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Sense8: open yourself to new possibilities

I discovered Sense8 perhaps a little bit too late. However, I’m glad I did since it makes you think a lot! It makes you want opening yourself to new possibilities. This show is mindblowing. I had a little bit of a hard time in the beginning to grasp the idea, but then I was too hooked on it. Plus, it has some very sexy scenes.

[SPOILERS: this review has lots of spoilers about the show. I won’t tell you everything, of course, since there’s too much going on. But, there’s enough in here to spoil a great part of the show. Proceed at your own risk.]

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Star Trek Beyond: a masterpiece!

Star Trek Beyond is a masterpiece! I must admit that I had no hopes for this film, and all because fo the trailers (and the music)! If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I’m a Trekkie to the bone. My Star Trek adventure began when my Mom introduced me to Star Trek TNG. Since then, I’ve seen absolutely everything there’s to see (including the animated series). So, as you guess, I’m super picky about what’s new in the franchise. This movie was very emotional for me. First, we lost Spock (Leonard Nimoy), and then we got shocked by the death of the new Chekov (Anton Yelchin). I was expecting the usual line remembering both characters, but there’s a little more than that in the movie.

At this point, I must warn you of the SPOILERS that lie ahead. If you don’t to know anything, refrain from reading the full post and stop right here. I’m not refraining myself at all. So, be prepared for massive SPOILERS. But first things first: let me rant about the trailers!

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A treasure: a feminist lesbian viking comic. Say hello to Heathen!

I found a treasure on Comixology: a feminist lesbian Viking comic called Heathen, and it blew my mind. I usually read traditional comics, not digital ones. However, some treasures can only be accessed digitally. Surfing Comixology I found a cover that caught my eye, the first issue of Heathen. I love all things Norse, so, it was easy to start reading this comic. The art of Natasha Alterici, the author, is fresh and fabulous. The colors are also thrilling, plus the characters are both delicate and vigorous.

Aydis is a Viking girl that has been cast out from her community because she likes girls. According to tradition, her father should be the one to kill her. However, she sets her free.

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Lessons on Geek Anthropology: Ships happen, into a Shipper’s mind

This week’s lessons on Geek Anthropology is all about entering into a shipper’s mind. Yes, ships happen often, and not all of them are canon. As you already know, there are several different types of fans. One of them is the shipper. Shippers are very interested in relationships, aka ships in fan fiction, related to their favorite characters. The ships might be canon, fanon, head canon, or something else because imagination is the limit. Ships can come in all sort of shapes and tastes: straight, queer, in pairs, threesomes… Some are sanctioned by producers, others live only in the subtext never to see their closures come alive, and others are just part of the fans’ imaginations. So, why do ships happen and how? Are they just orchestrated by producers to make us fall in love with the show and fall into tears every time something bad happens to our OTP (one true pairing), or is there something more?

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Fandom Characters: Loki of Asgard

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Today we start a new section: fandom characters that explain a lot about us! And we start with Loki of Asgard [of course it had to be him!] Have you ever wondered why you like more a character than other, or why you get hooked with them, or even want to date them? Fandom characters that we like explain volumes about us. In fact, stating out loud who your favorite characters are is quite tricky since you’re giving a lot of information away about you and your personality. That I have written a book about Loki explains volumes about me, but how? What does have Loki that makes him give away part of my personality? What do we have in common? Why do I like this villain? Is it just chemistry on the works or is there more playing in my subconscious?

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#lovewins! My favorite LGBTQ characters in comics + their representation

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(C) Marvel, Fearless Defenders

#lovewins in the US! These last days have been a shower of rainbows. Even if I am a little bit late, I’d like to share my favorite LGBTQ characters in comics and talk a little bit about their representation. LGBTQ+ representation in media has been growing during the recent years, while it has been slowly shattering old stereotypes. While not all media have portrayed LGBTQ+ characters in a good way, there has been progress.

Before starting with my character list, I’d like to stress that comic books can be a great medium to make people aware of social causes. One example can be found in Judd Winick, a comic book author whose work portraying homosexual supporting characters in DC’s Green Lantern and a HIV-positive sidekick in Green Arrow; and his autobiographical graphic novel called Pedro and Me, made him won several national awards, along with one from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). (More in The Power of Comics)

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Exploring identity with Yuri Manga: Girl friends by Milk Morinaga

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Exploring identity with yuri manga is a delight, only if representation is well made. Yuri manga is a manga and anime genre that involves love between women. It focuses on the sexual or emotional aspects of a relationship while it can depict extraordinary or ordinary events within the story. Some stories are better than others to explore your own identity. However, there’s something crucial: a good representation of the characters.

Today we’ll explore ‘Girl Friends’ by Milk Morinaga, who presents us two young high school girls who start a friendship, and who, little by little get in love with one another. They are average Japanese high school students who enjoy their afternoons like an average Japanese girl would do: they go shopping, study together, go to have some snacks out to a cheap place, hang around with friends, etc. In short, Morinaga presents us with a very realistic love story. Despite its realism, we must take in mind that this is a manga for men, and as such it contains ideals and stereotypes of what average Japanese girls do while in high school: make up, shopping, dressing up…

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