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Funko Pops and more celebrations

Are we talking about Funko Pops and more celebrations today? I know, my birthday was last week, so what am I celebrating now? As it happens, April is a hot potato within my family. We have tons of birthdays and anniversaries throughout the month. This means that we spend a month exchanging presents, cakes, and eating pizza. (Pizza is a must in an Italian household!)

Plus, we have Guardians of the Galaxy here! Since I promised to a friend that we would go together, I need to wait for a week before hitting the cinema. This means that I’m going to go mad during this week. So, be prepared for some Guardians spam on my Instagram account.

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Happy Saint George’s Day Book Swap!

Happy Saint George’s Day! And happy book swap! We held a books swap on Geek Girls x Bloggers. We had to send the books to our swap partners before April 23rd. I got mine last Thursday from The Comic Life. I just hope she got my book on time too.

We had to tell each other what types of genres we like, and also authors. Because we love so many things and it is hard to choose a book, we decided to write down a book wish list, so we could easily find a book that we would be sure to enjoy reading. So, after some email exchanges, we found out what we love!

You can imagine my happy face when I saw the book that I got!

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Funko Pops, Books and… my Birthday!

Another Funko Friday with tons of Funko Pops, books and my birthday! Yes, today is my birthday, and I intend to have loads of fun. And I start by fangirling all about Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2. I can’t wait to hit the cinema and watch the movie! But, for the time being, I need to relax with the Pops and a magazine I bought.

But, there’s more! I also include some pics of the week that you can find on my Instagram. From here you can get some rad ideas for gifts. If you’re a nerdette like me, or if you have geeky friends, I’m sure you can find something that will suit you.

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Thor: Ragnarok. What’s up with Mjolnir!?

I cannot stop thinking about Thor: Ragnarok. To be more precise: I cannot stop thinking about Mjolnir. We’ve all seen how Hela has smashed Thor’s favorite toy. But, is it a toy? It might seem ridiculous to worry about the fate of a Hammer; however, there’s much more to Mjolnir that meets the eye.

For starters, Mjolnir is the Hammer of God. Well, the Hammer of Thor. As Odin stated in the first movie, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Thus, it very much looks like the Hammer is the source of Thor’s power. If so, what will happen to Thor during Ragnarok? Is he mortal again?

As you remember, Odin sent Thor to Earth without his powers so that he would learn a lesson. He was a bully and a spoiled individual. Very much like any child, he would ask for what he wanted without understanding or care for the consequences. Soon, Thor discovered that he wasn’t a kid anymore, and that he needed something more than a shiny face to have the things that he wanted.

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Interesting Funko Pops with their Book partners

This week I have some interesting Funko Pops with their book partners. I like to match Pops with books because of their color or because of their characters. This week I start with Gamora and Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass [The Book Depository] series. Gamora is one of the greatest assassin’s in the Galaxy, and so the main character of Throne of Glass.

We start with a killer combination, but there are more fascinating matches.

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Currently reading: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I cannot wait until I finish the book! Six of Crows [The Book Depository] is too good to be real! Not only I got hooked because this amazing Ocean’s Eleven has captivated my heart, but also because all the characters are flesh and bones. Six dangerous outcasts are on a mission: to break into an impenetrable fortress to save the world. Everybody says it’s an impossible heist. And yet, our six heroes will try the impossible, despite the odds, and themselves. They love each other and hate each other. So, I’m reading at a frenzy ratio to know if some of them are going to kiss or slit their throats open!

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Funko Pops and Books of the Week: Clever Fits

The Funko Pops and book matches of the week are pretty clever fits. Well, that’s what I think. I decided to take a more geeky approach and add some programming gear to the pot. So, this week we have some Pops from Futurama, Sesame Street, Marvel and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I’d like to start with Bender. He loves beer, and basic programming computer games. Kidding! It’s true that he loves beer, but I have no idea about his programming skills. Either way, I thought he was the best match for this vintage book. (Advice: choose something cool like Swift if you want to create cool Apps.)

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My Five Favorite Droids

Although this is a topic from last week, to list my five favorite droids is a delight. So, this Fandom Friday I’m going to show you the cutest droids ever that have stolen my heart. I will start with K-2SO, one of the cutest droids ever!

1. K-2SO

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K-2SO is super cute and elegant. I think this is the best droid that lives in the Star Wars Universe! I know, perhaps I’m stretching that too much, but that’s how I feel about him. He’s funny, sassy, and is cool. I love him!

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Kawaii Funko Pops and a Magical Shelfie

This week I decided to take part in a representation search on Instagram. My kawaii Funko Pops pictures might have a chance. I’ve taken a look at the other participants, and I found they’re excellent. So, I decided to include the picture for the rep search in this amazing list. I chose recent photos that I love. I also choose to add the picture of another shelfie.

This week’s book list is also fantastic. I included affiliate links that you can use to buy the books if you want. I only promote things that I love. There’s no extra charge to you for using my affiliate links.

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Shelfie and Super Cute Funko Pops

It’s been a while since I last featured super cute Funko Pops. This time I decided to add to the pot a shelfie. The list contains ten gorgeous Pops and ten amazing books. (Well, more than ten if you take a closer look at the shelfie.) As a Marvelite, I have an enormous amount of super cute and badass Pops. However, I decided to add Harley Quinn to the pot. And when you see her with her matching book, you’re going to laugh a bit. Or at least, that’s what I hope.

Let’s start with the shelfie, shall we? I have recently changed the shelf and I also re-ordered it with new books!

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