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Embracing my Dark Side with Villain Archetypes

Today I want to explore the art of embracing my Dark Side with villain archetypes. We have a tendency to love villains more than heroes. Although we think of ourselves wonderful people, some of us tend to root for the villains. Meanwhile, we talk all about positivity and try to be our best. However, we do have a dark side. How we manage it make us villains or heroes for the people around us.

In ancient times, people used mythology to explore their bright and dark sides. We can believe we’ve forgotten this stage in evolution, but we aren’t that different from our ancestors. The only difference is what archetypes we use. Instead of Hercules, we choose Superman. Our myths are found in pop culture, not in ancient books anymore.

So, when we are having a rough time, and we start thinking about a thousand ways to Hulk-smash someone, instead of thinking about unicorns, we would probably be thinking about Darth Vader and Loki. Let me explain.

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WE ARE GROOT: Why diversity and connection makes us better

“We are Groot” is a strong statement. The first movie of Guardians of the Galaxy presents us a plant as a Superhero: Groot. He spends most of the film stating “I am Groot.” However, by the end of it, he finally says “we are Groot.” It might look like a weak sentence but it hides a powerful feeling: that connection makes us better, regardless of who we are.

Think about the movie: an Earthling, a green humanoid assassin, an alien with few brains, a lab rat that talks, and a tree safe the Galaxy. And they do so as a team: through their connection to each other. These heroes couldn’t be more different from each other, and more diverse. They begin their quest openly hating each other, but they soon learn that those differences are but illusions.

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Moana, well done Disney!

Yesterday I saw Moana, the new film from Disney that has a different female hero. I must say that I didn’t expect much from the movie, but it surprised me greatly. Since it’s an animation film, I went alone to the cinema. My sweetheart doesn’t like Disney or animation very much. But I don’t mind going alone to the cinema. I’ve done it since I was a teen. For some reason, there are always titles that I want to enjoy, and others find weird.

This movie is pure gold! Forget the other Disney princesses because Moana beats them all! She’s independent, resolute, stubborn and smart. She embarks herself in a hero’s journey, and she is successful. And, there’s no love involved whatsoever!

[SPOILERS: from here onwards there are massive spoilers from the movie. I can’t write a proper review without giving parts of the movie away, so stop reading from here if you haven’t seen it yet. If you’re okay with spoilers, please be my guest.]

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Ghost in the Shell: Scarlett Johansson and whitewashing

Ghost in the Shell’s new trailer is out there. However, there is lots of controversy surrounding Scarlett Johansson and the whitewashing of the movie. Naturally, Johansson just took the role because it’s awesome. Who wouldn’t like to be part of the film? However, Ghost in the Shell is famous Japanese anime. When Hollywood adapts Japanese anime, it does it in a very Western way. However, it might not be the correct one.

Whitewashing happens when white actors are cast in historically non-white character roles. It happens pretty often in Hollywood. Less often, we find color-blind casting. It occurs when non-white actors fill roles of characters that historically have been portrayed a white. (Remember Heimdal in Thor, played by Idris Elba; or Shield’s Nick Fury portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson). In all cases, people complain quite loudly.

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Geek Girl Brunch Brighton Ghostbusters Edition (+ movie review)

Yesterday was a big day! I went to the Geek Girl Brunch Brighton Ghostbusters edition, and it was a blast! We met to eat in a haunted restaurant in Brighton, but the big thing was the movie. Don’t listen to the haters: the movie is a masterpiece. It honors the previous films; it swaps genders without being a feminist claim, and it’s super funny. So, before I review the movie itself, let me tell you how was the brunch. We met quite late, around 3 pm at a Mexican restaurant called El Mexicano, where there has been ghost-seeing. Nope, we didn’t see any ghost, but we had a lovely time eating and playing games. We gave away Ghostbusters Funko Pops, and we got ready for the huge thing: the film.

The food was lovely. Ghost hunting was impossible since the ghost of the restaurant didn’t show up, but the whole brunch was a blast. We played games with Tarot and Ghostbuster cards, and we arrived just on time to the cinema!

[SPOILER ALERT: you’ll find spoilers for the movie from now on. If you keep reading you’ll be spoiled!]

