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Star Wars 40th Anniversary! Let’s celebrate it with Skywalker Strikes

Today is Star Wars 40th Anniversary! One day like this, just forty years ago, Star Wars made it to the big screen. Today is also the Geek Pride Day. So, today is perfect! And it’s also comics THORsday! So, we’re going to celebrate everything with Skywalker Strikes“>Skywalker Strikes [The Book Depository]. If you love Star Wars, you’ll probably enjoy reading further adventures in the comics. Plus, you get to enjoy your favorite heroes even more.

In Skywalker Strikes we are in a period where the rebellion is hopeful. The evil Galactic Empire’s greatest weapon, the Death Star, has been destroyed by Luke. With the Imperial Forces in disarray, the Rebels look to press their advantage by unleashing a daring offensive throughout the far reaches of space, hoping to defeat the Empire once and for all and at last restore freedom to the galaxy.

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New Comic Books this Week

The new comic books this week come with some nostalgia. Do you know Battle Angel Alita? When I was a teen, I was hooked with this manga. The cyber-doctor Daisuke Ido finds a strange cyborg head in a damp. It belongs to a woman who has lost all her memories. He re-assembles her and names her Alita. She has a super powerful body: the Berserker. Afte a while, something happens: she can do amazing martial arts! Although she cannot remember anything, she decides to become a vigilante. She lives in a lawless place, so she’ll avenge the weak. But, she has a little bit of an identity crisis: is she still human? Does her new job make her humanity go away? How much cyborg is she?

This is a classic. However, I don’t recommend it for the very young. The manga’s pages are plenty of violence. The story is compelling, and Alita is as deadly as adorable.

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Happy Geek Pride Day 2017!

Happy Geek Pride Day 2017! I almost missed the day because of work. But, worry not, I remembered just in time. So, what are we celebrating today? All Geekdom! That’s what we’re celebrating. So, how can you celebrate the day?

I plan to watch a geek movie tonight. But, if you have no time for that, you can always take some little time to pet your Funko Pops, or take a geeky selfie. Or, you can phone a friend of yours and plot your next visit to the cinema!

Or, if you prefer, use geeky fashion today. Whatever you feel good doing. Heck, even screaming out loud that you’re a geek will work! Because today is our day!

Now, before the day arrives at its end: do something geek, even if it’s small. You’ll feel proud.

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Note: I chose a Mr.Wonderful pic this year. That heart is too cute, don’t you think? Mr.Wonderful’s style is very sweet.

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American Gods: OMG!

I can just say one thing about American Gods: OMG! The show is so intense that you cannot stop staring even for a little blink. The photography of the show is so breathtaking that it left me gasping. I won’t lie to you, some of the Gods are incredibly spooky. Have you ever seen a Goddess eat a man through her vagina? You’re up to see that and gasp feeling as frightened as allured at the same time!

[SPOILERS: I cannot describe the show unless I give away some spoilers. You should also consider this show to be very mature. This is not a show for kids!]

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Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda

So, what’s my feminist agenda, you may ask? It’s quite simple: there’s no agenda. It might come as a shock for some, but I don’t have anything in mind but geeking out loud. I have projects, yes, but agendas? The only agenda I have is my Italian one, and I write things like: I need to blog today.

I suppose that this had to happen at some point in my blogging life. If you’re all about uplifting women and promoting badass strong characters, I assume that some people take it the wrong way. But before we all freak-out, let’s take a look at what feminist is.

A feminist is a person who supports feminism. And what is feminism? Is it a disease? The word has had tons of bad marketing, so when you say it out loud some bells inside your head ring out loud. Nope, it’s not a disease, and it’s not Ragnarok. So, what is it?

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Funko Pops and Books that will blow out your mind

Here you have a short list of Funko Pops and books that will blow out your mind. If you need nerdy ideas for presents, this is it! Get these matches and add a memorable line on the card. I know, it’s an evil plan. You’ll make your friends pass out because of amazing swag.

Let’s start with Ragnar! If you were to go Beyond the Wall, you’d probably find Ragnar waiting for you. Okay, that’s a stretch. The Romans and Ragnar lived in different eras, but it’s funny to think about it. Go beyond Hadrian’s Wall, and you’ll find the funky Vikings.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales

It’s THORsday again! This means that we’re going to read comics! This week we’re going to explore all about Spider-Man: Miles Morales. He happens to have extra powers compared with Spidey. He has a problem: he doesn’t know how to balance his Superhero life with his normal life. Fortunately, his best friend and his dad are there to help. But, things look pretty grim at the moment.

For starters, he has a fan online: a young YouTuber. She has captured a video from a battle. Miles got his mask broken, and she could see that he’s brown. She instantly became a fan. Also because of representation grounds. However, Miles isn’t that happy about it.

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Star Trek: Discovery

Ten years before Spock and Kirk, we had Star Trek: Discovery! I just saw the trailer on Twitter. I’ve been reading some drama surrounding the cast, but I must say that the trailer looks brilliant. I can’t wait until fall to start the journey along with Star Trek: Discovery.

One of the things that got me euphoric is to see to female leading roles together. I just hope that the series is as brilliant as it promises. So, why are people complaining about it? I say that we must give it a go before we go berserk on it.

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Cool Comic Book Picks of the Week

This week we have some cool comic books that we can pick again. This week things get hot again since there are some interesting titles. And again, I’m left with a tough decision: do I start right away with the issues? Or do I wait for the trade?

While I meditate on the topic, I’ll start this week’s possible pic list with Luke Cage. Marvel’s Netflix series was fantastic. So, I do hope that the comic reflects that too. Cage is on a revenge spree. Cage goes to the funeral of Doctor Noah Burstein, the one who made of him an unbreakable Superhero. However, he soon discovers mysterious billionaires, gangs, and a woman with a huge secret.

Because things look pretty grim, Cage starts looking for answers. Maybe there’s far more to Doctor Noah Burstein’s death that meets the eye.

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Indiana Jones and Aliens

What does Indiana Jones have in common with aliens? Although it might seem that nothing, at first sight, reality is that Indie has a lot to do with aliens. We can take a different view on aliens using the lenses of Geek Anthropology. Aliens are “the other” that comes from far away, and that might pose a threat.

Perhaps, it’ll be easier to grasp the notion of the Alien in science fiction if we take a look at some movies and books. In Alien Nation we see how “newcomers” from outer space arrive in Los Angeles asking for asylum. Both the film and the show depict their rocky assimilation into human society.

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