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Brighton Pride 2017: fun and colors!

Last year Brighton Pride was amazing. And this year was brilliant! I had a blast, lots of fun among many different colors. My plans this year were different from the previous one. This time I wanted to eat rainbow cake. I know that I can do that whenever I want, but I just thought it fitted the day perfectly! So, what we did first was going to the Parade and see lots of colors and fun.

After around two hours of Parade, we were quite tired. So, we ended up in a fancy restaurant to enjoy the traditional English Breakfast. We ate a lot and enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. Plus, we could relax a lot. It was fantastic. But the best part came next: rainbow cake.

So, we went to our favorite cupcake shop and ordered a slice of rainbow cake. It was massive! So much so, that I could only eat a part of it.

brighton, brighton and hove, brighton pride, brighton pride 2017, UK, depepi,, lgbtq, bisexual, pansexual, lesbian, trans, gay

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Spider-Man: Homecoming & Marvel’s Unexpected Giant Dis to Bloggers

The worst things can happen when you open Twitter early in the morning. Finding Marvel’s unexpected giant dis to bloggers in Spider-Man: Homecoming isn’t exactly good marketing, is it? I haven’t seen the movie yet, but according to A Magical Mess, by the end of the movie, Tony says:

“Behind this door is a room full of reporters. Real ones–not bloggers”.

So, according to Faige, bloggers do nothing good for Marvel. Seriously? Most bloggers are fans who enjoy the movies and the comics and who will review them thoroughly. Bloggers share their thoughts, positive and negative, and also promote brands. Their followers will end up hitting the cinema, reading comics, and buying figurines if the reviews are excellent. So, why put down bloggers?

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Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: are we that old already?

Oh dear! Today is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter [The Book Depository]. And it makes you wonder: are we that old already? Not really! Yes, it’s Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary, but it’s also the celebration of a great series that opened our minds! Slytherins of the world: we rock because we’ve been hissing during twenty years.

I started reading Harry Potter quite late. I also saw the movies with a delay too. However, arriving late to the party doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the magic. So, if you haven’t read Harry Potter yet, you can start now. Yup, never mind the twenty-year delay. (I know, I’m evil!)

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Ukon Juhla, the Finnish Midsummer Festival!

This weekend I went to a Finnish Midsummer Party! It was the Ukon Juhla (Midsummer Festival). Originally celebrated in honor of the God of the Sky and Thunder, Ukko, the name was later Christianized. So, because we couldn’t go into a pub and start a bonfire, we just gathered in one with the purpose of drinking and celebrating the light. The Midsummer Festival is a huge thing in Finland. Think about it: half of the year you live in darkness, so you’re going to party a lot once the sun knocks on your door!

The first thing that we encountered was Long Drinks! I had no idea whatsoever this existed. So, I decided to give it a go. Lonkero is delicious and dangerous. The taste is sweet (cranberry, the one I went for), or bitter (the original). It doesn’t look like so, but it goes up like hell! According to the Finns in the party, teens drink Lonkero, and many have their first hangover thank to it.

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MCM London Comic Con 2017 (+ Nichelle Nichols!!!)

Yesterday I went to the MCM London Comic Con 2017, and I met Nichelle Nichols! How? I queued to get a picture with her. [SPOILER ALERT: I look hideous in the picture, but I don’t care because I finally met Uhura!] But, before showing you how awesome she looks in the picture and how horrible I look thanks to the crappy photographer, let’s talk about the Con.

Yesterday was super hot. I hoped to have a fresh time in the Con; however, the amount of people was staggering. So, our small group ended up sweating all the time. This year cosplayers were amazing again. I took a ton of pictures, but I’ll only share the best ones.

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Happy Geek Pride Day 2017!

Happy Geek Pride Day 2017! I almost missed the day because of work. But, worry not, I remembered just in time. So, what are we celebrating today? All Geekdom! That’s what we’re celebrating. So, how can you celebrate the day?

I plan to watch a geek movie tonight. But, if you have no time for that, you can always take some little time to pet your Funko Pops, or take a geeky selfie. Or, you can phone a friend of yours and plot your next visit to the cinema!

Or, if you prefer, use geeky fashion today. Whatever you feel good doing. Heck, even screaming out loud that you’re a geek will work! Because today is our day!

Now, before the day arrives at its end: do something geek, even if it’s small. You’ll feel proud.

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Note: I chose a Mr.Wonderful pic this year. That heart is too cute, don’t you think? Mr.Wonderful’s style is very sweet.

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Free Comic Book Day Haul 2017

Yesterday was a perfect day. Not only I got an incredible comic book haul thanks to the Free Comic Book Day, but also because I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy! The day began with a visit to the local comic book store. However, those wouldn’t be the first comics of the day. On Friday I got a fantastic parcel from Greece! It came with lots of goodies from the Greek Comic Con, including a signed copy of Mockingbird. (Thank you Ioanna!)

After coffee, I went to Dave’s, Brighton’s comic book store, and I got a bunch of comics. In total, I got 13 issues of goodness, including Superheroes and adult comics. Dave’s is a cave of wonders. I don’t want to go too often because I end up buying comics and Pops. I made a mistake: I checked if they had new Funko Pops and I got Cassidy, the funky vampire from the Preacher.

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May the 4th Be With You! Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you! I know, it’s a strange thing to wish this when you’re a Sith, but I couldn’t stop myself. This is a day to rejoice and take my coffee in one of my favorite Star Wars mugs.

To celebrate it I decided to take some pictures, and I ended up matching Pops with books. I know, my choice of a Padawan English-Japanese dictionary is a little bit odd. But, I love that dictionary. (It has two volumes!)

star wars, may the 4th, may the 4th be with you, depepi,

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Happy Saint George’s Day Book Swap!

Happy Saint George’s Day! And happy book swap! We held a books swap on Geek Girls x Bloggers. We had to send the books to our swap partners before April 23rd. I got mine last Thursday from The Comic Life. I just hope she got my book on time too.

We had to tell each other what types of genres we like, and also authors. Because we love so many things and it is hard to choose a book, we decided to write down a book wish list, so we could easily find a book that we would be sure to enjoy reading. So, after some email exchanges, we found out what we love!

You can imagine my happy face when I saw the book that I got!

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