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1 Month Free Marvel Unlimited Subscription!

I have a 1 Month Free Marvel Unlimited Subscription for a lucky person! If you love Marvel Comics, you might love this subscription. I’m a subscriber of Marvel Unlimited. You can read as many comics as you want. However, the subscription doesn’t include the latest titles. These come up after six months hitting the stands. But, I assure you that you have enough comics to read for a lifetime! You have access to all the classics, to all X-men, to everything Marvel! The subscription only costs 9.99USD a month, so I think that the deal is pretty good.

So, what to do to get this free month? Easy! Follow me on my social media, share all about this post and do it right now! I’ll announce the winner this Sunday!

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Book Reading List: Fandoms and Comics

It’s been a while since my last book reading list. Today, I want to share with you some books on fandoms and comics that are great pools of wisdom. You can read them for entertainment, or know more about how adorkable geeks can be. Knowing more about fandoms is an excellent way to discovering oneself. But knowing more about comics is seeing a wild new world.

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The Superhero Costume : Identity and Disguise in Fact and Fiction is one of the best reads on Superheroes ever! You never think about Superhero fashion: you give it for granted. However, there’s much more than meets the eye on Super-fashion. How colors change over time as Superheroes change because of historical and social changes is just one of the exhilarating examples that this book can offer. Is it frivolous to read about fashion? Is it a waste of time discovering all the ins and outs of Superhero fashion? I say it’s a waste if you don’t read about it!

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A treasure: a feminist lesbian viking comic. Say hello to Heathen!

I found a treasure on Comixology: a feminist lesbian Viking comic called Heathen, and it blew my mind. I usually read traditional comics, not digital ones. However, some treasures can only be accessed digitally. Surfing Comixology I found a cover that caught my eye, the first issue of Heathen. I love all things Norse, so, it was easy to start reading this comic. The art of Natasha Alterici, the author, is fresh and fabulous. The colors are also thrilling, plus the characters are both delicate and vigorous.

Aydis is a Viking girl that has been cast out from her community because she likes girls. According to tradition, her father should be the one to kill her. However, she sets her free.

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Comic Book Swap: Youth and Wonder

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We’ve had a Comic Book Swap on May, idea that Stacey (Geeks and Lattes) shared on Geek Girls x Bloggers, our geeky group on Facebook. We have lots of swaps and activities in the group, and so it’s not surprising that many of us jumped on the wagon of swapping some comics. I was paired with Michelle (Geeked out Girl), and I had a super surprise! We were supposed to swap one trade, but she sent me two! I got Young Avengers and Wonder Woman. Imagine my face when I discovered that two trades were waiting for me.

Then I panicked. I’ve been very busy lately, and I also had a nervous breakdown, so I automatically thought I had misread the rules of the swap. Talking with Michelle, I discovered that she had sent me two instead of one out of her kindness. So, I decided to add a postcard from the UK.

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Comics THORsday: Comics as Literature

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Welcome to another Comics Thorsday! Today we’re going to consider an idea: comics as literature. Traditionally, comics have been regarded as part of the pop culture. However, belonging to pop culture does not give a great status, since high arts are those that are better considered by society as a whole. Thus, novels are regarded as literature, and comic books are not. But, could we see comics as literature? I argue that they are. Art Spiegelman is the author of Maus, the first graphic novel to win a Pulitzer Prize. It’s not an easy read since it depicts the Holocaust. Beyond the hard topics it touches, if you read it, you’ll discover a masterpiece. But can other graphic novels and comics be thought or seen as literature? I think so.

To critic comics from a literary point of view isn’t that easy, even if the comic we have in front of us might seem light in contents. The nature of the medium, a mix of pictures and writing, makes it special and more complicated than meets the eye. Not only words have to be analyzed but also how panels are presented, and the artwork as well. Comics are a flexible medium with limitations that can be used to narrate incredible stories that can be as compelling, or even more, than literary works such as bestselling novels. Hence, analyzing a comic book could end up being more compelling and challenging than analyzing a novel.

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Book Reading List: Books on Comics

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Another book reading list is here! This time about books on comics. Since today it’s comics THORsday, it fits the topic perfectly. Here I list six of my favorite books that explain about comics and superheroes. Comics are a medium to explore geek anthropology and human nature. They are also perfect to ask philosophical questions and to sit down superheroes on a couch. What makes comics so compelling? Why are Superheroes so amazing? Let’s discover some of the books that tell us about this world! Maybe you’ll find one you love.

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Comics THORsday: Sex in Comics

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Tadaaa! Another comics THORsday is here! And this time, a taboo one: sex in comics. Sex is still a taboo in our society, and openly talking about it can be challenging. But, aren’t challenges worth the try? Before we start our sexy journey, we have to point out that comics are an incredibly flexible medium: you can depict whatever you want without the technology challenges that might exist with a film at the moment. That said, sex in comics can run as wild as human imagination. The question is not what can be depicted or which stories can be told, but who has been brave enough as to do so.

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(C) Marvel; Fearless Defenders

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