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Thor: Ragnarok. What’s up with Mjolnir!?

I cannot stop thinking about Thor: Ragnarok. To be more precise: I cannot stop thinking about Mjolnir. We’ve all seen how Hela has smashed Thor’s favorite toy. But, is it a toy? It might seem ridiculous to worry about the fate of a Hammer; however, there’s much more to Mjolnir that meets the eye.

For starters, Mjolnir is the Hammer of God. Well, the Hammer of Thor. As Odin stated in the first movie, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Thus, it very much looks like the Hammer is the source of Thor’s power. If so, what will happen to Thor during Ragnarok? Is he mortal again?

As you remember, Odin sent Thor to Earth without his powers so that he would learn a lesson. He was a bully and a spoiled individual. Very much like any child, he would ask for what he wanted without understanding or care for the consequences. Soon, Thor discovered that he wasn’t a kid anymore, and that he needed something more than a shiny face to have the things that he wanted.

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More on Iron Fist: episode 8 & Jackie Chan’s the Drunken Master

I didn’t expect to talk about Iron Fist so soon again. Yesterday I saw episode eight, and I was in total awe. I was the only Jackie Chan fan in the room who caught what the scene was all about. [SPOILER ALERT! Heavey spoilers of a scene of this episode!] Danny, Colleen and Claire end up in China to find the head of the Hand. At a certain point, he has to go through a door, but it’s guarded by a drunken Chinese. When I saw the beginning of the scene, I knew where this was going to end: with a fight. Not an ordinary fight, but a fight where the Drunken Master gets more power the more he drinks.

Jackie Chan’s movie, the Drunken Master, is very funny and awesomely performed. I saw it first in Chinese with English subtitles years ago, and I was hooked in Hong Kong movies. Jackie is a drunk who fights kick ass when he has alcohol in his veins.

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What I’m Watching: Iron Fist. And Why I Like It (despite the odds)

I’m watching Iron Fist, and despite all the odds, I like it. I’ve been reading all the drama around the series. However, I must say that I don’t fully agree with all what’s been mentioned. Before you decide to kill me, consider the following: representation goes beyond stereotypes. It means that we all have patterns in our head and expectations with each other. Also, take into account that I haven’t finished the entire series and I might change my mind. However, this is what I got for you for the time being. When reading this also remember my personal experience, since it will help you understand why I feel so close to Danny. I lived during eight years in Tokyo, I learned a lot there, came back in Europe, and people saw me as a lunatic. Fortunately I didn’t end into a psychiatric ward, nor had to punch anyone with my fist.

[MILD SPOILERS AHEAD. If you don’t mind the mild spoilers, please be my guest and keep reading this review.]

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Wonder Woman’s new trailer points at a great movie coming up!

Have you seen the new Wonder Woman’s new trailer? It points at a great movie coming up! That’s why I’m so happy with it. However, I keep being cautious. Why? Because I didn’t like what DC has done with their movies lately. I haven’t liked any single one of them, to be honest. So, Wonder Woman seems to come as a great relief for me.

It appears that Wonder Woman is a kick-ass Amazon who will help humanity during WWII. My only hope is that DC won’t mess her up since she is one of their pillars. Although I’m a Marvelite, I do like some DC Superheroes. And one of them happens to be Wonder Woman. So, if they mess her up, I won’t be hitting the cinemas for a DC movie ever again! (Yup, I’m that harsh)

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OUAT: Once Upon A Time… Captain Hook (aka, ovaries explode)

The best thing of Once Upon a Time in its second season is Captain Hook! I’m not going to lie to you: Killian Jones is the sexiest pirate in history, or so tell my exploding ovaries. Snow and Emma end up in the Enchanted Forest just after the curse is broken. In this season we’re having lots of cool flashbacks with all the characters, and the appearance of some new ones. For starters: Killian Jones. But also a new villain to take care about: Cora, Regina’s mother.

