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Do What You Can’t. Happy International Women’s Day!

Do what you can’t! I know it isn’t the piece you were waiting for the International Women’s Day. However, this is it. Do you know how many times I’ve listened to “you can’t” in my life? A zillion times!

Go to Japan?

You can’t.

Write a book about Loki?

You can’t.


You can’t.

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FairyLoot Unboxing February 2017

Yay! I made another unboxing! The FairyLoot unboxing February 2017 was super fun. First, because I got the box in record time (it was sent on Friday, and I got it on Saturday); and, second, because the contents are amazing! If you’re a bookworm obsessed with fantasy and science fiction, this box is an excellent idea. Plus, it has something called reading buddies. You get a card with a code. Someone else will get the same code. You post a picture, unboxing video or whatever on your social media, use your code and find your buddy! So, I hope that my potential future partner is out there and is as crazy as I am. Please, post something on your social media so I can find you!

This post (and the video) contain tons of spoilers. Boxes are still on their way for many people, so if you’re waiting for yours and don’t want to be spoiled, I recommend you to stop reading here. And, of course, stay away from the video. If you aren’t a subscriber or you don’t mind spoilers, keep on reading and discover the treasure!

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World Anthropology Day: the Art of Geek Observation

Today is the World Anthropology Day, according to the American Anthropological Association (aka AAA). What better way to celebrate it than exploring the art of geek observation? Anthropologists observe what people do, why they do it, how they do it, and even when they do it. To explore a culture is to explore humanity. But can only anthropologists engage in the art of observation? Can we, as observed beings, also become the ones who observe?

Usually, the ones observing what’s going on are anthropologists. They watch, interact and take part into the object of study. But can we, as geeks, do the same? We have the idea that Anthropologists are either “Indiana Jones” or like dull academic creatures. However, we, geeks, can be anthropologists too.

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J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Loot Crate Unboxing

So, it happened with J.K.Rowling’s Wizarding World Loot Crate unboxing! I made a video! It took me three days of wait until I could open my box and prepare myself to talk in front of a camera. This box came quite late since Loot Crate came up with some problems getting all the items. As I understood, we had to choose our House, and they would send us times from our House. However, items came mixed. To my delight, I got a tee from Slytherin. It seems that they’ll be sending a House-themed box next time. I hope they do since I was expecting that from this box.

When I was sorted in Pottermore, I got Ravenclaw. Then I tried again, and I got into Slytherin. So, I suppose I must be a mix of them: Raverin. Although I end up rooting for Slytherin, I have to confess that I do have Ravenclaw traits. Besides, I love Luna as well!

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Let’s do the planning for 2017, shall we?

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We’re at that dreadful moment of the year when we have to do the planning for 2017. Let’s face it, we all start the new year with good intentions but abandon them somewhere around February. Despite the odds, I intend to follow “the plan.” Plan is a much better word than resolution. Or so it seems according to all dictionaries that I’ve checked. Planning involves a stronger commitment than the poor resolution wishes that go out from our mouths at the beginning of the year. But fear not, 2017 intends to be different, and so we shall plan accordingly.

My evil plots for world domination shall come into fruition during 2017. Oh, wait! These are the plans for the blog, not my personal most darkest desires! Excuse me, hang on a second. Oh yes, here they are!

Reading is sin

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A Merry Fictional Blog Challenge

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I decided to join the A Merry Fictional Blog Challenge from Oh So Geeky. I love celebrating Xmas, although I must admit that I do it in an entirely different way I did when I was a child. (You’ll notice it in my answers.)

Advent Calendar: Traditions you celebrate during December?

