dePepi Superhero by Katrina Hill

dePepi Superhero by Katrina Hill

dePepi Superhero

This is the banner for all topics related to Geek Anthropology: pop culture, comics, movies, fans, focal vocabulary… These topics, and more, are all under this banner, in which you can find about digital identities and far more explained through different types of narratives.

Understanding how people manage their identities online, their ways of communication in different platforms is key to enhance social media, as well to many other disciplines.

Geeks and Nerds are becoming cool. Their language and their ways are entering into the mainstream with enormous strength. Not only they are becoming a real pillar of change, they are constantly creating and shaping mainstream culture even as we speak.

Not only the Geek world is starting to change our mainstream views, memetics also explains our behavior as replicators of memes, specially in the digital arena. To disregard all these, apparently superfluous or childish parts of our pop culture, is to be digitally and analogically blind.

The illustration was created by Katrina Hill. You can find her and her art here.

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Pepi by Liethel


This is the banner for all things Geek.

She will introduce you to very Geeky information. If you click on her in the sidebar you will enter the Geek World! It is fun, but also very interesting.

In here you can find about comics, my personal experiences, and anything that I find interesting from a Geek point of view.

This is a section for all things Geek. These can be related or not to comics, to Japan. You can find more or less serious posts. This is a section to read with open heart, aiming to have a good time, and also to have fun!

This dolly illustration was created by Liethel. You can find her here.

Sakura - Japan Soul, by Max Rambaldi.

Sakura – Japan Soul, by Max Rambaldi.

Japan Soul – Sakura

These are my warm feelings toward Japan. I spent wonderful years living in Tokyo, studying there and having lots of lovely experiences. For me Japan is a Sakura in full blossom, a wind that you can feel but cannot contain, a solid moving ground that you can walk on a grow up onto.

The “sakura-girl” will introduce you to the Japanese culture and pop culture, my experiences there, the streets of Tokyo, manga, and much more.

Japan gave me wings, and let me grow strong and flexible. It made me learn and dream. It made me play and know many other cultures through it.

This section has a little about everything: good and bad things, poetry and feelings, geeky stuff and different ways. This is an open door to the world of Sakuras.

This illustration was made by Max Rambaldi.
You can find information about the illustration here, contact Max throug his blog here, and like his Facebook page here.

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dePepi bibliography by Samanta Niz.


This is the banner for the section of bibliography in this blog. Here you will find the books that I read, specially those connected to geeks, nerds, anthropology and comics (including comics and graphic novels).

This illustration was made by Samanta Niz.
You can find more about the work of Samanta Niz in her page in Deviantart, and ask her to create a drawing for you here.

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Art by Joy San (SexyTuna)

Icons about me and My Vulcan

You’ll find these icons made by Joy San (SexyTuna) in some of the pots that I write. I also use my own icon for my MOO cards because it’s super cute. At the moment I have it almost everywhere on my Social Media.

Joy creates super cute art. I highly recommend you to visit her Patreon page or follow her on Twitter. I feel lucky to have found her on Twitter. I love her art.

You can also find other banners in this blog. Most of them come from Evanto Market.

Quote I like: “damnant quod non intellegunt” (Cicero)
How to pronounce my name:
Pepi is read as peppy (pepē) adjective, informal, “lively and high-spirited”.