Jessica Jones New Teaser Trailer: Still Angry

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Jessica Jones new teaser trailer is here, and she’s still angry. Jessica is taking anger management therapy. We can see her playing with a ball explaining all her traumas. But, since it’s Jessica Jones we’re talking about, it’s easy to see that it isn’t precisely working. She’s still angry, still drinking, and still punching the bad guys.

Her dark past is preventing her from becoming a true hero. Her whole family was killed in a car accident. Someone did horrific experiments on her. She was abducted, then raped, and then she was forced to kill someone. And now, she’s going through anger management therapy but, it’s not enough.

So, what does she do apart from drinking too much? Punch the bad guys, again and again, harder and harder. It looks like season two is going to be all about Jessica’s heart. In the first season she had to get her mind free, and now she needs to be gentle with herself. Although, it’s hard to imagine her being gentle.

I’ll prepare for a highly emotional and intense show. We have still two weeks of wait, but Jessica Jones promises a great deal of entertainment. She’s still angry, and that means that she’s going to kick ass big time.

I hope that Jessica will face her nightmares instead of trying to bury them at the end of a bottle or at the end of a fist. She deserves to become a Superhero like her mates. Perhaps, we need her to be way better and show the world that when you’re angry, you can still become a better version of yourself.

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