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Wootbox Bad Guys Unboxing, September 2017

I got another fantastic Wootbox! This time the topic is “Bad Guys.” Who doesn’t love them? The unboxing was great because the goodies inside are brilliant! As happened with the previous box, I got this one for free. I’m giving my opinion on it. As you know, my unboxings are unpredictable: I can like things inside or not. I will say that on camera!

This time I had so much fun unboxing this Wootbox. In fact, I laughed far too much, and I had to cut a little bit my laughter. But, worry not, you can see some bloopers at the end of the video for the first time. So, yes, you’ll see what happens when I want to say something, but my brain plays tricks on me.

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Wootbox Retro II Unboxing, August 2017

Today I’m unboxing a super cool box: Wootbox Retro II, August 2017. I got it for free from Wootbox. They contacted me some months ago, and I agreed to make an unboxing and share all the good and evil. I got no other payment than the box itself (and all the goodies inside). I know that bloggers do things differently. Usually, you get paid for unboxings. But I wanted to be free from any guilt if I didn’t like things inside of the box. So, Wootbox sent me the swag, and when I got it this weekend, I recorded the video. And thanks to the box they sent me I spent part of my weekend remembering my childhood.

So, what do I do with unboxings? I open the boxes in front of the camera and record whatever happens next all at once. I can only make this once since I have no interest whatsoever in promoting things I despise. I can edit whatever disaster happens during the adventure, but I cannot redo it again. Once I open the box, it’s done. If I like it, you’ll notice it because I make weird sounds while I fangirl. If I don’t, I’ll start complaining or saying something negative about it.

Spoiler alert: I loved this box! I’ve been torturing everyone in the house with childhood memories because of it. Did you play with the Gameboy? Did you like Mario? Then, this box was perfect for you!

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FairyLoot March Unboxing: unicorns & rainbows!

I know, I’m quite late in sharing an unboxing video about FairyLoot’s March box. I’ve been pretty busy, which means, editing videos is taking me longer than planned. But, here’s the video and here are the goodies! This is the one-year-anniversary box from FairyLoot. I must tell you: I adored it! But it was super heavy! (Happily heavy, merrily blue!)

The funny thing is that I was searching for some lights to decorate my shelves. But, I couldn’t make up my mind about what type, since I already have a set of white LEDs. Luckily, the guys from FairyLoot have done the job for me: and I adore what they sent me! A set of super cute unicorn and clouds (with some rainbows)! Sorry, not sorry to spoil one of the items before time, but I so happy to have the lights that I need to share it before the video begins!

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The Willoughby Book Club First Unboxing!

My birthday is coming soon, so I decided to give a present to myself: a The Willoughby Book Club subscription. This is a peculiar unboxing since there’s only a book inside. You might think, but she said it’s a subscription? But, there’s only a book inside, right? You can subscribe for three, six or twelve months and ask Willoughby Book Club’s elves to choose the perfect book for you.

Exactly! You send all the details you can to the gorgeous minions working at Willoughby Book Club, and they will choose the best books! This is perfect to discover new authors and books you have no idea about. You have to be super detailed. Otherwise, this won’t work.

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Blind Date With A Book

Today we have a blind date with a book. I got a parcel from an unknown person two days before Valentine’s Day. This is my first time having a blind date with a book, or any blind date, to be honest. I still have no clue who sent it to me! Is it you, naughty friend? Since I had no much time to edit this mess, this post comes a little bit late. Valentine’s over, but my search for my secret Valentine is still ongoing. Now, seriously, it was you, wasn’t it? So, if it was, please tell me in comments. I’ll give you a hug.

Now, this was one of the funniest videos I made so far. I had to cut myself laughing several times. But, in the end, I decided to keep some of the fun for you too. I discovered that smelling books could be quite a daring thing to do.

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FairyLoot Unboxing February 2017

Yay! I made another unboxing! The FairyLoot unboxing February 2017 was super fun. First, because I got the box in record time (it was sent on Friday, and I got it on Saturday); and, second, because the contents are amazing! If you’re a bookworm obsessed with fantasy and science fiction, this box is an excellent idea. Plus, it has something called reading buddies. You get a card with a code. Someone else will get the same code. You post a picture, unboxing video or whatever on your social media, use your code and find your buddy! So, I hope that my potential future partner is out there and is as crazy as I am. Please, post something on your social media so I can find you!

This post (and the video) contain tons of spoilers. Boxes are still on their way for many people, so if you’re waiting for yours and don’t want to be spoiled, I recommend you to stop reading here. And, of course, stay away from the video. If you aren’t a subscriber or you don’t mind spoilers, keep on reading and discover the treasure!

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J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Loot Crate Unboxing

So, it happened with J.K.Rowling’s Wizarding World Loot Crate unboxing! I made a video! It took me three days of wait until I could open my box and prepare myself to talk in front of a camera. This box came quite late since Loot Crate came up with some problems getting all the items. As I understood, we had to choose our House, and they would send us times from our House. However, items came mixed. To my delight, I got a tee from Slytherin. It seems that they’ll be sending a House-themed box next time. I hope they do since I was expecting that from this box.

When I was sorted in Pottermore, I got Ravenclaw. Then I tried again, and I got into Slytherin. So, I suppose I must be a mix of them: Raverin. Although I end up rooting for Slytherin, I have to confess that I do have Ravenclaw traits. Besides, I love Luna as well!

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Nerdy Bookworm Box December 2016 Unboxing

Welcome to another Nerdy Bookworm Box unboxing! This time we’re discovering all the goodies from the December box. Before spoiling all the contents, I must say that this is one of my favorite boxes ever. You never know what you’re going to get, but you’re sure you’re going to have a great book. It does feel like Xmas every single month! And this is one of the high points of this box. I simply adore it!

Let’s discover all the contents together!

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Nerdy Bookworm Box November 2016 Unboxing

Yay! The Nerdy Bookworm Box November 2016 unboxing is here at last! Since I was visiting my parents, I couldn’t unbox this beautiful treasure. When I landed, the first thing I did was to open the box! I must say that this subscription box is one of the best out there. The jewel in the box is the book, of course. However, there are many other goodies that you’re going to love if you subscribe: a scented candle, geeky treats, and digital extras.

The book in the box was Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast, the first book of a fantasy series where animals accompany humans when darkness comes. The box also contains a Magizoology candle that celebrates J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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Nerdy Bookworm Box: October Unboxing

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The Nerdy Bookworm Box is a great box for people who like to read geeky books. And if you enjoy unboxing treats, this box is going to be delightful. The wrapping is so cute and delicate that it feels like Christmas! This is an excellent option both as a present for yourself or a friend. I loved opening it. In fact, the first thing you see when you open it is a J.K.Rowling quote: “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” I would add that something very magical also occurs when you open a great box too!

October’s topic was “doppelgängers.”

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