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J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Loot Crate Unboxing

So, it happened with J.K.Rowling’s Wizarding World Loot Crate unboxing! I made a video! It took me three days of wait until I could open my box and prepare myself to talk in front of a camera. This box came quite late since Loot Crate came up with some problems getting all the items. As I understood, we had to choose our House, and they would send us times from our House. However, items came mixed. To my delight, I got a tee from Slytherin. It seems that they’ll be sending a House-themed box next time. I hope they do since I was expecting that from this box.

When I was sorted in Pottermore, I got Ravenclaw. Then I tried again, and I got into Slytherin. So, I suppose I must be a mix of them: Raverin. Although I end up rooting for Slytherin, I have to confess that I do have Ravenclaw traits. Besides, I love Luna as well!

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Harry Potter Book Night: The Professors of Hogwarts

Welcome to Harry Potter Book Night: the Professors of Hogwarts! Last year we played games related to Harry Potter, and so we’ll do the same this year! But the games are different, of course. You’ll find part of the fun on this post, and the rest of my Social Media. All Professors have something cool surrounding them. However, my favorite is Severus Snape. Who is your favorite Professor?

Prepare yourself for a night of magic! This post is going to be long and mysterious. I’m not going to write the answers to all the questions today. You’ll need to wait for a day so that people can have fun first! Besides, if you had all the answers at the end of the post, it wouldn’t be that fun, would it?

[Note: this post contains some affiliate links. It has no extra cost to you. Using my affiliate links, you give a book or comic book a new home. And then, you’ll find a review about them here. Also, material presented in this post is copyright of Bloomsbury.]

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Fantasy and YA Book Subscription Boxes available in the UK

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Fantasy and YA book subscription boxes available in the UK are rare. Most cool subscription book boxes are in the US. This translates to high shipping costs. However, there are some subscriptions that are out there and have cool swag for you.

Some of the book subscription boxes that were available in the UK have disappeared. Fortunately, the ones remaining are amazing. However, to find the available subscriptions from the UK was a little bit of a pain. So, I decided to list the boxes that I discovered that tune with my geeky tastes.

I recently subscribed to the Fairy Loot. Geeky goodies accompany the star book that comes in a bag that you can later use. It costs £26 (+ shipment, so it’s like £30). Each month there’s a different theme, and books seem to be amazing. My first box will arrive at the end of February. (Subscribing was quite a quest. I had to wait quite for a long time to get in!)

Fairy Loot
Monthly subscription or single purchase.
Bookish x Geeky swag.
Great book.
£26 + Shipping.

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Movie plan for 2017: tons of movies!

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It seems that my movie plan for 2017 includes far more films than last year. For starters, we have more Superhero movies and other cult movies. January began with Assassin’s Creed, a disappointing film for me. However, I do hope the rest of movies on my list will do great. So, now that we know that I already saw Assassin’s Creed let’s move to other horizons!


It seems that this movie is based on the comics “Old man Logan.” If so, I need to prepare to say goodbye to one of my favorite characters: Wolverine. The tone of the movie is somber, and the trailer is weird for a Superhero film. I’ll prepare tissues and hope that the “new Wolverine” hinted in the trailer keeps up with Logan’s flag.

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Let’s do the planning for 2017, shall we?

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We’re at that dreadful moment of the year when we have to do the planning for 2017. Let’s face it, we all start the new year with good intentions but abandon them somewhere around February. Despite the odds, I intend to follow “the plan.” Plan is a much better word than resolution. Or so it seems according to all dictionaries that I’ve checked. Planning involves a stronger commitment than the poor resolution wishes that go out from our mouths at the beginning of the year. But fear not, 2017 intends to be different, and so we shall plan accordingly.

My evil plots for world domination shall come into fruition during 2017. Oh, wait! These are the plans for the blog, not my personal most darkest desires! Excuse me, hang on a second. Oh yes, here they are!

