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I finally managed to watch Bright on Netflix. Bright is an urban fantasy crime film that explores a world where Elves, Orcs, humans, and fairies are living together. Will Smith is a Los Angeles police officer who has an Orc partner. Jakoby is the first orcish police officer in the whole nation. Things aren’t easy for them. Ward (Will Smith) doesn’t want to have him as a partner. Things get tricky when Jakoby admits having let escape a young orc, suspect for trying to kill Ward.

In this alternate reality, orcs are the lowest in society. Elves are the ones on the top. Humans hate everyone. Being a police officer isn’t an easy task either. Plus it’s easy to become a corrupt agent. Humans get crazy with magic, and things can get wild in the blink of an eye.

SPOILERS: This post has spoilers. If you haven’t seen Bright yet, and if you don’t like spoilers, please stop reading here.

bright, bright netflix, netflix, will smith, depepi,

One day, driving back to the station, they detain a Shield of Light devotee who tells Jakoby that he and Ward are blessed. Ward is soon approached by Internat Affairs who want to frame Jakoby due to racial loyalties. They believe he sided with the orcish suspect. So, they need Ward to frame his partner. That same night, they respond to an issue in a house, and they discover corpses, an elf woman embedded in a wall, and a young elf survivor named Tikka. She has a magic wand and only speaks Elvish. The wand is dangerous. It grants your wishes, or it kills you. Just a “bright” person can use it. If you aren’t a “bright,” then you’ll explode.

Ward asks for backup, and four officers appear. Soon, they’re corrupted by greed and tell Ward to kill Jakoby. They also want Ward to lie about the incident. Ward kills the four officers instead. Here is where all the real action starts.

bright, bright netflix, netflix, will smith, depepi,

Jakoby wants to do good, but he finally backs up his partner Ward. Soon after they go away, the members of the Inferni arrive in pursuit of the wand. They are evil Elves and want the wand at all costs. They need it to bring back a sinister figure to rule them old. (It feels like they want to awaken Sauron.) If that wasn’t enough, the police also sent a group of Elf and human in pursuit.

Ward, Jakoby, and Tikka end escaping until they arrive in the territory of an Orc clan who despises Jakoby. It turns out that the young Orc Jakoby let escape is member of the gang. He refuses to kill him. So, another member of the gang does. In despair, Tikka uses the wand and brings Jakoby back from the dead. The gang is speechless and think that this is the fulfillment of a Prophecy, so they end up helping them. Tikka becomes ill because of using the wand. There’s only a place where she can be cured, so they have to go back to the safe house. There’s only one problem: the Inferni are on their heels!

When they arrive at the safe house, and when they’re about to help Tikka, hell breaks loose. Inferni arrive, and Ward and Jakoby end up trying their best to help Tikka. There’re explosions, mayhem, and finally, Jakoby saves Ward. That grants him the status of “blooded” among orcs.

bright, bright netflix, netflix, will smith, depepi,

When the Elf of internal affairs appears, everything has already finished. They end up in a hospital, restrained. And it seems that the Elves now know that Ward is a bright. In an official statement, they both deny any use of magic. The next thing we see, is them getting honors for their heroic actions against the extremist group of Inferni. Ward finds Tikka walking in the crowd in disguise (they thought she had died).

This was a very entertaining movie, that tackles race using fantastic creatures. Orcs are the lowest in society, and who have more problems. The Elves are the rich white strata of society, and humans are the middle class caught in between. It has tons of action, and it makes you think and take a pause and think about what ifs.

bright, bright netflix, netflix, will smith, depepi,

If Lord of the Rings had been real, and Elves wouldn’t have fled, we’d probably have a world like the one in Bright. It seems that the film aims to make us think twice about race, and what happens when we just see people through prejudice. It’s not the brightest film ever, but I loved the action and Jakoby. He’s sweet and wants to do good. He’s caught up between wanting to do good and his race. And that broke my heart.

If you want to give this a try, don’t expect too much out of it. It naturally talks about race, but it doesn’t go as deep. It’s also a fantasy film, and it’s cool. Although to be fair, I wouldn’t like being in that world. There are too many weird dangerous beings with magic walking around.

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