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Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 12 (in Sunday)

It’s LOKIsday!! I know, it’s been a while since the last post talking about all the goodness I find around, and doing it late isn’t amazing. But, yesterday I had so much fun, and I walked so much that I was totally done when I arrived back home. So, instead of skipping this LOKIsday, I decided to write all about it with a tiny delay of one day. As you know, I moved again, so I’ve been going up and down putting all my things in order and finding the best places at home for my Funkos. And, I’ve been exploring Brighton. Not only you need to have Hobbit feet, but you also need to be trained to walk out and about. Hills are the thing here: you go up, then down, up again, then down again. If you want to prepare yourself as a cyclist, this is a tough environment to do so. [Especially if you take the road back home… I’ve never encountered a hill like this one! Seriously… I’m going to have this gorgeous legs just because of going to buy groceries!]

So, what did I do this LOKIsday that had the Geek inside me happy?

1. Geek fashion shopping spree!

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I wasn’t actually planning to get such an amount of geeky tees. It just happened. I promise. [Now is one of those moments when you feel nobody believes you! But this is true!] I just went out to the local comic book store and a walk. But I stopped by Primark and found the new super geeky tees at ridiculous prices. So, as you might guess, I ended up buying them. The Marvel tees are incredibly cute and super fashionable. Plus, they are shiny! (Oh, yes! I love shiny stuff). I also got a Star Wars tee and a Mickey Mouse jumper. Too cute!

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Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 11

Welcome to the first things I love LOKIsday of 2016!! It’s been a while since the last time I could share with you all the goodness I’ve been enjoying during the week. I’ve been so busy that I had almost no time whatsoever during the weekend! But now I’ve recovered, and I can share with you all the naughty stuff that I’ve seen during the week. Yes! You read the word correctly: naughty!

1. Cumberbatch explains sex as playing the violin. He must have Spanish ancestors because guys play the guitar when they are talking about sex in Spain.

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I think that Mr. Cumberbatch might have had more than one vacation in Spain because playing the violin and playing the guitar are quite close. Both instruments have a particular shape, and both can be used to describe the body of a woman. Granted: playing the violin is more stylish than going up and down with an electric guitar. I’ve read quite some dirty descriptions of what sex is, but the master of penguin miss-pronunciation has nailed it as the naughtiest, more stylish and hotest ever. Want to read all the words he said? Go here and prepare for your ovaries exploding all over the place.

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Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 10

Rejoice! It’s LOKIsday!! This week has been too busy. I was hoping to be able to read my favorite blogs and then write some posts peacefully, but instead, I’m on a terrible delay. Despite my anxiety levels going up, there have been some cool things happening this week that made my mood better. I decided to rock my Japanese-style Star Wars dress with a cute Darth Vader on it and own the moment. I also got some new pops in the mailbox and… well… read the post and discover what’s up with the extra pops!

1. Rocking the Darthy Sweet Style and owning the moment.

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Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 9

It’s LOKIsday again!! This week has been busy (no surprise there), but I also got some surprises (after some bad ones, but I want to skip those here). Not only I got my Star Trek TNG cardigan (less than a week to arrive in EU), I also got some cool pirate-related gear for my future Cosplay (or to wear it on a daily basis). This week I also discovered why I like villains so much, and how spooky I was for other kids at school. One of those realisations that makes you change your mindset in less than a second while you are drinking coffee and reading something about villains that are too good to be villains, and anti-heroes. But, let’s start with Star Trek!

1. I got my Star Trek TNG cardigan from We Love Fine in less than a week!!! [Remember: I am in EU!]

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Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 8

Welcome to things I love LOKIsday again!! This week has been busy again. It’s has been a little bit challenging because I really wanted to read all my favorite blogs and I’m in a terrible delay! Again I see myself trying to catch up during the weekend. Despite all the busy days, I had some time to take a coffee with a friend. We had a great time despite being really short. This week we also had Black Friday and I could finally take my We Love Fine Star Trek cardigan. (I couldn’t resist it. It was too good as to ignore it!) Was there more? Yup!

1. I got a super cool postcard, Star Wars stickers, and Japanese food!

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A Japanese friend sent me this super cool parcel plenty of Xmas presents (mostly Japanese food), and Star Wars stickers! They’re so cool! (The geek in me is pleased!) And also a beautiful Japanese New Year postcard with the Fuji on it and a very warm message in it. You cannot imagine how happy it made me!

