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Embracing my Dark Side with Villain Archetypes

Today I want to explore the art of embracing my Dark Side with villain archetypes. We have a tendency to love villains more than heroes. Although we think of ourselves wonderful people, some of us tend to root for the villains. Meanwhile, we talk all about positivity and try to be our best. However, we do have a dark side. How we manage it make us villains or heroes for the people around us.

In ancient times, people used mythology to explore their bright and dark sides. We can believe we’ve forgotten this stage in evolution, but we aren’t that different from our ancestors. The only difference is what archetypes we use. Instead of Hercules, we choose Superman. Our myths are found in pop culture, not in ancient books anymore.

So, when we are having a rough time, and we start thinking about a thousand ways to Hulk-smash someone, instead of thinking about unicorns, we would probably be thinking about Darth Vader and Loki. Let me explain.

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A Merry Fictional Blog Challenge

I decided to join the A Merry Fictional Blog Challenge from Oh So Geeky. I love celebrating Xmas, although I must admit that I do it in an entirely different way I did when I was a child. (You’ll notice it in my answers.)

Advent Calendar: Traditions you celebrate during December?

As a child, I used to prepare the Nativity with my family. It’s a huge thing: it starts somewhere in December, and you’re supposed to move the figurines. You can’t place baby Jesus until Xmas. Then, you move the Wise Men (Kings) until January 6th, when they bring presents to Jesus (day you get the presents too). I don’t quite follow it now. Although I place a simple Nativity, you can find it along with Japanese figurines, Santa, a Xmas tree made of patchwork, and candles. Now, presents are exchanged during Xmas, and minor ones in January. Reasons? Practicality: you have more time to enjoy them! I also like to have a Pooping Yule Log. You kick him, and it’s supposed to poo sweets and small presents. (I know, weird, but it’s funny!) Although you might be picturing me as a professional Pooping Yule Log kicker, reality is that I went sweet on him. I always thought that it wasn’t good for the Log to be kicked so much after being fed during weeks!

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Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps Women of Power Box

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Tada~! Another fantastic unboxing Marvel Collector Corps post with Women of Power! Funny, and at the same time, not funny at all, when you have the mail carrier ringing your bell at 7.30 am in the morning. I jumped like it was the end of the world! Why? I was sleeping like a rock! Every time the mail carrier comes around 7 am in the morning and rings the bell I jump and get scared. I could tell you many reasons, but I think it might be connected to the Big Earthquake I experience in Tokyo back in 2011. It wasn’t until I had the Women of Power box between my hands that I could start processing what was going on: cool goodies inside a box. And this time, it’s all about Women of Power!

I must admit that I’ve seen spoilers around. I couldn’t escape them since I saw everything on Instagram. However, I don’t mind them. For me, unboxing is an experience that has to be savored with your senses, and that implies touching the goodies. As you know, some of my favorite Marvel Superheroes were featured in the box! No wonder I was super excited to find a super cool Spider-Gwen tee in it! (I’ve been fangirling about that tee during all morning!)

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Film & Comic Con Brighton 2016: quiet and creative

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Film & Comic Con Brighton 2016 was quiet and quite creative. I went on Sunday, and I saw HODOR!! I was surprised to discover that stars are actually pretty close to fans. I didn’t ask any signs nor pics because I need to like a character a lot to make me queue and end up taking a pic or asking for a signed picture. Even so, he was huge! As you know, I was in London Comic-Con just last week. I usually don’t expect anything from any event, but I must admit that this was too quiet for my taste. Brighton’s Comic Con is very quiet, and it focusses more on retro and collectors. One of the cool points is that they had consoles where kids could experience how old ones got fun. Said in other words: they were enjoying retro games and having tons of fun! There were lots of artists with their art and quite a lot of shops with pops and geek fashion. Although it was too quiet for my taste, I did find some treasures!

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MCM London Comic Con 2016: Mayhem! Total Mayhem!!

MCM London Comic Con 2016 was an absolute mayhem of goodness and Cosplay! Going to the venue proved challenging from Brighton. I’m happy I chose Saturday to go, because after a very moved working Friday, it’s better to get super tired with something you love, and then, snore the whole Sunday. I didn’t expect anything in particular from MCM London Comic Con, just queuing for yonks. Fortunately, we arrived early in the morning. A friend from Spain came just for the Con, and the three of us were super excited as the time for arrival came. We shared the train with tons of Cosplayers that were already in character from Brighton, which means that we were having fun since we were on that train. I think the best part of the Con was to find some cool Cosplayers who portrayed some of my favorite characters in comics and shows, and also the staggering amount of Pops all over the place. The downfall: no cool geek fashion. Yeah, lots of tees and hoodies, but: what about bringing some We Love Fine and Her Universe from the States? For a change, I’d like to buy those in person and not online. Oh, well! Things can’t be perfect!

