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If you loved the movie Limitless, perhaps you’re going to enjoy the show on Netflix. Bradley Cooper was the lead in the film, but now he’s Senator Morra. While in the movie he was almost peaches and cream, in the show he’s quite shady. Brian Finch is a struggling musician who is introduced to the super-drug NZT by an old friend. When he takes the pill, he becomes the smartest person in the world. He can recall every detail he has seen in his life. However, the drug has nasty effects. US Senator Eddie Morra enrolls him as a mole in the FBI in exchange for immunity shots to counteract NZT’s deadly side effects. But he cannot say anything about this to the FBI. In fact, the FBI thinks that he is absolutely inmune!

F.B.I. Agent Rebecca Harris becomes a friend and an ally. But Brian can’t tell her anything about Senator Morra, or she’ll be in trouble. Brian is very childish but funny. He’s quite a disaster when he isn’t on NZT. Rebecca is an earnest agent, but she trusts Brian.

limitless, netflix, depepi, limitless show,, netflix & chill

Brian is charming. He ends up in a mess with NZT because he wants to help his father. He’s sick, and his only shot at survival is Brian. However, for his family is hard to believe that a guy as messy and childish like him can be a consultant for the FBI. Despite becoming the smartest person in the world during twelve hours a day, Brian is still a pain. He’s like a teenager. An adult who never grows up. And that’s the fun part of his character, the more he uses NZT, the more you can see growing up. And even if he sees nasty things, he still wants to do good.

limitless, netflix, depepi, limitless show,, netflix & chill

Senator Morra is a shady figure. At times he seems to be a good guy, but at many other times, he’s just plain evil. You need to keep up with the episodes to see what’s his real agenda. And in the middle of it, there’s Brian. He’s still very naive, and compassionate. He’s not the type who will be corrupted easily. That’s why Brian ends up in big messes. I guess that’s the beauty of him.

Limitless is also a great show visually. When Brian is on NZT, he can see the world in a different light. He can see equations around him, connect the dots, and imagine impossible things. And we can see those too.

limitless, netflix, depepi, limitless show,, netflix & chill

The show also pays homage to movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You can see Brian talking with the audience, and doing almost the same things Ferris did when he had a day off school. Well, Brian wanted a day off the FBI and have fun. So, he played sick. I won’t spoil the episode for you, but there were many parts that were very funny.

As the show progresses, you get to know more about the real intentions of Senator Morra, and we get to see Brian growing up and becoming a hero, with and without the pill. Believe it or not, the guy learns. (I say that because he’s a brat for most of the show!)

limitless, netflix, depepi, limitless show,, netflix & chill

I enjoyed Limitless a lot. It’s just a show to spend time. If you don’t want to think much, and just have fun watching the adventures of a grown-up brat on drugs, this is it. He becomes super intelligent, and he gets to make great jokes. This is gold when you have no clue on what to watch next.

limitless, netflix, depepi, limitless show,, netflix & chill

But before you binge the show, consider watching the movie. Although you can enjoy the show as it is, it’s way better to watch the film first. You get to know more about NZT and Senator Morra and think about why he becomes the way he is at the moment.

Limitless is fun, many times brainless, and yet it makes you think too. There’s a little bit of drama at times. So, if you don’t know what to watch during dinner, why not watching Brian go limitless?

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