Reading is sin

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2016 in Review: a Year for Cleansing

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Although 2016 has been a rocky year, I cannot say it has been a bad year overall. Despite all the crying, I must say that it’s been good for cleansing. I see 2016 as a rocky roller coaster that allowed me to cleanse slowly and noisily. Cleansing can be cathartic and even look like a mess. But the results are positive. So, despite 2016 being a year of goodbyes, including family ones, it’s also been a great year to start something new. Before you can start anew, you need to be ashes. I know, the metaphor is spooky, but that’s what’s happened to me during 2016: I finally burned out, and now I’m ready to come back in all my glory during 2017!

In blogging terms, 2016 has been a Loki year with ups and downs. Because of my several burnouts at work, I spent some months with less writing and more crying. Despite this, 2016 has been good for this blog. Not only that, it has been naughty and quite interesting.

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Geek Girls x Bloggers Xmas Card Exchange

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Merry Xmas to everyone! Today I’m sharing part of the Geek Girls x Bloggers Xmas Card Exchange cards that I got. We decided to create another Card Exchange this Xmas. The number of bloggers willing to take part in it was so huge that we had to create three groups to make it possible. I got four cards so far, but I’m sure the rest will come soon. Since Xmas is already around the corner, I decided to share the ones that made it now and add the rest when they reach me.

I must say that I love all the cards that I’ve got so far: stylish, cute, geeky and with great messages inside. Thank you all!

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Geek Girls Bloggers Spooky Halloween Gift Exchange 2016

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Geek Girls Bloggers Spooky Halloween Gift Exchange 2016 has been a blast! Although my present came pretty fast, at the beginning of October, I must admit that this is a delight. I got my Halloween present form Geekeries de Nyanla. She sent me a parcel with a Once Upon a Time Chip Mug. It’s massive! But perfect for my morning coffee! I love it!

As part of the exchange, I had to send a present to my other partner: Princess Deia. She loves DC, so I chose a DC present for her. (According to her Pinterest account, she loved it!)

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My Open Sketchbook Unboxing: OUAT’s Captain Hook!

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Today is a special day! It’s My Open Sketchbook Unboxing day! Time ago I asked a Captain Hook from OUAT to Kay Nyman, the wonderful artist behind the blog My Open Sketchbook. I met her online, and I started following her blog and her art. I love what she does, and I love her art journey. Because I was going to move home, I decided to ask for something to decorate my new working space.

I love many different characters: Loki, Hook, Lagertha, Ragnar… However, I wanted to hook people when they visit my tiny working realm. And so, I chose Hook (and when I can, I might add Swan to the pot). The commission was for a Killian Jones in his naughty glory. Kay asked some pics I love as a reference, and so I sent her some.

Before you keep reading, I must tell you something. She included an extra! What I asked was a colored smoldering pirate to swoon all over. What I got was that and more! I’m so thrilled because the extra surprise is no other than my favorite Hookadorkable pic!!!

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MCM London Comic Con 2016: Mayhem! Total Mayhem!!

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MCM London Comic Con 2016 was an absolute mayhem of goodness and Cosplay! Going to the venue proved challenging from Brighton. I’m happy I chose Saturday to go, because after a very moved working Friday, it’s better to get super tired with something you love, and then, snore the whole Sunday. I didn’t expect anything in particular from MCM London Comic Con, just queuing for yonks. Fortunately, we arrived early in the morning. A friend from Spain came just for the Con, and the three of us were super excited as the time for arrival came. We shared the train with tons of Cosplayers that were already in character from Brighton, which means that we were having fun since we were on that train. I think the best part of the Con was to find some cool Cosplayers who portrayed some of my favorite characters in comics and shows, and also the staggering amount of Pops all over the place. The downfall: no cool geek fashion. Yeah, lots of tees and hoodies, but: what about bringing some We Love Fine and Her Universe from the States? For a change, I’d like to buy those in person and not online. Oh, well! Things can’t be perfect!

But let’s start with my favorite characters, shall we? [Note: I don’t have all the names of all the Cosplayers I met. Just a few, however, if you see yourself in these pictures and want me to add a link to your blog, or social media, just PM me.]

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