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Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 7

Guess what? It’s LOKIsday! I cannot get rid from the “busy week” mantra, or so it seems, at least during these last few weeks. It’s forced me to read my favorite blogs during weekends, and it frustrates me because I want to know what’s up every day. I just hope that next week will be different, and I’ll be able to do things on time. But, not all things have been this way this week. There are some cool news to extreme fangirl over and let the Universe crash with my screams! Remember last week’s things I love LOKIsday vol.6 where I shared a pic in which I have a gorgeous Captain America sweater? Well, keep reading!!!

1. I’ve been featured on We Love Fine‘s webpage [and I need to tell the whole world!!!]

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I think I cannot fangirl harder about this! One week after getting the best Captain America sweater out there I got featured in my favorite geek shop! How cool is that? [The pic was taken a day I slept just a few, felt like a zombie, and by a friend who is shorter than me! The pic of doom has been featured!! And I am loving it!] I’ve never been featured in this way anywhere, so I have to share it with the entire Universe! [Not that the Universe will care, but I have to share it anyway.]

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Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 6

Love LOKIsday is here again!! Again a busy week, and, unfortunately, a shocking week. Our thoughts are with Paris and France as a whole. With love and doing the things that we love most is what we need to do. This week I’ve been busy, but I had a great surprise. I got my Captain America sweater from We Love Fine! I am in love with tall the designs on the web page! I want them all! However, Marvel Superheroes are my first choice. So, let’s start this LOKIsday with style!

1. We Love Fine Captain America’s sweater is mine at last!

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I loved this sweater since I saw it on We Love Fine’s website. I needed it! Fortunately, I waited! I got the Halloween sale! Yay! And, as all geek fashion I own, I needed to take some pictures. [If you’re wondering why I always try to fit in the frame, it’s just because my friend is shorter than I am, and if I don’t do that, I simply cannot fit into it! It’s funny, though, because till I kind of fit it, we start laughing like idiots trying to get a pic right.]

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Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 5

Yay! It’s LOKIsday! This week has been too busy again.. I wanted to read so many posts from other blogs I love, and I couldn’t. So, I plan to spend the weekend enjoying myself reading all of them. Two weeks of goodness in a single weekend! Will I accomplish the task?? I hope so! So, what happened this week that caught my eye?

1. RPG, I’m hooking you!

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Remember last week I told you I was so into Hook? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am Hook! No kidding! Well, not just yet. BUT, Yours Truly is going to RPG Hook, and I’m going hard into the pirate way. Only if time lets me do it, I’ll be a very naughty Hook from next week onwards. And yes, my version of Hook has to be naughty. If you’re waiting for the exact OUAT’s Hook from me, please watch the show. I won’t RPG unless I can exchange my hook with some other fancy stuff. Sorry, guys. This Hook’s mind is dirty. No Swan for me, though, it seems we’re making a crossover of mammoth proportions. The Universe we’re creating seems to be greater than Tolkien’s. Behold, we’re going to need a lot of magic beans! I’ll start polishing my hook in the meanwhile, and practice my rum sipping.

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Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 4

Welcome to things I love LOKIsday!! I had a super busy week again. You know the basics: end up without any bit of energy, try to blog something with some sense, end up snoring and repeat the same thing the next day. But, this week has happened something amazing, love. It might be the eyeliner, or maybe it’s the accent. Or perhaps it’s that I am simply hooked? For some reason I have a weakness for a certain type of characters, and again, I’ve fallen into a fandom because of one of them. Oh, let me explain it to you with just a gif:

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Things I love LOKIsday Vol. 3

Hello! It’s LOKIsday!! I have to confess that this week has been one of the most stressing ones in my life. I couldn’t rest, I hardly sleep, and I had to do a zillion things. Fortunately, this weekend I can read my favorite blogs, write tons of comments, and watch Supernatural and Once Upon a Time. So, what’s been hot during this week???

1. Captain Marvel’s We Love Fine sweater arrived!!

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Yes! I got We Love Fine Captain Marvel’s sweater!! And I love it! It’s soft, wonderful, and really look like a superhero (despite being tired as hell).

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