But let’s start with my favorite characters, shall we? [Note: I don’t have all the names of all the Cosplayers I met. Just a few, however, if you see yourself in these pictures and want me to add a link to your blog, or social media, just PM me.]

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Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps Captain America Civil War Box

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Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps Captain America Civil War Box at 7.30 am in the morning wasn’t exactly my plan for this Saturday. But there was the postman, early bird, ringing on my home’s bell and making me jump off bed. Yesterday I was off with high fever, so I was mainly snoring the day with meds, sweating and with a miserable face. When I heard the the bell ring and I saw the hour I wanted to kick whoever-it-was butt. Seriously. Till I saw the box! I must admit that I was wating this box with some concerns. As you remember, in my previous location, getting the box turned out to be a nightmare. After changing location it took me a while to get back into Marvel Collector Corps again. Happily, Royal Mail is the one in charge of bringing the boxes home! Yay! Coz the next one in June has one of my favorite topics ever: Women of Power! [So, even if I have to go to fetch the box myself through Herculean works, I will have that one!] So, it was Civil War that made me subscribe again.

So, we arrive at the big moment: SPOILERS! If you click on reading more you’re going to find all the contents of the box (gorgeous items, btw). If you haven’t been spoiled yet through any other blogs, and if you don’t mind to be spoiled, or if you haven’t got this box but want to know what’s inside: keep on reading!

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Geek Fashion! Interview with Catherine Elhoffer, enter the world of Elhofferdesign!

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Licensed by Marvel. We Love Fine. Elhofferdesign.

Geek fashion rocks with Catherine Elhoffer! Let’s enter the world of Elhofferdesign and discover all that this great designer can offer to us! But, before we start with the interview, I’d like to explain a little bit how I discovered her. Some time ago, surfing the web, I discovered the brand We Love Fine. And I was hooked on their geek fashion! Spider-Gwen opened my personal geek fashion Pandora’s box. I needed to walk around with the Spider-Gwen tank hoodie and cardigan. But I didn’t stop there! I got other super cool items little by little. And then, I noticed something: I had been buying the designs of Elhofferdesigns (Marvel and Star Wars). Then, I looked for her online, and I discovered her work! And it was love at first sight! This is the first time I am in deep love with the work of a single designer. Not only she creates great fashion, I feel that she is creating the wardrobe of Yours Truly. Her designs are fresh, badass, sexy and examples of what geek fashion should be! Not just tees, but a great variety of possibilities: from the elegant and sexy to the badass and provocative, to the ret-à-porter. You find everything! And that’s why I am so excited to have been able to do this interview with this great designer! Remember her: Elhofferdesign! She rocks!

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And this is how not to send fanmail EVER!

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I’ve been struggling with the idea of writing this post about how not to send fanmail EVER for more than a week now. Just because I did send the fanmail and… I had no shame while the crime was on the works. Or at least I wasn’t in my best mindset. Never binge watch a show while taking a beer and then go near a keyboard. Seriously: you can end up finding a mail you sent to your mailbox in Facebook (oh crap!) days later and surprise yourself. What was I thinking!? Not all the facepalms in the world can capture the feeling I felt when I found out what I had done… Seriously? [I obviously cannot be left alone at home… someone create a dagger, put my name on it and control me, please!]

So, this is how not to send fanmail EVER! [Read carefully, and whatever happens, do not follow my steps into the darkness. It’s dangerous!]

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Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps Villains Box

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Here we are unboxing Marvel Collector Corps Villain Box after half of the world already has it. I must admit that I am happy and unhappy with this box. Not because of the contents, but because of Marvel Collector Corps customer service and crappy system! [More details on that here.] One disappointing thing was the number of stickers the mail carrier managed to stick on the box! One of them totally ruined the box! Boxes are also collectibles, and they had the honor to ruin Venom! If I try to pull off that massive sticker, I will tear apart Venom’s face off the box. Whatever I decide to do, tear it apart or not, the box is ruined forever. Thanks to the cheapest crappiest mail carrier service Marvel Collector Corps decided to use this time! I know that you want to gain more bucks on the boxes, but, using the crappiest system after using the best of the best before is just not acceptable. The box arrived with too many stickers on, with Venom’s face ruined, and after an ordeal! Not cool!

Fortunately, the contents of the box are quite cool. [SPOILER ALERT] If you haven’t received your box yet and do not wish to see what’s inside, please stop right now. If you follow reading, you’ll see all the contents of my box. For those who are up to it: WELCOME!

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Harry Potter Book Tag!

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I’ve been tagged by Her Geekery to do this Harry Potter Book Tag! Though I don’t consider myself a great Potterite, I do enjoy the fandom a lot. Let’s have some fun with Harry Potter now, shall we?


Favorite book? I must go with the Chamber of Secrets. It made me feel like reading a magical Sherlock Holmes story. Seriously. It was fun and really entertaining. So, yup, the Chamber of Secrets it is!

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