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The Vocabulary of Fandom: B

So, continuing with the vocabulary of fandom, we explore some words that start with B. In this list we do have fascinating words. So, prepare yourself for the ride!

Badfic (or Trollfic): it’s a piece of fan fiction written as poorly as humanly possible in a deliberate way. These are often funny stories that stress cliches in books or shows or emphasizing horrible grammar. It can be hilarious, or incredibly nauseating. Please note that “badfic” is also used to refer to awful fan fiction.

Backstory: it’s a piece of fan fiction based on or containing scenes of, the past story of a character. These stories tend to be set before the official story begins. It can also be an original story by the author as well.

BAMF: (bad as a mother fucker). It refers to a character who is incredibly awesome. These characters are witty, clever, and super hard to defeat. These characters can have any gender, and be heroes.

Bande dessinée: comics from the Franco-Belgian tradition.

Bandom: it’s a fandom that’s all about a musical group. Bandom communities can be large, or tiny, noisy or not.

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Do disfigured Villains perpetuate stigma of disabled people?

Many movies portray villains as disfigured individuals. However, this might be a poor representation for disabled people. As Alaina Leary suggests, many movies have disfigured characters as their main villains continuing a trope that’s making a poor service on the representation of disabled people. Think about Darth Vader, Freddy Krueger, Voldemort and Doctor Poison (from Wonder Woman).

Darth Vader has lost almost all his humanity. This is represented by his almost mechanical body, and his scarred and burned face. Not only he lost his hand, but also his face is hideous under the mask. Voldemort has weird features and almost no nose at all. Freddy Krueger is horrible and burned. And Poison wears a facial prosthetics to hide her scars.

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The Vocabulary of Fandom: A

Since the vocabulary of fandom can be quite challenging, I decided to write a new guide. This time, I’ll be presenting letter by letter. Focal vocabulary is what you need to enter into some sub-cultures. In the case of fandom, there are certain words that will help you navigate the world. Be aware, however, that there are far more than these!

A/A (Action/ Adventure): it’s a fan fiction genre that features stories with a lot of action. These stories can be heavily plot-driven. However, you can also find romance, mystery and more in them.

Abandoned: when an author doesn’t finish a story in fan fiction. It can be either because they couldn’t, or because they don’t want to do so. Abandoned pieces of fic main remain unfinished and incomplete, unless another author decides to give an end to them. (Think of it as a work in progress, aka WIP).

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Spider-Man Homecoming was a blast!

I finally saw Spider-Man Homecoming on Monday after a long day, and it was a blast! Despite some issues, this movie is brilliant. For starters, Peter Parker is a kid who is growing up. He doesn’t know much and grows as the film progresses. This is the Spidey I imagined from the comics. Sorry for the previous movies, but this one nailed it.

We begin with the original song of the first series on TV about Spider-Man. That show was crappy at best, but technology at that time didn’t allow for a better web slinger. And then, we met Peter, a kid who is super excited to meet his heroes.

[SPOILERS: this review contains lots of spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I recommend you to stop reading this post.]

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Sense8: open yourself to new possibilities

I discovered Sense8 perhaps a little bit too late. However, I’m glad I did since it makes you think a lot! It makes you want opening yourself to new possibilities. This show is mindblowing. I had a little bit of a hard time in the beginning to grasp the idea, but then I was too hooked on it. Plus, it has some very sexy scenes.

[SPOILERS: this review has lots of spoilers about the show. I won’t tell you everything, of course, since there’s too much going on. But, there’s enough in here to spoil a great part of the show. Proceed at your own risk.]

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Wonder Woman saved DC!

Wonder Woman saved DC! I feared the worst while waiting for Wonder Woman. However, this time, DC made it right. Although the movie isn’t perfect, it sets a great origins story for Diana. I saw the movie last Friday, and I couldn’t be happier. And yes: I want to see it again! There were some cool surprises in the film that I cherished.

But before I review Wonder Woman, I want to warn you about the SPOILERS. There are many in my review. Plus, I also expose two things that I didn’t like so much about it (just two tiny things). Be warned: do not read beyond these lines if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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Indiana Jones and Aliens

What does Indiana Jones have in common with aliens? Although it might seem that nothing, at first sight, reality is that Indie has a lot to do with aliens. We can take a different view on aliens using the lenses of Geek Anthropology. Aliens are “the other” that comes from far away, and that might pose a threat.

Perhaps, it’ll be easier to grasp the notion of the Alien in science fiction if we take a look at some movies and books. In Alien Nation we see how “newcomers” from outer space arrive in Los Angeles asking for asylum. Both the film and the show depict their rocky assimilation into human society.

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Ghost in the Shell, lots of Shell and some Ghost

I went to see Ghost in the Shell this weekend, and I must admit I expected more from it. However, it’s a very entertaining film that follows pretty well the anime. This movie has had a lot of drama around it because of whitewashing. But, before we dive into this, let’s talk a little bit about Scarlett Johansson. Despite all the drama, she did quite a good job. Although seeing her with black hair was a little bit weird.

[SPOILER ALERT: this post contains massive spoilers and some drama about the film. However, the drama might not be what you’re expecting.]

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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power

This THORsday we’re going to take a look at The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power [The Book Depository]. She is one of the strongest characters within the Marvel Comic Book Universe. She’s smart, sassy, and very funny. One of the strong points isn’t her strength but her abilities. One of them is computer science. It’s great to find a Superhero that doesn’t conform to stereotypes. Not only her body shape is different to many female Superheroes, her attitude and brains too. So, it’s great to find a female Superhero that represents girls in an unbeatable way.

In this trade we’ll find the origin story of Squirrel Girl. We’ll also meet her friends and her mother. We also get to know her tastes and personality. Furthermore, we can also meet other Superheroes too, even if it’s just through cameos.

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Good Girls Revolt

Good Girls Revolt is a jewel that you can find on Amazon Prime. It might sound like the topic is dead, but it couldn’t hotter. The show has been canceled, and it seems there won’t be any second season. Is it because we’re going back in time to when women and men hadn’t the same rights? If so, we might well take our shiny armors again!

Based on real facts, this show tells us the story of a group of women and their fact for equal rights in the workplace. A group of women from Newsweek filed a complaint back in 1970 and hell broke lose. After them, many others followed.

It was a time when some women didn’t dare to look at their vulvas with a mirror. But it was also the time for the second wave of feminism. The counterculture was all over, and times were changing. And while Newsweek was covering everything, they were also discriminating their female staff. None of the women were allowed to become writers (or editors). They even hired a freelancer female writer to cover the women revolution for one of their issues. When that issue hit the stands, women working in Newsweek hold a conference and revolted.

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