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New comics to add to your comic book pull list this week

This week we have hot releases of new comics to add to your comic book pull list. Some have known faces, like Darth Vader, but there are also pleasant surprises. I’ll start with Amazing Age. This is a mini-series of five issues. Three teens spend their days creating comic books, and then their dreams come true: their stories come to life! Now the issue is if they’ll survive in a world plenty of Superheroes and Super-villains.

comics, comics thorsday, thorsday, comic book pull list, pull list, depepi,

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Comic Books of the Week: Bitch Planet, Gwenpool, Wonder Woman!

We’re back with some comic books this week yet again! This time I want to talk about madness: Bitch Planet and Gwenpool. But before I go there, I’d like to start talking about Wonder Woman. The movie is here! Although I have to wait until tomorrow to enjoy it, I decided to start reading her comics.

So, this week’s central star is Wonder Woman. You can fetch Wonder Woman Rebirth (Annual 1) in your comic book store. Here you have short stories about our favorite Amazon. After this, let’s all have a beer and head to the cinema!

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New Comic Books this Week

The new comic books this week come with some nostalgia. Do you know Battle Angel Alita? When I was a teen, I was hooked with this manga. The cyber-doctor Daisuke Ido finds a strange cyborg head in a damp. It belongs to a woman who has lost all her memories. He re-assembles her and names her Alita. She has a super powerful body: the Berserker. Afte a while, something happens: she can do amazing martial arts! Although she cannot remember anything, she decides to become a vigilante. She lives in a lawless place, so she’ll avenge the weak. But, she has a little bit of an identity crisis: is she still human? Does her new job make her humanity go away? How much cyborg is she?

This is a classic. However, I don’t recommend it for the very young. The manga’s pages are plenty of violence. The story is compelling, and Alita is as deadly as adorable.

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Cool Comic Book Picks of the Week

This week we have some cool comic books that we can pick again. This week things get hot again since there are some interesting titles. And again, I’m left with a tough decision: do I start right away with the issues? Or do I wait for the trade?

While I meditate on the topic, I’ll start this week’s possible pic list with Luke Cage. Marvel’s Netflix series was fantastic. So, I do hope that the comic reflects that too. Cage is on a revenge spree. Cage goes to the funeral of Doctor Noah Burstein, the one who made of him an unbreakable Superhero. However, he soon discovers mysterious billionaires, gangs, and a woman with a huge secret.

Because things look pretty grim, Cage starts looking for answers. Maybe there’s far more to Doctor Noah Burstein’s death that meets the eye.

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Comic Book Day: New Cool Comics

Wednesday is the day when you can find new cool comics in the comic book store. Yes, it’s the comic book day of the week, and it certainly comes with hot titles. I’ve decided to share with you some of the titles I’d love to follow. There are too many possibilities out there, and yet, you have to choose from them.

I’m going to start with Misfit City by Boom Box. Wilder lives in what seems to be a very boring place. The biggest thing that ever happened was the filming of a cult kid’s movie back in the 80s. But now, this sounds like ancient history. However, something happens (if not, we wouldn’t have a story). She and her friend find a centuries-old pirate map drawn by someone called Black Mary. Maybe there’s a treasure in that boring town!

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