer, cupcakes, japanese, japanese food, depepi, depepi.com

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Ukon Juhla, the Finnish Midsummer Festival!

This weekend I went to a Finnish Midsummer Party! It was the Ukon Juhla (Midsummer Festival). Originally celebrated in honor of the God of the Sky and Thunder, Ukko, the name was later Christianized. So, because we couldn’t go into a pub and start a bonfire, we just gathered in one with the purpose of drinking and celebrating the light. The Midsummer Festival is a huge thing in Finland. Think about it: half of the year you live in darkness, so you’re going to party a lot once the sun knocks on your door!

The first thing that we encountered was Long Drinks! I had no idea whatsoever this existed. So, I decided to give it a go. Lonkero is delicious and dangerous. The taste is sweet (cranberry, the one I went for), or bitter (the original). It doesn’t look like so, but it goes up like hell! According to the Finns in the party, teens drink Lonkero, and many have their first hangover thank to it.

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Free Comic Book Day Haul 2017

Yesterday was a perfect day. Not only I got an incredible comic book haul thanks to the Free Comic Book Day, but also because I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy! The day began with a visit to the local comic book store. However, those wouldn’t be the first comics of the day. On Friday I got a fantastic parcel from Greece! It came with lots of goodies from the Greek Comic Con, including a signed copy of Mockingbird. (Thank you Ioanna!)

After coffee, I went to Dave’s, Brighton’s comic book store, and I got a bunch of comics. In total, I got 13 issues of goodness, including Superheroes and adult comics. Dave’s is a cave of wonders. I don’t want to go too often because I end up buying comics and Pops. I made a mistake: I checked if they had new Funko Pops and I got Cassidy, the funky vampire from the Preacher.

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May the 4th Be With You! Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you! I know, it’s a strange thing to wish this when you’re a Sith, but I couldn’t stop myself. This is a day to rejoice and take my coffee in one of my favorite Star Wars mugs.

To celebrate it I decided to take some pictures, and I ended up matching Pops with books. I know, my choice of a Padawan English-Japanese dictionary is a little bit odd. But, I love that dictionary. (It has two volumes!)

star wars, may the 4th, may the 4th be with you, depepi, depepi.com

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Happy Saint George’s Day Book Swap!

Happy Saint George’s Day! And happy book swap! We held a books swap on Geek Girls x Bloggers. We had to send the books to our swap partners before April 23rd. I got mine last Thursday from The Comic Life. I just hope she got my book on time too.

We had to tell each other what types of genres we like, and also authors. Because we love so many things and it is hard to choose a book, we decided to write down a book wish list, so we could easily find a book that we would be sure to enjoy reading. So, after some email exchanges, we found out what we love!

You can imagine my happy face when I saw the book that I got!

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2016 in Review: a Year for Cleansing

Although 2016 has been a rocky year, I cannot say it has been a bad year overall. Despite all the crying, I must say that it’s been good for cleansing. I see 2016 as a rocky roller coaster that allowed me to cleanse slowly and noisily. Cleansing can be cathartic and even look like a mess. But the results are positive. So, despite 2016 being a year of goodbyes, including family ones, it’s also been a great year to start something new. Before you can start anew, you need to be ashes. I know, the metaphor is spooky, but that’s what’s happened to me during 2016: I finally burned out, and now I’m ready to come back in all my glory during 2017!

In blogging terms, 2016 has been a Loki year with ups and downs. Because of my several burnouts at work, I spent some months with less writing and more crying. Despite this, 2016 has been good for this blog. Not only that, it has been naughty and quite interesting.

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X-Men Apocalypse Review & Giveaway

I went to see X-Men Apocalypse this Monday, and since I got two small posters, I thought that I would do a review and also a giveaway with them. I usually go to Marvel movies rocking some Marvel fashion. Since this was an X-Men movie, I decided to go with my X-Men cardigan! [I also have a Storm super cool tee, but it was chilly, and since I love many of the characters, I decided to rock the cardigan.] I loved the movie despite having a very mono-dimensional villain. Apocalypse was too plain, but the whole movie was fantastic. [You know I am super picky with how villains are crafted. Depending on how good Villains are, so Superheroes will shine more.] However, we do find someone excelling his part: Magneto! Professor X and Magneto have a very special relationship, and so does Mystique. Thanks to these three characters, I’d say that the movie overcomes the mono-dimensional Apocalypse.

[SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t seen the movie yet, please refrain from reading more about the review. At the end of the post you’ll find the widget to take part in the posters giveaway.]

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Geek Girls x Bloggers Spring Fling Gift Exchange

I’m so happy I took part in Geek Girls x Bloggers Spring Fling Gift Exchange! Although there were some issues along the way, I had so much fun. First, because we did it through our favorite group on Facebook. All lady bloggers in the group are amazing, they write super interesting posts, and it’s wonderful to be friends with many of them. Second, because this Spring Fling Gift Exchange was hosted by From Girly to Nerdy. And third, because my surprise mate was Ashlee (Her Geekery)! If the combination of stars that made this happens isn’t magical, I don’t know what it is. But, I loved every single bit of it!

I’ll start with the little accident. I got a pair of super cute Loki earrings to die for. Unfortunately, Express your Fandom (a shop on Etsy), didn’t pack them well, and they came broken and bent. One of the horns on one of the Loki’s helmet was broken, and the hooks were super bent. Fortunately, the shop owners are super friendly, and they refunded the money to Ashlee. And, what do you think she did? (You gotta love the girl!)

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Total Mayhem at the Free Comic Book Day

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And so, this weekend I had a total mayhem at the Free Comic Book Day in Brighton. I was supposed to wake up at 8am in the morning, but I did it one hour later. No worries: I found all the treasures! Not only I got the free comics I wanted, I also got deals on old issues for 1 pound: five issues for only one pound! I repeat: five issues! So, I decided to try out some titles I haven’t read yet, and give them a shot and see if I want to continue reading them. I also got two comic books, including the second trade of the Lumberjanes! And, because I had to have another Loki, and because there were tons of Funko Lokis at Dave’s (yeah, that’s the name of the super cool local comic book store), I got a Loki with helmet! I had a Funko Loki without Helmet, along with a tiny Loki with Helmet. All Funko, all super cute. Thus, my Norse Gods panthon has grown with yet another Funko Loki. Let me show you:

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My Birthday was a blast! Thank you everyone!

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My Birthday was a blast! Thank you, everyone! After my nervous breakdown, being spoiled during my Birthday has been the best. Seriously. Not because of the presents, but because people took their time to send me their wishes, and do crazy stuff for me! My Japanese friends took their time to send me lots of Japanese super cute chocolates and Sherlock mangas! Two of the volumes are bilingual (English and Japanese), so they are perfect for learning. One volume is just in Japanese. I adore them all! They’re super fun because Cumberbatch just looks so Cumberbatch in the manga. They did an excellent job in illustrating Johnlock and making the volumes just look like the episodes! Amazing!

Want to know more about how friends and family spoiled me? Keep reading!

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