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Wonder Woman saved DC!

Wonder Woman saved DC! I feared the worst while waiting for Wonder Woman. However, this time, DC made it right. Although the movie isn’t perfect, it sets a great origins story for Diana. I saw the movie last Friday, and I couldn’t be happier. And yes: I want to see it again! There were some cool surprises in the film that I cherished.

But before I review Wonder Woman, I want to warn you about the SPOILERS. There are many in my review. Plus, I also expose two things that I didn’t like so much about it (just two tiny things). Be warned: do not read beyond these lines if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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Ghost in the Shell, lots of Shell and some Ghost

I went to see Ghost in the Shell this weekend, and I must admit I expected more from it. However, it’s a very entertaining film that follows pretty well the anime. This movie has had a lot of drama around it because of whitewashing. But, before we dive into this, let’s talk a little bit about Scarlett Johansson. Despite all the drama, she did quite a good job. Although seeing her with black hair was a little bit weird.

[SPOILER ALERT: this post contains massive spoilers and some drama about the film. However, the drama might not be what you’re expecting.]

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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power

This THORsday we’re going to take a look at The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power [The Book Depository]. She is one of the strongest characters within the Marvel Comic Book Universe. She’s smart, sassy, and very funny. One of the strong points isn’t her strength but her abilities. One of them is computer science. It’s great to find a Superhero that doesn’t conform to stereotypes. Not only her body shape is different to many female Superheroes, her attitude and brains too. So, it’s great to find a female Superhero that represents girls in an unbeatable way.

In this trade we’ll find the origin story of Squirrel Girl. We’ll also meet her friends and her mother. We also get to know her tastes and personality. Furthermore, we can also meet other Superheroes too, even if it’s just through cameos.

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Good Girls Revolt

Good Girls Revolt is a jewel that you can find on Amazon Prime. It might sound like the topic is dead, but it couldn’t hotter. The show has been canceled, and it seems there won’t be any second season. Is it because we’re going back in time to when women and men hadn’t the same rights? If so, we might well take our shiny armors again!

Based on real facts, this show tells us the story of a group of women and their fact for equal rights in the workplace. A group of women from Newsweek filed a complaint back in 1970 and hell broke lose. After them, many others followed.

It was a time when some women didn’t dare to look at their vulvas with a mirror. But it was also the time for the second wave of feminism. The counterculture was all over, and times were changing. And while Newsweek was covering everything, they were also discriminating their female staff. None of the women were allowed to become writers (or editors). They even hired a freelancer female writer to cover the women revolution for one of their issues. When that issue hit the stands, women working in Newsweek hold a conference and revolted.

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The Eagle Huntress, everything is possible

Yesterday I saw the Eagle Huntress in the cinema. The Eagle Huntress is a documentary about the quest of Aisholpan, a 13-year-old Kazakh girl from Mongolia who dreams of becoming an Eagle Hunter in her country. She lives with her nomadic family, goes to school and helps her family. Her mentor is her father, who believes all kids are equal. In fact, her quest is a memorable one taking into account that Eagle Hunting is mainly a male activity. She comes from a family with several generations of Eagle Hunters.

Her family could have quickly stopped her from such a dangerous endeavor. However, her father is determined to teach her if that’s what she wants. And her mother is willing to have a happy kid. If she intends to be an Eagle Huntress, so be it. This way of doing things shocks with the way of thinking of most elders: women are weaker, don’t know how to hunt, etc.

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Moana, well done Disney!

Yesterday I saw Moana, the new film from Disney that has a different female hero. I must say that I didn’t expect much from the movie, but it surprised me greatly. Since it’s an animation film, I went alone to the cinema. My sweetheart doesn’t like Disney or animation very much. But I don’t mind going alone to the cinema. I’ve done it since I was a teen. For some reason, there are always titles that I want to enjoy, and others find weird.

This movie is pure gold! Forget the other Disney princesses because Moana beats them all! She’s independent, resolute, stubborn and smart. She embarks herself in a hero’s journey, and she is successful. And, there’s no love involved whatsoever!

[SPOILERS: from here onwards there are massive spoilers from the movie. I can’t write a proper review without giving parts of the movie away, so stop reading from here if you haven’t seen it yet. If you’re okay with spoilers, please be my guest.]

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Ghost in the Shell: Scarlett Johansson and whitewashing

Ghost in the Shell’s new trailer is out there. However, there is lots of controversy surrounding Scarlett Johansson and the whitewashing of the movie. Naturally, Johansson just took the role because it’s awesome. Who wouldn’t like to be part of the film? However, Ghost in the Shell is famous Japanese anime. When Hollywood adapts Japanese anime, it does it in a very Western way. However, it might not be the correct one.

Whitewashing happens when white actors are cast in historically non-white character roles. It happens pretty often in Hollywood. Less often, we find color-blind casting. It occurs when non-white actors fill roles of characters that historically have been portrayed a white. (Remember Heimdal in Thor, played by Idris Elba; or Shield’s Nick Fury portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson). In all cases, people complain quite loudly.

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Mockingbird, Chelsea Cain and “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda” tees

Today I want to explore what happened with Mockingbird, Chelsea Cain and “ask me about my feminist agenda” tees. Days ago, Mockingbird writer Chelsea Cain quit Twitter after being subject to crazy amounts of abuse from trolls who stated that were comic book fans. She only asked for more representation in her field work and asked her fans to buy Mockingbird #8. She also asked her fans to send Marvel a tweet stating that there’s room for more superhero stories about grown-up women. She had to delete that tweet and close her Twitter account.

She was accused of attacking people. However, that’s just false. She only made a simple request to her fans: buy more comics, and ask Marvel for more stories. The cover of the comic book has a feminist tee depicted. It seems, however, that this was what fuelled hate around her and her work.

Sadly, this isn’t new.

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Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman is horribly naked again!

Do you remember Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman variant cover for Marvel and all the fuss that it created? Well, Manara has made it again. And he has managed to make it even worse. How? Making her perfectly naked!

Milo Manara and Frank Cho hosted a panel in Lucca Comics and Games 2016, in Italy. The panel was titled “Frank Cho, Milo Manara and Women – A dialogue between two Masters.” Here, Manara presented a Spider-Woman illustration to Cho as a present at the end of the panel. Now, the problem is the picture if you put it in the wrong genre, and the attitude of both artists regarding the illustration and what it represents.

NSFW: this post contains nudity.

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The History of Comics, Including Women. The Era of Invention (part 3)

The History of Comics, including Women, continues with the Era of Intention part 3. In part 2 we discovered the pulp heroes that would influence Superheroes of the Depression. But before talking about tough times, let’s explore the pursuit of flappiness. During the 1920s, we could find Flapper girls. Flappers were an entire generation of young and liberated Western women who wore short skirts, bobbed hair and listened to jazz. They drank a lot, partied a lot, and had casual sex as well. The Roaring Twenties gave girls some freedom to explore themselves just as men did.

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Clara Bow Brewster, Flapper girl.

During this period we find Art-Nouveau style Flapper strips and Art-Decó style Flapper strips. Some Flapper strip artists got so famous as to dictate fashion with their comic strips! One of them was Nell Brinkley (1886-1944), a comic strip artist we saw in the previous post. She had set the style for almost all the women cartoonists during the 1920s. Her Flapper girls were elegant and had incredible hair styles. But, these ladies also created tons of controversy and fan mail!

Florenz Ziegfeld (1867-1932), a Broadway empresario, featured in his Follies many Brinkley Girls, one of whom was a future silent movie star: Mae Murray!

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