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Fandom Characters: Sherlock, the brains

Fandom characters indeed explain volumes about us, like Sherlock! Well, he might explain more about our brains, or so it seems. Sherlock is one of those characters that jump from the books and go to the big and small screens and never gets old. Although when you now think about Sherlock as the Cumberlock, reality is that when I think about Sherlock, I think about 1984’s one. Hang on? That old!? Yes! I was a kid, and I was hooked on Jeremy Brett and David Burke as Sherlock and Watson. The adaptation was produced by a British television company called Granada Television, and ran from 1984 to 1994!! I had already read about Sherlock Holmes, and I loved all about it when I finally met his screen incarnation. Not only that, Mr. Data and Captain Picard also played games with Moriarty in the holodeck at some point as well, so, picture me having a lovely Victorian idea about Sherlock Holmes. It has been his Cumberlock adaptation that made him a modern character, but in my mind, Sherlock Holmes is Jeremy Brett!

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Why do we like Easter Eggs so much? (+ Giveaway!)

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(C) Marvel, Deadpool

So, why do we like Easter Eggs so much? I’m not talking about the typical Easter Eggs made of chocolate or painted ones that you can find almost everywhere during Easter. I’m talking about all those gorgeous Easter Eggs that you can find in Superhero movies. We love them; we spend time searching for them, and then, we explain lots of theories about what those Easter Eggs might be. Have we gone mad? Or is there something else to the egg business that makes us thrill?

Not only Superhero movies have Easter Eggs, but it is in some Superhero movies that we find tons of them. Not only fans get thrilled to watch the film several times with the prospect of being the first ones to spot them, but they also get active in discussing them with fellow fans. So, what’s happening here? Why do we love hunting those eggs?

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Fandom Characters: Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden

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Fandom characters indeed explain volumes about us. Lagertha, the Shieldmaiden, is more than just a hot Viking on a show or a historical figure from the past. For me, she represents the stand you have to make when things go astray. She has a fierce character, and although she might show patience at rough times, there are limits that she won’t tolerate. In she same fashion she might be yielding a sword, I do that too, figuratively. I might not chop off your head, but be assured that I won’t let you take advantage of me. But, is that the only reason that I might like Lagertha Lothbrok?

She is an active woman who love independence above all. Not only she knows her limits, she also stands her ground when needed, protect those who she loves, and sails out for adventure. While she might be open minded at times, she won’t tollerate to mistake that tolenrance with being a libertine. She is capable, intelligent and ruthless when circumstances ask that from her. All in all, she is a warrior when she needs to be, an adventurer, a nurturer and a great strategist.

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Star Wars The Force Awakens, a Binary World of Yin and Yan

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Star Wars The Force Awakens is a binary World of Yin and Yan. Many people have argued that the Force Awakens is a retelling of the same story we already know. However, humanity has been retelling old stories with new characters during centuries. But the key rests not on how the story has been retold, but where it is set and what we can think of a world where the Dark Force comes again and again. Good and Evil seem to exchange the wheel and go around and around, retelling similar stories with similar heroes and villains. The main characters genders and races might change, but the essence it’s still there. What is it that captivates us so much about a Universe where the Dark Side forever reappears? And in doing so, the Universe balances it finding the light to encounter it?

Imaginary worlds explain tons about our reality, even if it doesn’t look like that at first sight. We live in a binary world where gray scales are hard to achieve. Very much like computers with their 0 and 1, we also like to categorize things in simple terms. However, in having a binary thinking of this sort, we are but creating a kind of reality that might seem as doomed as the one of Star Wars: darkness will always come back.

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Fandom Characters: Tony Stark aka Ironman

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Fandom characters explain a lot about ourselves, even if sometimes we cannot see it right away. Tony Stark aka Ironman is one of those characters that kept me thinking for a long while. Why do I like him if apparently we share very little in common? He is a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist and I’m far away from being a genius with machines, a billionaire, a playboy philanthropist. If we take a closer look at Tony Stark, we realize that he is a guy difficult to live with. He is damn eccentric, weird and has a very dominant personality. Let’s be real here: he ‘s hard to deal with and how he defines social roles, like friendship, is quite unique. So, we could say that he has a very particular personality that makes him a difficult person with a great heart. There, I said it!

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