Will Loki DIE In Avengers Infinity War!?

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So, will Loki die in Avengers Infinity War? Since the reveal of the EW covers, my mind has been on fire. Where’s the cover depicting Loki? EW released fifteen different covers, and in none, we can see Loki. Does this mean that he’ll die in this film? Although fans have decided to create the cover on they own, the reality is that the missing cover gives much thought. Also, if you put it into connection with the teaser trailer, you see that Loki’s role and position in the whole mess are quite bleak. He’s giving an infinity stone to the enemy, and he looks beaten.

One theory is that Thor must lose everything to find himself. According to this narrative, Thor needs to lose his family, Asgard, his people, and his brother. Another theory for Loki’s death is him trying to steal the gauntlet with the infinity stones when Thanos isn’t looking. In the comics, it’s Mephisto who attempts to do so unsuccessfully. The MCU changes the game, and so it could be Loki. Another theory gives Loki a lifespan in the movie of five minutes. Enough time to see him die after providing the infinity stone to the enemy.

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Loki is a trickster, so it’s possible that he might try to steal from the Mad Titan the gauntlet. That would make sense, and if he finds his end doing that it would be lame, but at least it would have sense. If he tries to steal it to do good, or if he goes being on the good side, it’ll match the arc of the character. However, if they kill him off just for the sake of Thor’s narrative, it’ll do poor service to the character and all his fans.

Perhaps we can come up with yet another theory: that he might die in the second installment of the Infinity War. We could see him playing the trickster in this film, and redeem himself in the next one. That would make sense to the path his character has taken, and fans would be happy. To dispatch him fast and without honor, is a crime.

loki, thor raganarok, mcu, marvel, marvel comics, avengers, avengers infinity war, depepi, depepi.com, loki's army
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I think it would be short-minded, and a weak service to fans to kill Loki during Avengers Infinity War. At least, during the first film. It’ll also be devastating to make him die in a way that doesn’t attune with his character anymore. He is a trickster, a prankster, not a villain like Thanos.

Marvel is walking a fine line with this movie. Many heroes will find their end during the Infinity War, and they’ll never come back. However, it’s how they’ll go that matters, not if they die. Depending on the arcs of heroes, anti-heroes, and trickster, fans will be happy or enraged.

If Loki has to die, Marvel better make him die with style. And do like in the comics, a version of him disappears, but another appears. If Tom Hiddleston doesn’t play the Trickster God anymore, I just hope another actor or actress will take the lead. True, the MCU is different, but it can maintain the spirit of the comics.

loki, thor raganarok, mcu, marvel, marvel comics, avengers, avengers infinity war, depepi, depepi.com, loki's army

It’s true that time for Loki might be up. I just hope that Marvel will give him a good end, one that we’ll all enjoy and make justice to the character. And then, I hope a new version of him will appear. And I hope it’s the shape-shifter, Lady Loki.

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