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The story of a Geek Girl: My Archie was an Artichoke!

We arrive at my teen years in the story of a Geek Girl. I met Archie when I was in high school. There was only a problem: he was Mr. Artichoke. I cannot remember his name because I started calling him Artichoke. His hair was curly in the fashion of an artichoke. He was slim and the most popular guy in our year. All the girls were in love with him. Except one: me. He was our Archie, and I was the nerdy girl who didn’t give a damn about teen drama. For the most part, I lived in my comics and books.

There was nothing sexy about me. Seriously, I couldn’t be nerdier. I had big glasses, an obsession for comics and books, and a total disinterest in the male species. If you have seen Stranger Things, you’ll find a character who died during high school: Barb. Luckily I survived it. Unlike her, I didn’t feel out or bad meeting the cool kids. Instead, I would feel that they were quite silly because they were unable to realize how idiotic they were.

So, what did Archie-artichoke need to do with a Barb like me? What happens when all the girls were swooning over you, but there was one that wasn’t? He couldn’t take it in, apparently.

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The story of a Geek Girl: Why Kid

The story of a Geek Girl meets its second chapter: why kid. Why kids can be exhausting creatures for they never get tired of asking why things are the way they are. Rules without logic are but useless, and the authority of parents and grandparents is measured by their ability to convince the kids with their explanations. In short: they are a “pain in the ass!” I’m afraid to confess that I was a why kid. I needed logic and real proof that the world worked in the way my parents and grandparents said it work. I wouldn’t accept a “things are like this” answer at all. And so, as soon I was able to talk, I would just ask why endlessly.

My grandmother had patience as firm as a rock. Even now she tells me the same episode repeatedly because she was fed up of me trying to go to the kindergarten. Yes! You read it correctly: while the other kids would cry and make a fuss when their parents brought them to the kindergarten, I would make the same every single Sunday. The reason? I didn’t understand why there was no school at all on Sundays! What’s a free day in the life of an adorkable why kid? Does free day even exist for them? For me, it didn’t.

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The story of a Geek Girl: Origins

The story of a Geek Girl keeps rolling. Several days ago, I decided to join a writing prompt and talk about my Geeky origins. The exercise proved to be difficult and challenging for me. Why is it so hard to talk about my own life? After giving much, though, I found out that it’s me who finds it mundane. So far, all those who have asked about my years living in Japan, my years at Uni or about me being a kid, have been keen in asking more since they found it fascinating. The problem is: I don’t find it extraordinary at all. Why? Because I consider that anyone can do the same stuff I did.

Despite considering my life ordinary, I decided to follow up with the exercise of talking about me. And even if I find it difficult, have to re-write the posts a hundred times till I think they might be readable, I’m here to tell you the Story of a Geek Girl.

It all started on a sunny April 21st. My Mother was about to eat her dessert when something happened: the river of life broke loose at seven months of waiting for the baby. What can be worse than being deprived of a gorgeous chocolate ice-cream? Knowing that in some hours a melon-sized head would be popping out from down there. Not a funny prospect. Was it my fault? Not really. Blame Nature, not me.

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My Geek (Superhero) Origin Story

My Geek (Superhero) origin story is sweet, just like family business. When your parents have a restaurant and have been working making people’s bellies full and happy, people think that you will continue with the family business. However, it’s not the cooking but the geekiness that passed along generations. I might as well cook super yummy cakes, but what my Mom gave to me were sheer amounts of geekiness. As a kid, I was adorable. As a teenager, a nerd obsessed with Japan. As an adult, I’m Super, sweet and with funky hair colors. How did I make it this way?

I could blame it on my Mom easily, but I think that you just join the club if you really love it. I can’t remember exactly when or how old I was when my Mom introduced me to the Geek world. However, I do remember sharing Star Trek TNG with her, since I was older. Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes were shows that we would enjoy together. To the list, add old shows like The Twilight Zone, and new ones like the X-Files.

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