This season is cool because you can choose from an excellent array of villains. You’ve got Mr. Gold, Captain Hook, the Evil Queen, Cora, and even Charming’s “Dad.” But there’s something else: we get to know what happens when you obsess over things and when you decide for others. I’m talking about Belle’s Dad and his attempt to make her forget Rumple. Both Rumple and he decide for her. But, what about her opinion? Isn’t she old enough as to choose what she likes?

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OUAT: Once Upon A Time… Family Love

It’s been a long time since I talked about OUAT, aka Once Upon a Time. We left the conversation talking about lies and how affect us. Today, however, I want to focus on family love. If you have seen the show, you’ll now that the first season is one of discovery and family. The Savior, Emma, has to break a curse that has condemned everyone to oblivion. She has to struggle to believe in fairies, and her son, Henry, is but asking to her to make a great leap.[]

Regina is the legal mother of Henry. Emma gave him in adoption. If you haven’t seen your kid, and one day he knocks on your door, it’s going to be a shock. But, what if you meet his legal mother and find out that she’s evil? What would you do? You would stick around to make sure your kid is okay.

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Moana, well done Disney!

Yesterday I saw Moana, the new film from Disney that has a different female hero. I must say that I didn’t expect much from the movie, but it surprised me greatly. Since it’s an animation film, I went alone to the cinema. My sweetheart doesn’t like Disney or animation very much. But I don’t mind going alone to the cinema. I’ve done it since I was a teen. For some reason, there are always titles that I want to enjoy, and others find weird.

This movie is pure gold! Forget the other Disney princesses because Moana beats them all! She’s independent, resolute, stubborn and smart. She embarks herself in a hero’s journey, and she is successful. And, there’s no love involved whatsoever!

[SPOILERS: from here onwards there are massive spoilers from the movie. I can’t write a proper review without giving parts of the movie away, so stop reading from here if you haven’t seen it yet. If you’re okay with spoilers, please be my guest.]

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What I’m Watching: Beyond. And yup, it’s on Netflix.

Last week I found a great show on Netflix called Beyond. I was bored, and I ended up taking a look at new shows on Netflix. My eyes ended up on Beyond, a show that tells the story of Holden Matthews, a teen who has an accident and stays in a coma for 12 years. When he wakes up, it’s like a miracle. But he’s not a teen anymore: he’s an adult. What’s more, he also has superpowers. But, while he struggles to recover his previous life, he discovers that he is also in great danger.

Imagine that you’ve been sleeping for a long time, and when you wake up you have physically changed, and the world around you has gone wild. Computers were rare, but now people communicate using smartphones. Imagine the shock of Holden when everything he knew is gone.

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Movie plan for 2017: tons of movies!

It seems that my movie plan for 2017 includes far more films than last year. For starters, we have more Superhero movies and other cult movies. January began with Assassin’s Creed, a disappointing film for me. However, I do hope the rest of movies on my list will do great. So, now that we know that I already saw Assassin’s Creed let’s move to other horizons!


It seems that this movie is based on the comics “Old man Logan.” If so, I need to prepare to say goodbye to one of my favorite characters: Wolverine. The tone of the movie is somber, and the trailer is weird for a Superhero film. I’ll prepare tissues and hope that the “new Wolverine” hinted in the trailer keeps up with Logan’s flag.

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Assassin’s Creed, the review

I started the year hitting the cinema for Assassin’s Creed. This review is the start of a year of movies. It seems I will be going more to the cinema during 2017. But, let’s talk about the film now, and about the film plans on a later post. Assassin’s Creed had potential. However, the movie felt short. Yes, I expected much more from it. The cast is fantastic, the visuals are astonishing, but the script felt short.

It was amazing to travel through time back to Seville, Spain. The Assassins are working to keep free will while the Templars are trying to destroy it. Assassins keep safe an apple that can destroy free will forever, while the Templars are searching for it desperately.

[SPOILERS: this review contains spoilers of the film. If you haven’t seen it yet, stay away. If, however, have seen it or you’re still deciding, be my guest and keep reading.]

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