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Something to be proud of: backing & helping fellow bloggers, authors and artists

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There are many things to be proud of. For me, one of those is backing and helping fellow bloggers, authors, and artists. It doesn’t matter how you decide to help; the thing is that you end up helping projects that align with you. Helping others to realize their projects helps in having more diversity on shelves and screens. Think about it this way: mainstream won’t listen to you unless you’ve changed the game. To change it, you have to create something or help someone else do so.

I like to use Kickstarter and Patreon for that. There are tons of projects waiting for someone to lay eyes on them. True, not everything will tune with you. However, be assured that you’ll find something you’ll like. And, who knows? Maybe, one day, you’ll be the one asking for help to see your project out there in the wild.

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Random Acts of Fandom is going on an adventure!

This month’s Random Acts of Fandom is going on an adventure! Since I have no clue if I’ll be able to do a Random Actos of Fandom during December, I decided to do it double this month, honoring one of my favorite fandoms: LOTR and the Hobbit. Let’s unleash our Bilbo instincts and let’s go together on a great adventure, shall we? And we start it featuring Nerdy Alerty and The True Ultimate Fangirl Officially.

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Random Acts of Fandom gets Supernatural

This month’s Random Acts of Fandom gets Supernatural!! Since this week I am all about geeking out on Supernatural, I decided that I would feature Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder, since I know she loves the show as much as I do. The show and the actors are truly inspirational, and many of us have felt compelled to follow their examples as well. The Supernatural Family is huge, amazing and incredibly caring.

AKF, always keep fighting, SPN, SPNFamily, depepi,

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Random Acts of Fandom Starts Being Kawaii

Random Acts of Fandom starts its adventure being kawaii. Inspired by Random Acts of Kindness and Misha Collins I decided to create a double edge award: one that does a kind act of fandom for a fellow blogger and nominates (invites) other three fellow bloggers to do the same. So, it’s like a virus: it’s contagious!

The rules are simple:

  • Do a kind act of fandom for a fellow blogger who needs a push, who might feel down or need some help.
  • Nominate (invite) three other fellow bloggers to do a random act of fandom for a fellow blogger of their choosing. Please say the reasons why you nominate them.
  • Link to this post/blog and use the banner of Random Acts of Fandom. If you feel creative, you can also create your own banner for Random Acts of Fandom, but remember to link as the origin of the virus.
  • Write these rules on your post.
  • Mention who nominated you.
  • Remember to contact your Nominees and the blogger you’re surprising with a Random Act of Fandom.

You decide what your random act of fandom will be. You can do this once, or repeat it once in a while, or once every one or two months (my plan). The idea is to create as much good vibes online as possible. You can start by contacting the blogger you want to surprise with a Random Act of Fandom (if you want to send them something), promote then and then surprise them online, or making something collaborating with a NGO they love. Think about the blogger you choose, and then do something 🙂

I decided to start my Random Acts of Fandom in a kawaii way with A Life More Kawaii.

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Fall Seven Times, Get up Eight: The Japanese War Brides

When I saw this project I couldn’t stop myself to back it up. It is about Japanese War Brides, who, after the WWII married american soldiers and went to the US without knowing about the culture of their husbands. They landed on a country where most of people regarded them as enemies. Their cultural ways were at odds with the american ones. Now, three daughters, of three Japanese War Brides, are creating a film about them.

This is a unique opportunity to preserve the memory of these women, their experiences and a piece of history. This is also very valuable from an anthropological point of view. Why dis these women go to a place they did not really know? Why did they go a place with no Japanese-American communities? How were their lives? Unlike other immigrant groups, these women had no existing support networks, and they had to do everything, in a way, “alone”.

If you are interested in Japanese culture, WWII history and anthropology, this might be a very interesting project to fund and follow. Check it out here.

Valor: Fairy tale comic anthology about courageous heroines

Valor is a comic anthology with fairy tales plenty of female heroines. Tales have been re-imagined or scripted from zero. The aim is to re-imagine or create brand new stories that are centered in strong leading female characters.

I found this project thrilling, and I decided to back it up (you have time till August 31, 2014). What got me in was not only the artwork, but the potential and the trend that it shows up. It focuses on female leading figures, it re-imagines fairy tales and creates new ones for nowadays audience.

These are not superhero comics, but fairy tale comics based on fairy tales. We are used to listen to traditional fairy tales with different types of female characters. In many instances, female characters are the ones who need the help of male characters. Here, however, females take the lead.

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Project 562 and the Tribes in the US

Matika Wilbur launched her Project 562 to photograph every federally recognized Tribe in the US (566). I found this project in Kickstarter by chance and I decided to back it up because iti s a great way to record a reality of every Tribal Nation in the US through photography. A really nice project that can be a window for anthropologist studies as well.

This is an ongoing project that, I personally find, amazing. You can get news about its project here. If you happen to be in the US you can have the opportunity to attend one of the exhibitions, or be able to, perhaps, meet with the phographer.

Matika sold everything she had and hit the road, and she’s been on the road taking pictures ever since. Her efforts might open the heart toward recognizing US indigenous communities, and open their customs to the rest of the world as well.

The book Matika is making does not only contain photographs but also untold histories from Apaches, Swhinomish, Northern Cheyenne, Lumbee, and other Tribes.

If you want to know more about this project, please visit Matika’s blog.

Better World Books

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Around two months ago I found, through Amazon, a cool book digital shop: Better World Books. They are bringing literacy around the world. The cool thing is, every time you buy a book, they donate a book to someone else. So far, I got 16 second-hand books. Some are pristine, others are almost new, and others have some wear on it. But they are so cheap (including international postage)! Academic books are cheap too. Till now, I had to buy very expensive books. I had no choice because I needed them for a book I am writing. However, they opened a great door for me. 🙂

I am a heavy reader. When I say heavy, means “heavy”. I read a lot! I like different topics, and I like to provide my writings with a minimum of bibliography (which means that I have read the book, and that I have it sitting on one of my shelves). In Japan books were quite cheap. In Spain they are terribly expensive. In UK they are expensive too, but since there are lots of second-hand books you can get real jewels around :p But Better World Books makes things even better: every time I get one book, another goes somewhere, and literacy is spread around the world. Which is awesome!

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