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I am happy to announce that has a promo video, and it’s awesome! I asked Joanne Yap to create a promo video for my blog, and she came up with this beauty! I just love it! She used music by NoCopyrightSounds, a record label that is dedicated to releasing free music to provide video creators with music to enhance their creativity. Joanne is creating her website at the moment, but I wanted to share her Tumblr page with you. It’s fun, and she shares lots of crazy stuff!

I hope you like dePepi’s promo video as much as I do! (And yes! I am wearing one of my favorite geek fashion items: Spider-Gwen’s tank top hoodie in it!)

Social Media through comics and anthropology, depepi, pop culture, anthropology, social media

How can comics and anthropology help your social media? By reading comics and observing them you can notice certain aspects that can help your social media strategies. The other day I wrote about “Iwojima x Marvel’s Infinity: popular culture subconscious triggers.” In this post I explained how a comic cover could move and trigger certain feelings on the audience in the United States, resulting in sales, while leaving totally cold the Spanish audience, resulting in lots of comics getting dusty on the shelves.

The art of observation and learning through participant observation is what many anthropologists do when researching a culture not their own. You can do participant observation off-line and online and use anthropological techniques to get closer to your audience and avoid getting many issues of “your comics dusty on the shelves.”

Do you know the focal vocabulary of your audience in your social media?

Do you communicate correctly with them?

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Guardians of the Galaxy and Social Media, depepi, pop culture, social media, comics, marvel, marvel comics, guardians of the galaxy

So, how big is going to be “Guardians of the Galaxy” earnings pie? Like “Thor the Dark World”? Estimates talked about a pie that might be around $80 million, but the movie is going to blast any previsions since it has produced more than $100 million over the weekend alone. How does social media and the community of Marvelites helped produce another block buster?

Marvel’s social media strategy has been entertaining and thrilling, specially in Facebook, and specially for Marvelites who have helped spread the word. Despite releasing a title plenty of new characters unknown for those who are not used to read the comics, their success might have more to do in some details that might have been overlooked, like triggering childhood memories.

Even though “Guardians of the Galaxy” has been around for quite a long time, those who haven’t read the comics, will be exposed to a new set of new characters. Perhaps, this is why main roles in this new movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) come from the voices and bodies of well-known actors and actress. The cast, the music, the humor and the action in the trailers are engaging enough to persuade the audience to go to the cinema. Not only that, the release of the movie has been just one week after San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC), ensuring the film to be fresh for the fans, and also ensuring a big pie in the short term, which is what’s been proven.

So, what has been Marvel doing in its social media and within the film, to ensure a huge pie and a long-term franchise? What are those childhood memories?

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