As a child, I used to prepare the Nativity with my family. It’s a huge thing: it starts somewhere in December, and you’re supposed to move the figurines. You can’t place baby Jesus until Xmas. Then, you move the Wise Men (Kings) until January 6th, when they bring presents to Jesus (day you get the presents too). I don’t quite follow it now. Although I place a simple Nativity, you can find it along with Japanese figurines, Santa, a Xmas tree made of patchwork, and candles. Now, presents are exchanged during Xmas, and minor ones in January. Reasons? Practicality: you have more time to enjoy them! I also like to have a Pooping Yule Log. You kick him, and it’s supposed to poo sweets and small presents. (I know, weird, but it’s funny!) Although you might be picturing me as a professional Pooping Yule Log kicker, reality is that I went sweet on him. I always thought that it wasn’t good for the Log to be kicked so much after being fed during weeks!

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Geek Girls Bloggers Spooky Halloween Gift Exchange 2016

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Geek Girls Bloggers Spooky Halloween Gift Exchange 2016 has been a blast! Although my present came pretty fast, at the beginning of October, I must admit that this is a delight. I got my Halloween present form Geekeries de Nyanla. She sent me a parcel with a Once Upon a Time Chip Mug. It’s massive! But perfect for my morning coffee! I love it!

As part of the exchange, I had to send a present to my other partner: Princess Deia. She loves DC, so I chose a DC present for her. (According to her Pinterest account, she loved it!)

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My Open Sketchbook Unboxing: OUAT’s Captain Hook!

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Today is a special day! It’s My Open Sketchbook Unboxing day! Time ago I asked a Captain Hook from OUAT to Kay Nyman, the wonderful artist behind the blog My Open Sketchbook. I met her online, and I started following her blog and her art. I love what she does, and I love her art journey. Because I was going to move home, I decided to ask for something to decorate my new working space.

I love many different characters: Loki, Hook, Lagertha, Ragnar… However, I wanted to hook people when they visit my tiny working realm. And so, I chose Hook (and when I can, I might add Swan to the pot). The commission was for a Killian Jones in his naughty glory. Kay asked some pics I love as a reference, and so I sent her some.

Before you keep reading, I must tell you something. She included an extra! What I asked was a colored smoldering pirate to swoon all over. What I got was that and more! I’m so thrilled because the extra surprise is no other than my favorite Hookadorkable pic!!!

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August: Pride, Packing and Moving

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August is proving to be stressful with the Pride, endlessly packing to moving to a new house soon. The Pride was fun, but packing and moving aren’t that much. If I’m correct, this will be my 9th moving. The worse packing experiences of all have been international ones. Trying to move from one town to another can be challenging, but try to change countries without getting mad. It’s almost impossible. Because I knew I would be forever packaging during August, I decided to enjoy the Pride at a 100%.

Let’s be honest, even having a perfect day of fun won’t make you feel less stressed when putting in boxes all your belongings and letting people in the flat for the Landlord to rent the place again while you’re working at home. It’s madness. Working from home has its perks, but it also has its downfalls. Getting people in while you are plotting marketing campaigns to take the world isn’t fun. First, you get paranoid someone will see something. Second, you get paranoid because your working time is running off. Third, you get paranoid because you want to kick them out from home right away: “I need to work, folks!”

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Geek Girl Brunch Brighton Ghostbusters Edition (+ movie review)

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Yesterday was a big day! I went to the Geek Girl Brunch Brighton Ghostbusters edition, and it was a blast! We met to eat in a haunted restaurant in Brighton, but the big thing was the movie. Don’t listen to the haters: the movie is a masterpiece. It honors the previous films; it swaps genders without being a feminist claim, and it’s super funny. So, before I review the movie itself, let me tell you how was the brunch. We met quite late, around 3 pm at a Mexican restaurant called El Mexicano, where there has been ghost-seeing. Nope, we didn’t see any ghost, but we had a lovely time eating and playing games. We gave away Ghostbusters Funko Pops, and we got ready for the huge thing: the film.

The food was lovely. Ghost hunting was impossible since the ghost of the restaurant didn’t show up, but the whole brunch was a blast. We played games with Tarot and Ghostbuster cards, and we arrived just on time to the cinema!

[SPOILER ALERT: you’ll find spoilers for the movie from now on. If you keep reading you’ll be spoiled!]

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