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Geek Girl Brunch Brighton Ghostbusters Edition (+ movie review)

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Yesterday was a big day! I went to the Geek Girl Brunch Brighton Ghostbusters edition, and it was a blast! We met to eat in a haunted restaurant in Brighton, but the big thing was the movie. Don’t listen to the haters: the movie is a masterpiece. It honors the previous films; it swaps genders without being a feminist claim, and it’s super funny. So, before I review the movie itself, let me tell you how was the brunch. We met quite late, around 3 pm at a Mexican restaurant called El Mexicano, where there has been ghost-seeing. Nope, we didn’t see any ghost, but we had a lovely time eating and playing games. We gave away Ghostbusters Funko Pops, and we got ready for the huge thing: the film.

The food was lovely. Ghost hunting was impossible since the ghost of the restaurant didn’t show up, but the whole brunch was a blast. We played games with Tarot and Ghostbuster cards, and we arrived just on time to the cinema!

[SPOILER ALERT: you’ll find spoilers for the movie from now on. If you keep reading you’ll be spoiled!]

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Geek Girl Brunch Brighton: Harry Potter’s first Brunch was a blast! (+ Giveaway)

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Geek Girl Brunch Brighton Harry Potter’s first Brunch was a blast! Despite the morning rain and all the inclement weather all brunchettes came to have fun! We chose one of my favorite venues in Brighton to eat: Cafe Noor. Cafe Noor is an Armenian coffee shop and restaurant that offers incredibly delicious food and nice vibes. It’s a perfect place for geeky meetups and to just study. I go there a lot to take my morning coffee, read and prepare my next book. (Did I say, next book? Yup! I’m writing a new one!) So, we met at 12 pm, and we started our day with… coffee! I know that other Chapters are all about cocktails, but after Brexit, coffee was mandatory. Unfortunately, Brexit was the first topic we talked about, not Harry Potter. In essence, we were devastated, and we wished Brighton could become a city-state like Monaco.

And so, after eating delicious food, we starting the fun part: geeky games! Our topic was one of the best fandoms ever: Harry Potter! The whole world loves Harry Potter (except the weather), and so we started with the Trivial Pursuit. If you don’t have it, let me tell you: the purple color is deadly. All questions from the other colors were okay, but purple was so difficult we all were wishing no purple would appear on our way! Why? Because all of us wanted the goodies!

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