Justice League… What can I say?

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So, what can I say about the Justice League after watching it? I’ll focus on the positive first: Wonder Woman and Aquaman. These two were like fresh air in the Batfleck’s cave. Diana is undoubtedly one of the best characters that DC has. Thankfully she was brightening my day along with Aquaman in the movie. She’s intelligent, and indeed a great role model. The film was able to bring Aquaman to the front of fandom again. No one wanted to be Aquaman, ever. Now, I bet many Momoa fans will love to cosplay his version of Aquaman.

Despite these two bright lights, I have to complain. Don’t kick me, but I found the movie quite boring. Plus, I laughed in the wrong places, just because I was bored.

[SPOILERS: there’re some massive spoilers from this point onwards.]

justice league, dc comics, wonder woman, aquaman, the flash, batman, depepi, depepi.com

This movie was way better than Batman v Superman, but it still felt short. Despite getting a better version of Batfleck, the overall feeling from the film was shallow. Batman wants to resurrect Supes at all costs, and he’ll gamble the future of the Earth. At this point, we discover that he’s Superman’s number one fan. There’s a moment in the movie where Batman fangirls over Superman, and it’s cute.

Since my hopes were up after Wonder Woman’s film, I must admit that this movie disappointed me quite a lot. I expected to laugh more than I did, and to be honest, find Supes mustache.

justice league, dc comics, wonder woman, aquaman, the flash, batman, depepi, depepi.com

After reading tons of literature on Supes mustache, I found myself trying to figure out the scenes where Supes face felt weird. There were certain moments where you could feel that something wasn’t quite there. It’s quite unfortunate when you have someone in the audience searching for failure. I won’t blame the movie producers here, but the show that didn’t let Supes shave. Seriously? Wasn’t it easier to let the man shave?

Anyway, Wonder Woman was great. But I didn’t like that they made her say that she was surrounded by children. She is not the mother of the heroes in Justice League, so please, don’t make her take that role. Eek!

As for Aquaman, he was grumpy and quite douchey, but I guess that he’s had a rough life. I’d be more than happy watching a movie all about it.

justice league, dc comics, wonder woman, aquaman, the flash, batman, depepi, depepi.com

So, did I like the movie? Not really. I was kind of entertained, but not so much. I loved Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but I couldn’t quite connect with the others. Batman fails for me completely short, and Superman needs some better lines.

Despite all that, I’ll give DC another shot. But if I get as bored as with this one, I won’t make it to the cinema.

Note: I’m a Marvelite, and I read mostly Marvel comics, but I also love the Vertigo line. Wonder Woman is great for me; I love her. But, the movies recently fall short guys. The only DC movie that I’ve really enjoyed has been Wonder Woman!! Change some writers there or make some drastic changes or you’re killing your heroes DC!

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  • I skipped over the spoilers but I have heard reviews on both polar opposites of the spectrum for this movie. People saying it redeems DC movies and others like you, saying it’s not good. Guess I’ll have to wait for it to hit DVD since I think I’d rather hit up Thor in the theater first.

    • I have very mixed feelings with DC T_T They did a great job with Wonder Woman, so I thought that things would get way better after that. (Batman versus Superman was the worst movie ever for me). I’m just not convinced! DC needs to do changes and soon… So yup, many fans love it but, I don’t. It might be related to the fact that I love Marvel. But, I also read/saw DC in the past, sooooo… T_T