2017 Review: Growing Steadily

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2017 Review is fascinating for me. The blog has been growing steadily, and so has its audience. I must thank all of you because it’s you who are making this possible. Despite 2017 being a year of many ups and downs out there, this blog has seen significant changes. For starters, the design has changed after a long time looking just a blog. DePepi is becoming a magazine in its own right, and it’s all thanks to its readers. Yes, you are making it grow towards geek entertainment and more!

So, instead of starting talking about how awesome dePepi is, let’s talk about YOU. You’re the best, seriously. And I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. Especially the top countries who stop by and read during hours dePepi’s reviews, and all things geek here.

  1. The United States is on the top. You guys rock by far. You read during hours, and you are the ones commenting the most!
  2. The United Kingdom is on the second place. I love you too! And despite having a stormy end of the year, I love Brighton. But I must admit that I can’t love Xmas pudding. I tried, but it’s not for me. Sorry!
  3. Canada! Dear Canadians, you’re sweet and amazing. Thank you for all the support.
  4. Germany, Spain, Australia, and Italy! You love geek anthropology and movies. Danke! Grazie! Gracias! Thanks, mates!
  5. And all the others who love popping in, hugs and tons of kisses.

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You guys have been reading a lot, but you’ve loved some posts more than others. This is the top post ranking of this year. (You’ll find some surprises in here.)

  1. More on Iron Fist: episode 8 & Jackie Chan’s the Drunken Master. This is the most read post of 2017. You have surprised me here greatly since all I read from you was that you didn’t like Iron Fist that much. So, it makes me happy to find something about Iron Fist on the top! I guess it’s because of Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master. Anyway, hi-five to Danny Rand!
  2. Why Loki won’t become evil in Avengers Infinity War. Loki ends up on the top of the list somehow. 2017 wants him to be good, so he’s in the second position this year. I do hope that he doesn’t go too evil, to be honest. But, being Loki, I’m sure he’ll make us suffer first.
  3. Lessons on Geek Anthropology: Castiel, the Autistic Angel. There’s no surprise here to find a topic of Geek Anthropology. This year it’s related to Autism. Castiel is an Angel who has autism, and he’s super cute because of all his brain wiring. If you don’t know what Autism is, I recommend reading this post. Especially if you love Supernatural.

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The top referrers this year have changed thanks to 2017 SEO plan. I changed how I use and apply SEO, and the magic worked marvels.

  1. Google! Yes, thanks to the new SEO techniques the number one referrer during 2017 has been papa Google. The difference with the others is staggering. So, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll keep up with my SEO magic.
  2. Facebook. DePepi’s Facebook page is growing steadily, and so is the referrals. It’s still quite far away from Google searches thanks to SEO, but it’s really nice to have the Facebook family come and read the blog. 2018 will have many perks for all the Facebook audience! Stay tuned!
  3. Pinterest! I changed the magic of SEO during this year, and I also changed how I behave on Pinterest. The magic has worked too, and it’s now on the top three debunking Twitter!

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2017 has made the foundations dePepi needed to grow further during the next year. New brilliant things are coming from January onwards. Stick around, contribute, win books and comic books, and above all, have fun!

Thank you for being such wonderful readers and followers. Let’s make 2018 a greater year still. Lots of love and best wishes for 2018 for all of us!

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