Crimson Peak, perfect for Halloween

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Crimson Peak is the perfect film for Halloween. This gothic romance film will chill and enchant you greatly. It’s beautiful and horrific at the same time. So, if you love horror with a pinch of love, this movie is for you. Besides, Loki never looked so good as a dramatic dark goth. Behold because the Sharpe brother and sister are in town. They are aristocrats who have seen better days. However, all girls are wanting Sir Thomas Sharpe and making fun of Edith who comes from a working family.

Edith’s father has a constructing company and has a considerable fortune. His sweet and loves deeply his daughter, who loves writing. In fact, we meet her first in the film trying to sell a ghost story book to a publisher.

[SPOILERS: I know the movie is old already, but in case you haven’t seen it yet, you can stop here and return to the review once you’ve seen it.]

crimson peak, reviews, halloween, horror, depepi,

Sir Thomas Sharpe puts his eyes on Edith, who soon falls in love with him. But Thomas and his sister Lucille have sinister plans. When Edith’s father discovers all about the wealth of the English aristocrats, he sends them packing. Alas, the next day someone murders Edith’s father. Conveniently, Sir Thomas is there with her. Soon they marry, and they travel back to England. She is giving him her wealth, little by little, so he can recover his state with the machine that he invented.

The Sharpe family owns a peak where they take the crimson earth for constructing materials. And the house they live in is as beautiful as is frightening. What’s more, it’s plenty of ghosts! Edith is capable of seeing ghosts. When her mother died when she was a child, she saw her. Mother had a warning for her: beware of Crimson Peak.

crimson peak, reviews, halloween, horror, depepi,

Despite the warning, she ends up in a house where Lucille manages everything. Edith starts soon to see ghosts who are trying to warn her. At the beginning she is afraid. But soon she begins discovering small things that point to the shadowy plan of brother and sister.

There’s just one problem with the plan: Sir Sharpe has fallen in love with Edith for real. Growing more hesitant to poison her, he starts to be more on her side. Although he follows her sister wishes at first, he soon ends up in love with Edith. He makes love to her, and by the end of the film, he sets up himself to protect her from her sister.

Lucille is spooky. She is troubled and shadowy and controls Thomas quite well. Well, until he falls in love with Edith. Lucille gets enraged when, after a day trip to the post office, she learns that Thomas has made love to his wife.

crimson peak, reviews, halloween, horror, depepi,

Ever growing more and more sick, because Lucille is poisoning Edith with the tea, she starts needing more attention. Despite that, she discovers what the plans are. Thomas has married several times, and all his wives have died poisoned after giving him all their wealth.

After much fright, ghosts, and a childhood friend coming to the rescue, Thomas ends up confronting his sister so that Edith and her friend can escape. Enraged, Lucille kills him! His genuine love for Edith makes him come back and be visible for Edith and Lucille. He makes her sister see him and be shocked during a short while. That’s time enough for Edith to kill Lucille and escape with her friend.

crimson peak, reviews, halloween, horror, depepi,

Despite the incestuous relationship brother and sister had, Thomas ends up choosing Edith. His love for her made him do the right thing. And even if he couldn’t stop his sister in life, he gave enough time to Edith to save hers.

The movie is chilling, beautiful, frightening at times. The ghosts are spooky, and the chills are all over the screen. This movie was beautifully done, beautifully played, and majestically accomplished. Like all gothic dramas, it had to end most frighteningly and heartbreakingly. Despite that, the movie is just brilliant.

If you’re eager to have the chills, but still not too many, and fall in love again with Tom Hiddleston, this is your movie.

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